Riding the Lakefront--Chapter 4

Friday, August 15,2008....9pm....A Change is beginning....

Friday night, you are to go to a private party and you are going to be the guest of honor. You will come ready! Shaved. Hole greased. Clean. Arrive at 9pm. Side entrance.

These were my instructions....I would get a call and for the address. These bastards really had me over a barrel. No idea what they looked like. No names. Voices...was all. But distinct. They had done their research on me. But why me??? Like they said, a thing. That is what I was viewed as. A freak. What was the attraction? How had I 'wronged' them? Nothing made sense to me. Yet, they were into control big time. They had researched my neighbors, making contact with them like they cared. But, my neighbors now knew of their existence. Maybe I should simply tell the neighbors and take the air out of their control but if I f***e things, they may go postal and spread it to a ton of people I don't know. I decided I would go with the program....for now. I don't know, in reality, what these people are capable of. They could permanently damage my reputation. I was out to some neighbors...the lesbian/gay neighbors but still had to be careful.

"Lisa, I have to go on a business call Friday night. I have to go to a warehouse in Chicago and inspect damaged material. I can only get in the facility after 8pm and there is a lot to inspect. I will be there with another guy for probably 10-12 hours. This is a new program for my biggest customer...I couldn't turn them down so it will happen probably a few times a month. They had another guy doing it directly for the company but they let him go...with the tough economy...and asked a few of us to help them out for a year. I agreed. They have been good to me for 15 years and I figured that is the least I could do. I don't have to travel to see them, in reality, so this is local and I can do it. Sometimes, it might be a weeknight also but it really depends on when a guard is free to take me in, etc. Friday night is the first of these inspections and then I have to write a report and fax it to corporate from there, get a signature, etc."
"No problem. I understand and that's fine. We lead a pretty quiet lifestyle so no biggie. I hope they appreciate your efforts," Lisa said.
Good, she bought it!

I fretted all day Thursday but working at home, I kept busy. I kept thinking about when I would get the call, where I would go, etc. Thursday night, about 10:30pm, a text message came in with an address, instructions to wear a dress and pushup bra, no panties, and no shoes. My hair was to be done in a girl style. The skirt was to be just below my ass...but very short and I was to bring magic markers... and the message "See you there, cunt. DO NOT ERASE THIS MESSAGE OR PICTURE". It was a picture of the bathroom where I was ****d! It was me on the floor with a huge black cock in my ass.

Friday Lisa had decided to go visit her s****r and that was good. I was fidgety. She wouldn't be back as she was going shopping, to a movie, out to dinner, etc. with her and her husband so that worked out well. I shaved, showered, and got ready to go EARLY. I left the house knowing I was going into hell. Little did I know what was going to happen to me.

The day was hot....and wouldn't you know it..the air in my car didn't work. I got a friend to help me out with this. She actually LOVED doing stuff like this. She liked to 'girlify' me. No shoes? odd....I had to have the window rolled down but only in the backseat as my hair would get messed up with the front windows going. I was already sweating from the heat. At least where I was going it would be air conditioned, most likely.

I arrived at the address, side door, standing there as instructed, no shoes. Lipstick...makeup....dress with no panties..... The door openned and a buff black guy with no shirt on asked who the hell I was and what did I want. I told him I was told to be there...he laughed as I was definitely the only white person within blocks. He asked to see my cell phone. I handed it to him and he called someone with it...and then, the door openned and I was let in. Down some stairs. Very dim.
"She is here with me...bringing her down now. Exactly as instructed. Perfect outfit. Yah, no shoes..."

I was led into what seemed like a maze and finally arrived at the final room. I gazed at the 'arsenal' of equipment and people. A large room and what I noticed first was..NO AIRCONDITIONING. No windows. Only a fan in the distance making noise. There were probably 15 couples...different ages/height/weight/etc. but all of them were black. Glistening bodies. Sweat. There was a man who stepped forward and took charge.
"First, I want everyone to know our guest of honor. But before that, we all agreed for this party...NO AIR CONDITIONING! Our slave doesn't deserve air conditioning. That is for real people. I want to tell you about her and set some rules. Her name is CJ but for the evening, will be called IT as she is basically a thing. Everything you see about her...is real. No surgery. No fake shit. No fake tits. No fake dick. She is the real deal...a shemale and born that way. Those tits are 48D. That being said, she is yours for the evening. Totally. Rules? Only this one rule. MEN only on penetration. Women? You can do everything to her but but fuck her. That is the men's job. No condoms. This is a bareback event. Everyone has met certification so that ain't no big deal. No other rules. She is yours. Singly or groups. IT is totally at your disposal. Why no shoes???? Because, we, as slaves, our ancestors, had no shoes. She is a slave. She is YOUR slave. Make her do whatever you want. We are to finish with her by 9am. At that time, in broad daylight, she will be put out on the street to fend for herself...as is.
Have a good evening."

Seconds ticked by and I was grabbed, pulled to a platform, hands placed in manacles, ankles done likewise, and then a blind fold put on my eyes. Feeling my arms going up. Ankles pulling apart. Soon, I was spread eagled. Then, modifications were being made along with catcalls...
"Duct tape ITs ass apart, Billy." and I felt my ass cheeks being pulled apart and taped that way.
"Shine the light on her gurl pussy. Damn...that is smoooooooth.....and pink...shit.....look at that.....pink.....nice tight hole....whose first?"
I began my journey. Feeling one cock after another. My dress being lifted up. Then one fuck after another.
Hot, sweaty bodies...and more sweat generated with sweaty bodies pressing up against me.
"God, IT feels so wet and hot...who is taking pictures? get a tight shot in here of his dick in that pink pussy."
Hours went by and activity began to pick up. My dress was removed once I was taken down and then I was put on a wooden pony device that was electric and the pony was metal. When I would slink down at all, my wet clit dick would touch the metal and I would be shocked. I was fisted, pissed on, pissed in, deepthroated, flogged, clamped, weighted, gagged, etc. No idea what time it was but I knew then...I would never be the same again. I could feel the magic markers writing on me. I knew they were filming me. At one point, the party moved to some bed and my blind fold removed. I was told if I ever wanted to be free, I needed to role play and be VERY convicing....begging for black cock to suck, begging for cum, begging to more, begging for fucking, telling them how much I wanted bukkake. On and on...so I did my part. Looking right in the camera and telling them what they wanted to hear.

"It's 9am people. Clean up...and throw the bitch out on the street. Get her in that dress and put her out the FRONT door! and bitch..thanks for coming...will be in touch!"

Within seconds, I was standing on the sidewalk...on S. Chicago Ave. barefoot...about 3 blocks from my car...which they had moved for me. They gave me the keys and told me where to get it. Here I was....a white bitch, writing all over my body and legs, makeup all a mess now, hair cum filled, dress half torn, no panties. No shoes.

100% (10/0)
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1 year ago
WOW!!!!!¡!!!!!¡!!!! That was a pretty HOT party!!!!!
2 years ago
Wow that night would have sucked. I would've protected her.