The old man grabbed Kim and told her "I do love young pussy. Stand here while I take off your panties." He pulled her panties off and smelled them then put them in his pocket. "Now bend over and put your hands on the bench. Spread your legs wide. I am going to play with your pussy. You are very wet and smell delicious. I am going to enjoy tasting you a lot." He took his fingers and ran them over her slit and then rubbed her clit till he heard her moan. He knew she would be a great fuck and fun as she was dressed so sexy and he loved the young girls that hung out at the park. He knew these young girls loved fucking his big cock. As he rubbed her clit between two fingers he took two fingers and shoved them in her wet cunt and instantly she began to cum for him. Her cum covered his fingers and he finger fucked her harder. "Your pussy likes that doesn't it? Now I am going to make you cum harder and then lick you and suck that clit till you scream for me. I am going to get that cunt ready for my big cock and fuck you hard and fill you with my big thick warm cum." He worked her pussy hard fingering her cunt and rubbing her clit.

As he finger fucked her he starting licking on her ass cheeks and kissing them. He took little nips at those sexy ass cheeks. Then he began licking her ass and down to her cunt. She was wet and he cleaned all the the cum from around her fuck hole. He took her clit in his mouth and sucked it as she moaned and her cunt got wetter. He licked and sucked her tasting her sweet cunt till he pushed his tongue deep in her hole and began tongue fucking her hard. She was horny and was cumming fast and hard for his tongue. Then his mouth took over her clit as he rammed three fingers in her cunt and two in her ass and he heard her piercing screams. As he sucked her clit he let his tongue roll over her and cum was leaking out her fuck hole. He added a fourth finger to her cunt and a third to her ass and was now keeping the young slut cumming faster and faster. He was going to enjoy ramming his big cock in that cunt and ass as he made this naughty c***d get the fucking of her life.

He had been coming to the park for over ten years and fucking the young whores that hung out here. Most were sluts and fucked any one that pulled their cock out for them. He discovered he loved young cunts when he lived with a woman and her young teen age daughter. The woman offered her daughter to him and he then fucked both of them a lot. The mom was sexy and a great fuck but it was the daughter that he loved the most by fucking that young cunt. The c***d loved to fuck and suck cock and she was good at it. He has a nice thick long cock and she could suck him down her throat and swallow every drop. The last year they were together they all three slept in the same bed. He heard a year after he left that the daughter gave birth to his son.

Today he was going to fuck this young cunt a lot. He finally pulled his fingers out of her holes and sat on the bench and pulled her on his lap and over his cock and slid her down deep in his hard pole. He pulled her top off and removed her bra so he could suck her tits as he cunt fucked her hard. He grabbed her by her hips and moved her up and down on his cock as his mouth sucked in one of her tits. Then he sucked a nipple on one tit then the other as his cock pounded her cunt giving her every inch of the thick rod. He loved seeing this naked teen bouncing on his hard shaft. He grabbed a nipple with his teeth then used two fingers to rub her clit and he felt her cunt pulse as she came hard in his big piece of meat. She did not even have a problem as the long thick cock went deep in her hole and fucked her hard as his fingers rubbed and twisted her clit. He then felt her cunt tighten around his cock as she came real hard for him. He licked her neck and whispered to her "You like that big piece of meat don't you? That is good because I love a young pussy a lot more. I am going to give you a good deep fuck with lots of cum. I am going to show you what fucking a man size cock is like. Then I am going to fuck that tight ass of yours and eat more pussy. Then you will lick your ass and pussy off my cock as I fuck your throat."

He fucked her hard as he sucked and bit in her tits. Her nipples were hard and he pulled them with his teeth. He was sucking her tits so hard he was leaving his mark on them. His hands then went behind her to her ass and he pushed a finger from each hand into her ass and spread it and then finger fucked her asshole. She then grabbed his head and pulled his face up to her and began kissing his mouth and tonguing him. He pushed his tongue in her mouth and she sucked it hard making him ram his cock harder in her cunt and fucking her faster. The harder he fucker her the harder she sucked on his tongue. She was really turning him on and he soon filled her cunt with his big load of warm cum. He grabbed her face between his hands and told her "You are sure a naughty young cunt. Now we are going to play nasty. Get down and suck your cunt off my cock and get me hard so I can fuck that tight ass right here on his bench. I am going to shove every inch of my cock down your throat as your suck me then I am going to stick it in that hot ass and fuck you so hard your eyes will roll back in your head. Now get down and suck my cock like a dirty cock sucker."

As she sucked on his cock he grabbed her hair and pushed his cock deep into her throat. She did a great job sucking on his throbbing meat. He was gong to love sticking it in her ass and fucking her till she could not sit for a day or two. He was going to stretch her ass wide open and fuck her hard. He loved ass fucking a lot and feeling his thick meat go in these tight asses. He had his cock deep in her throat as the young girl sucked and slobber was running down her chin to her tits. He kept fucking her throat hard holding her tight as his balls bounded off her chin. Then he pulled his cock out of her mouth and sat her on his lap with her back to him as he slid her down over his cock and pushed her down till he had every inch inside her asshole. He began bouncing her on his cock fucking her ass hard. She was so tight and his cock filled her hole. He loved a young ass a lot. He fucked her ass for a long time bouncing the naked girl over his cock and grabbing her tits. He pulled and tugged on the nipples as he fucked her. She was moaning hard and loud as he fucked and twisted each nipple. He would give each tit a few slaps then fuck her ass hard again. He ass fucked her a long time till he could release more cum in her hole. When he did he felt the cum leak out and on his balls.

He then pushed her back to his cock to lick it clean and taste her ass on his big monster. "Clean that cock baby. Then I am going to eat your pussy till I have you screaming and begging for me to stop but I love to eat pussy and can eat for a long time. I am going to drain your body of its cum today before I let you go." He watched her lick his cum and her ass off his cock and balls before he laid her on the bench and began eating her pussy. For over two hours he was still licking and sucking and tonguing her clit and cunt as she screamed and by now had a crowd watching the young girl get the longest and best pussy eating of her life. When he would let her walk away if she could walk she was going to remember the old man in the park with the huge cock that could fuck like a ten ager.
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That was nice. Thank you.
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Great story, love the thought of old men fucking teens....
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mmmmmmmmmmmmm so great and arousing story!!!