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Mike married Jean right out of school. He was ten years older and loved how sexy she was. He fucked her often her last two years of school. About a year after they were married he began to change. He wanted her to dress just in the clothes he bought her which were like what a street whore would wear. The tops were either tight or almost see through and the skirts were very short. He bought her no underwear and if he did they were scant and crotchless. He bought her clothes all the time and made her model them for him each evening. He loved to see her strip for him and got her private lessons to learn how to strip and dirty lap dance. He watched as the man taught her to take off her clothes as she turned the man on. By the sixth lesson Mike just dropped her off and she would call him when the lessons were over. She was getting good at the the dirty dancing. She rubbed him with her huge tits and let her nipples dance across his face. She rubbed her nipples over his lips then down the front of him and around his nipples. As she rubbed nipples to nipples the man got a huge hard on. She then got lower and began rubbing his cock with first her hand then her tits and finally her mouth.

The man then unzipped his pants and pulled them down and his ten inch cock popped out hard and sticking straight up. He told her "Rub my cock with your hands and tits and then your pussy. Get very dirty. Dance dirty. Put your leg up on my shoulder and keep that wet cunt close to my face. Rub your pussy all over my face but let me suck and lick you a few times. Now pull my face tight to your cunt and gyrate those hips as dirty as you can. Use my face to fuck that sexy cunt." Jean then did the nastiest dance she had ever imagined as she rubbed her pussy all over the teachers face and let him lick and suck on her clit and then her fuck hole. She pulled his face tight to her cunt and was humping him hard as he licked and tongue fucked her. After some more dirty movements Jean went back to his big cock.

She spread his legs wide and put her leg next to his cock and balls and rubbed him with her leg. Then she got down and began to lick his legs close to his cock and balls. She put his foot between her legs and humped his foot as she licked his balls. She grabbed his cock and rubbed his slit over her nipples then tucked it between her tits and tit fucked him for just a short moment. As she kept humping his foot she now was feeling how wet she was getting him and then she took his cock in her mouth and sucked him taking him deeper and deeper till she had him in her throat and she now started to suck him hard. His cock was long and thick and so very hard. She put a strong vacuum on his cock as she sucked and then she let her fingers find his asshole and as she humped his foot and sucked his cock she finger fucked his ass and it was not long till he let out a long scream and filled her mouth with cum.

He grabbed her by the hair and told her "Keep sucking. You need to keep that cock hard so you can use your cunt to give him a nasty lap dance. The best dirty dances always end with a deep cock in your cunt as you ride that cock hard. Getting him turned on and making him cum at least twice is the sign of a great dirty dancer. You have the body to be the best nastiest dancer I have ever trained. Dirty dancing is naked bodies touching and fucking. It has to be intense and sexual. Make him want your tits and cunt but make him wait till you have him so turned on he is ready to cum fast then make him cum again and again. Tease him. Work your body hard and let him taste and feel those big tits and wet cunt but you keep him worked up till you let his cock in that nice wet hole. Now suck me till you want to fuck me. Keep my cock hard till you are ready to ride me deep in your cunt."

Jean began licking and sucking first his balls then his cock and it did not take long till his cock was rock hard another time. Then she stood over him with her legs spread and rubbed the tip of his cock over her pussy and just barely into her fuck hole then she would not let him in. She kept rubbing the tip of his cock over her pussy as she licked his lips and then his nipples. Then she tongue kissed him as she really rubbed her pussy against his cock. He was dripping cum and had her pussy so wet. She tongue kissed him again and then whispered "Do want some of my tight wet pussy? Can you feel how wet I am? Do you want to fuck my cunt hard with your big cock? Then let me get you hard and fuck my ass? You like to fuck with that big cock? So get ready. I am going to fuck you hard like you have never been fucked before." She then grabbed his hair and pulled his head back and kept tongue kissing him as she slid her cunt over his big leaking cock and took him all the way in her fuck hole till she heard him moan. She began to gyrate her hips fucking the long cock hard as she tongue kissed his mouth shoving her tongue deep in his wet mouth. She would lift herself almost off his cock then plunge it back in all the way. Each time she did that he quivered and moaned. She had him very turned on and she liked the control.

She finally felt him cum and fill her cunt full of his warm juice and it felt very good deep inside her. She kept her hips going on his cock and before long felt him get hard another time. He moaned to her "You are one nasty babe. No one has ever kept me hard this long. Now what are you going to do with that big hard rod? I want to feel that nasty cunt get real dirty with my big cock. Fuck me like I am your male whore. Make my cock shoot more cum in that dirty dancing cunt. Then I am going to take control of that wet fucking cunt and eat your pussy till you pass out. I can eat pussy for hours and you are going to get so turned you will faint for me. I may even fuck your ass." Then Jean began to really use her hips to fuck his big cock and it took a while but she got one more load of cum. The the teacher grabbed her and laid her on the couch and started eating her pussy and tonging her cunt till she was screaming and twisting not sure how much she could take. He was good and he tongued her for close to two hours with out stopping. She had his face covered in cum. She wasn't sure how much more she could take then he turned her over and spread her ass wide and rammed his cock deep in her and began fucking her ass. He gave her the deepest best ass fucking she had ever had.

He then took her fucked and tired and sore body to the shower and they showered together and got dressed. Before she was going to call her husband to come and get her he told her "Stay with me. Be part of my dirty dance class and stage show. You are so beautiful and sexy and the best dirty dancer I have ever taught. Stay here and be my lover. Leave your husband. I know you want to be with me and dance for me and fuck me. Feel, my cock it is hard again and wants you more. We can be the best stage show. You can not imagine how wonderful it feels to dirty dance in front of an audience then fuck for for them. The dirtier the dance the more they applause and cheer you on and you are the sexiest and dirtiest.

The end of the story is that Jean left her husband and she and the teacher had the best stage show. They traveled the world dancing dirty and fucking for the audience that gave them standing ovations. Her big tits and fucking skills and his big cock had every show they did a sell out. When he fucked her ass many men had a hard cock or cum in their pants. She laughed that a lot of women got the fucking of their life when the husbands finally got them in bed. Might even be a baby boom. She loved fucking her sexy man on stage and then again in their bed at night. She had the best job. All the fucking she wanted.
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