Fucking sister in law

My wife and I were invited to a dinner party at Suha residence. I was apprehensive about being in the presence of the only two women I have ever
fucked, at the same time. We arrived early and my wife offered to help her s****r set up the dinner table. From the moment we arrived Suha started giving me horny looks when my wife wasn't watching or around. I was so nervous and horny at the same time I could have fainted.
To make things worse she was wearing a dress made out of some thin, figure hugging fabric, with a hemline too high to be appropriate for a mother of two! I spent the early part of the evening hiding my hard on from my wife and trying to give her the attention I normally would, so as not to arouse suspicions.
Soon the guests started arriving and the party began to gather momentum. I was in the kitchen opening a bottle of wine when Suha entered to collect some more food. She giggled mischievously at me and then bent over at the waist to open the lowest drawer she could find.
I swallowed hard when I saw her dress ride up the back of her thighs and reveal just a hint of dark shadow between her slim thighs. The slut wasn't wearing any panties! My mouth went dry and I felt all the bl**d flow out of my brain and into my cock.
She turned around and smiled cheekily at me, "Do you like what you see?", she whispered. All I could manage in return was to nod my head vigorously. Suha went back out to the party leaving me with my wicked thoughts in the kitchen.
I realized that if I wanted a piece of her arse tonight I was going to have to be smart. I had to get my SIL in a corner, out of sight if I was going to fuck her tender pussy. I needed a bit of luck that evening - and luck decided to shine on me.
My wife took ill half way through the party and started vomiting and feeling faint. With Suha help, and our wicked thoughts shelved for the moment, I moved my wife to the guest bedroom, where I gave her a sedative and put her to rest.
I decided we would spend the night here and that wasn't a very difficult decision to make.As soon as my wife was tucked into bed, Suha automatically took her place. I was amazed at the quick replacement.
I was afraid that her husband would notice her absence from his side but he was too busy cooking at the barbecue to notice. The pre-cum was flowing freely inside my jeans. She was flirting with me, rubbing her thighs against mine, running her hands over my arse,
driving me out my mind....! By the time the part wound down a couple of hours later, the crotch of my jeans was soaking wet. The last guests were leaving. We stood in the door way as Suha husband fare welled them.
She was standing close to me with her left hand around my waist and my right hand was firmly clasped around her soft arse cheeks. The moment was pure bliss. I released my grip when I saw her husband walk back towards us, more than a little d***k.
I excused myself to make sure the k**s were in bed and they were fast asl**p. I walked back into the dining room to find Suha alone, clearing up. "Wheres your hubby?", I asked. "He' passed out in the living room", she replied with a twinkle in her eye.
I hesitated for just a moment. In a flash we were in each others' arms. I pulled her dress off her and she ripped my shirt off. Our tongues were whipping in and out of each others' mouths, entwined and tasting delicious. I maneuvered her into the kitchen.
In a second I had her facing the kitchen top, her hands resting on the flat surface supporting her as she arched her back, sticking her arse up at me, her legs straight. Suha stood there with her back to me wearing nothing but a gold chain around her neck and her black stiletto shoes.
I took a deep breath and ran my hungry hands over her soft firm arse cheeks. I slid my right hand down between her arse cheeks, finding her wet slit and slid a finger up between the folds of her pussy. She moaned so loud, my heart skipped a beat.
I paused to listen if we had woken anyone. "Fuck me", she whispered insistently. Some how in all the excitement she had released my cock from my jeans. It hung hard and ready and soaking wet, outside my zipper. She reached behind and took a hold off it.
"Suck me first", I whispered to her. She looked at me and smiling, twisted around and knelt to the floor. I stood there, watching her sl**ping husband in the living room while Suha wrapped her pouty lips around my hard pink cock head. I wanted to scream with pleasure and had to bite my lips to stop myself.
She started sliding her mouth over the length of my cock. My wife had never been able to take that much of me into her mouth. The feeling was sensational. I gawked at the site of my SIL's pretty head bobbing horizontally over my cock.
She looked up at me and I could clearly see her pink lips stretched around my dark throbbing tool. She was using her tongue tip to paint little circles around my cock tip adding to my arousal. For what seemed like an eternity I stood there letting Suha feast on my tasty meat.
I could feel my balls filling with lust and reaching down pulled her to her feet. I turned her around again and pushed her towards the kitchen table top. I reached down and positioned my cock at the entrance to her pussy. I immediately could tell how hot she was.
Without delay I pushed forward and it was no surprise that I slid in smoothly with no resistance. We were both so hot! She started bucking her hips. I watched her naked body arch and buck back at my cock, her arse muscles contorting and straining,
her pussy muscles gripping and releasing my tool. She was moaning into her arms. My eyes were glazed with the absolute pleasure of her around me. I started ramming my pelvis into her arse. Pulling out just enough so my cock head didn't leave her pussy entrance and then
slamming in again. The kitchen was filled with the sound of my pelvis slapping against her soft arse and her soft muted moans. My breathing was ragged. I looked over her shoulders and could see her husband passed out in the living room.
Behind him was the door leading to the guest bedroom in which my wife lay. The knowledge that we could be busted at any time made me fuck her harder. My stroked became more urgent and her moans deeper. I could feel her pussy muscles resisting my entry and I pushed harder.
It was glorious. My heart was pumping in rhythm with my strokes. My big hands gripped her slim waist providing me the balance to keep my piston satisfying her horny cunt. I could see her little titties jiggling under neat her. Each stroke into her pushed her forward.
Her mouth was open and her jaw was set with the pleasure she was experiencing. She was tossing her head left and right. My arse and thigh muscles were clenched, focusing all their energy into my hard cock. My balls were taut with sexual tension.
I couldn't see clearly anymore. I knew we were still fucking by the tremendous feeling between my legs and the sounds of hot flesh slapping against each other. I was peaking. I knew that any moment I would blow my load deep into my SIL. Was she on contraceptives?
I did not know and honestly didn't care at the moment. My slick cock was functioning like a well oiled machine. Her pussy was overflowing with her juices and I could feel the wet of the inside of her thighs with my hands.
I reached under neath her and wrapped my palms around her ripe titties. I was positioning myself for a big finale. She knew immediately and started moving like a woman possessed. The clenching of her pussy was driving my cock insane.
A million thoughts and feelings were exploding in my head as we humped like a couple of a****ls. I felt her body start to tremble with the beginning of her climax. Her thighs clenched together shuddered and her arse cheeks tightened.
She steadied her self and then she moaned deeply, looking down at the ground. I watched my lover' body shudder with her orgasm and for a moment thought she was going to drop to the ground. She writhed and twisted her waist to keep standing and I had not slackened my
pounding of her pussy for even a moment. And then I exploded. I had to bite my lower lip to ensure I didn't scream out. But I couldn't stop the long lusty growl that emanated from my balls up through my throat and out between my clenched teeth.
I drew on every last reserve of energy I had to keep fucking her as I came and came deep inside her. And then silence descended around us. We stayed in our positions, panting as we tried to steady our breathing. I wrapped my arms around her lovingly.
She laid her head back on my shoulder and looked up at me and our lips locked. We kissed for a long while, feeling our hearts still racing after that tremendous fuck.

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