seeking titslapping vids. Anyone got some?
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hey there! Welcome to my profile!

I seem to have a pretty uncommon fetish, but in my eyes there is nothing sexier in porn or bdsm: Slapping and smacking big juicy tits around with the hands.

I am not talking about whipping or stuff, just Tit slapping with hands, ideally from down to up, so the tits fly up and fell down, bouncing afterwards.

Its not about hurting the girl (of course some do not like it, some enjoy it anyways), its more about the flying around tits and the bounces afterwards...there is nothing sexier.

It seems to be pretty uncommon (unlike ass slapping, which seems to be standard in most porn, and whipping which seems to be standard in BDSM).
Porn scenes with decent tit slapping are very rare, and in a whole video, the actors do only a few slaps, and often the camera is not on the right position (mostly in BJ scenes, where the cam is fixed to the cock)....argh i could kill the cameraman in these situations ^^
Also, most actors (in scenes marked as "rough") just touch the breast hardly, fondle them, but they dont slap them, although the juicy big breast just scream to be slapped).

I noticed some actors who do regularly tit slapping: John strong, tony T, Manuel Ferrara, Mr. Pete, also Chanta rose in Bdsm scenes.... but sometimes they dissapoint me too in some scenes ^^

Good...enough to my story...
After making a long research and many requests, I have a huge archive of porn videos with tit slapping at home now (collected and sorted out about 8 years now). Also one of my recent fetishes is watching livecam girls and let them slap their tits for me.

Well....I want to share some of my stuff with you. I will try to upload tit slapping clips at my profile for you, hoping to make titslapping more popular around the porn scene.

I also hope to find some similar-minded guys and girls here around too

When you guys know any scenes with good tit slapping, please also share these videos with me, or let me know the title. Please refer to my following like/dislikes.
Thank you very much!

My Likes in Dislikes:
- Tit slapping with hands
- Average Sized Saggy tits with oversized nipples/areolas
- Chubby Girls with small tits (LOVE THIS RARE COMBINATION! Titslapping them is even rarer)
- Natural Tits
- Big areolas and puffy nipples
- curvy women
- girls in spaghetti tops
- rough and intense porn
- squirting
- POV (but only if the actor is not passive)

- Porn videos where the cutscene ends just when he is about to slap her tits
- Cameramen who zoom/move right away from the tits, just when they get grabbed/slapped
- Fake tits, especially the ridiculously oversized ones
- Pornstars with former great natural tits, but now having ugly fake tits
- Too skinny girls
- Boring porn, where the actor just fucks her, without even touching her
- BDSM scenes where they spend 80% of the scene to tie her up
- whips. I can't understand why it is so popular in BDSM and slapping with hands not. In my opinion, slapping with hands have more effect. Also, the tits won't bounce around when they are whipped. It's just lost effort I think.
- Everything that prevents tits from flying around when they get slapped. This includes bound tits, and holding tits with the hands while slapping.

(desperately) Seeking:
- BDSM-like scenes without any toys and stuff, just plain slapping, grabbing and abusing with hands (after years of searching, i only got one or two scenes of these).
- Scenes with tits flying around when getting slapped (requries the right tits and the right slapping direction, namely from the bottom up; most dudes do it wrong, so the tits wont fly)
- Scenes with girls who seriously getting turned on by slapping her tits hard (Harmony Rose and Gianna Michaels are such girls, but i think i've got all of their movies already ;) ).
- Titslapping Scenes of chubby girls with small tits and big areolas

Thanks for reading all this through ;) now please enjoy your stay in my profile ;) and please leave some comments ;)

Some Titslapping animations ;)

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3 days ago
Excellent profile!
7 days ago
7 days ago
Sweet page man, can't wait to get started browsing your vids. Big tit curvy lover and I'm down with the tit slapping!
10 days ago
Danke für die Freundschaft, tolle Seite!
12 days ago
Nice collection... love all-natural tits!!!
15 days ago
I love tit slapping! I am so glad i have come across your page!
24 days ago
26 days ago
Deine Clips sind einfach genial. Danke für die Annahme.
27 days ago
echt geil, bei den weichen Eutern wird es mir hart
28 days ago
thanks for adding me
1 month ago
geiles Profile, bin da ganz mit dir
1 month ago
Hier was für dich: https://33.media.tumblr.com/b8e895351a6b3929a6ba2464cf222f1d/tumblr_ngxeaq53ja1sq9rjvo1_500.gif
1 month ago
Great profile mate, you've got some great vids. I'm not sure if your on eroprofile but I thought you might like this vid V=http://www.eroprofile.com/m/videos/view/Sexy-night-001 :-)
2 months ago
I can't stop watching! I love it all!
3 months ago
more fun to belt them
4 months ago
Nice fetish I entirely share with you
4 months ago
rare stuff! thanks for sharing!
4 months ago
I love your profile!!!
4 months ago
Sehr geiles Profil und sehr geile Videos. Danke dafür, ich liebe Tittslappin!
5 months ago
where have you been..fantastic
5 months ago
Absolut geiles Profil!
5 months ago
Fantastic Profile, great Vids and Pics !!.
Awesome pics and vids. Beautiful profile pic
6 months ago
wir sollten uns mal austauschen -über unser Hobby
6 months ago
Tolles Hobby!
7 months ago
I like to slap'em too
7 months ago
Nice page Thanks
7 months ago
very nice collection, i'm fan
8 months ago
Deine Tit-Slap-Videos sind einfach immer wieder geil anzusehen!!! Jedes Mädel sollte mindestens einmal in ihrem Leben in den Genuss eines richtig guten Slaps kommen! :-)
8 months ago
I agree, the bounce of a slapped tit when slapped from below is just excuisite!
9 months ago
Thanks for the friendship !