Riding the Lakefront-Chapter 5

Saturday, August 16,2008....9am....A Change is beginning

3 blocks from my car. Barefoot. Cum filled hair. Dress half torn off. Writing all over my legs/ass/forehead/torso. I was told where my car was and needed to get there quickly. A night spent being ****d by a bunch of big black cock. One sore throat. One sore gurl pussy. Two sore tits with reddened nipples that had been stretched mightily! My feet were sore and my ankles bore the markings of where I had been shackled. My wrists the same markings. My neck had the markings of a collar. In fact, through the night, I had to wear a posture collar which made my head be very erect and unable to look down at all. Had I looked down, I would have seen nipples that were now bright red and HUGE. I thought through all the pain, they would have subsided in size but no...what were once smallish nipples were now engorged...swollen and red! The cry had been to keep the bitch's nipples raw, red, and sore...so that her dress/blouse would hurt the nipples just touching them. Whoa..did they accomplish their mission!

I felt the stares of lots of people! A white bitch in a black neighborhood looking like a whore. For sure...WHITE TRASH! Another sweltering day, too. I had spent the night in a hothouse environment. Sweaty. Dirty. Disgusting. What would Lisa think if she saw me? What would my neighbors say? Trying to hurry is bad enough in shoes but I was barefoot. NOt used to being barefoot and the feet really hurt. Cinders. Hot sidewalk. Rough cracks. Damn...3 blocks seemed like eternity. 3 blocks. 2 blocks. Seeing my car was reassuring but what wasn't was a group of black guys most of whom looked about 20 sitting on my car/leaning against it.

"What HAVE we here? Look at this fucking whore....what happenin' Bitch? We in yo' way? Look at that fine set of tits!" With that, as I reached my car, a felt a hand grab my dress and further rip it. "Whatcha gonna do Bitch?" "Says on your forehead you only serve black men! Says same on your chest...Let's see you be lyin'." With that, I felt myself being f***ed into a building near my car and the dress pulled off. "No fuckin' panties...cool" and with that, I felt myself being thrown on to a mattress and suddenly, found my feet on one guy's shoulders and his cock in my gurl pussy. I felt another big cock rammed down my throat. I stared up at 5-6 more just waiting their turns. For more than an hour, I was fucked orally and anally. Slapped. More pictures taken. 'God, what WAS I in for? What more could I take? My ass pussy was stretched and sore....really sore. More cum explosions. My face was decorated with it. My hair. Cum soaked. Just like that, the gang was gone and I found myself all alone in this abandoned building, splayed out for all to see if they walked by and in desparate need to change clothes, put on shoes and socks, to clean up.

I rose slowly, peered out, and saw no one at my car now. I decided this was as good a place to change and clean up as any. Out back, I had seen an old toilet that had water in the bowl. It was a bit of comfort to realize I had a change of clothing, shoes and socks, and some rags to clean off with. I grabbed the bag from the back seat and went back in the abandoned building. Removing the dress, I stood there naked. My small clit dick felt like it was sl**ping. My bit tits red. Markings everywhere. I took rags out of the bag and went to the toilet. I thought there was clean water from rain but instead found piss. At this juncture, I made a choice to use it anyway. I wiped most of the markings off. I took out gym shoes and socks. I was grabbing for my jeans. Whew..they were here...fortunately. I pulled out the denim fabric but fuck....it was a short denim skirt!!!! WHERE WERE MY JEANS? A SHORT SKIRT? I looked like a skank!!! A very short top replaced my pullover shirt I had in there. DAMN! A note greeted me...
"Well, Bitch, you passed the first hurdle! Good luck on the next one! Lisa is meeting you in about 45 minutes at your next location. Hope she likes your skirt and top. You look like a cheerleader!"

In the bag was a note with the address. Clear across the city on the north side of town. It read:
"Now you know who is in charge of your life. Don't play games with us Bitch! You WILL do as you are told. We own your skank white bitch ass. Great pics of you cleaning up using piss. Have fun with the woman. Can't wait to see how you explain your appearance! Soon, you may be ours 24/7! Say hi to Lisa!"

Big Changes![/b]

89% (13/1)
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1 year ago
Looked like a skank....smelled like a skank......dressed like a skank.......must BE a skank!!!! Just a needle dick shemale with big floppy tits!!!!!
1 year ago
ROFLMFAO!!!!!!!! OWNED bitch!!!
2 years ago
Wow dose this get any worst
2 years ago
Man she cant win. Black Guys like Shemales?? Thought I was the only one.
2 years ago
That's what you get for wanting Black Cock. Lucky gurl.