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John pulled Kelsey into the bed room and stripped her clothes off and leaned her over the bed. He took off his belt and gave her ten hard smacks leaving welts on her ass. He screamed at her "I told you if I caught you fucking the yard man again I would punish you. You are paid to do my house work not fuck the help." He then gave her ten more smacks and now her ass was red and covered in marks. He stood her up on her feet and put the belt around her neck and jerked her to him. He tightened the belt and began to pull on her nipples. He had hired her because she was beautiful with a sexy body with big tits and a nice round ass. He had fucked her several times but did not pay her to fuck the yard men. He told her as he held the belt tight "I guess I need to fuck you more so you won't be out looking for cocks." He then began sucking her tits as he fingered her wet pussy. Then he shoved her on the bed and spread her legs and shoved his hard cock deep in her cunt and fucked her hard with no mercy. He put two fingers in her mouth and told her "You love a cock in that wet cunt don't you. Well, from now on you are going to get more cock than you can even imagine. I am going to wear that hot cunt out fucking it. You new job is to fuck me any time I need some pussy." He kept pounding her cunt hard and finally filled her with cum. Then he slid from her and shoved his cock in her mouth and demanded "Lick your pussy juice off my cock. Clean me up then go shower and clean that cunt. But I do have something for you before you go."

He brought out a chain collar and put it around her neck. He then attached a long chain leash to it. In each room he had fixed big solid hooks to connect the chain to so he could keep her totally under his control. Soon as she got his cock clean he took her to the shower and hooked her chain to the hook there and let her shower. When she was done he took her naked to the patio and connected her there where the workers could see her. "Now lay across the table and spread your legs. I am going to fuck your ass in front of the men so they can see you are now my fuck toy. They will know to look but not touch and you will be paraded naked in front of them daily. Then they will watch me fuck you and you suck my cock. You are going to get my cock many times a day. Now spread your legs and reach back and spread your ass so I can ram my cock into you deep and hard. I am going to love fucking you with and audience. My cum is going to run down your legs."

As she bent and spread her legs and ass he rammed his hard cock deep in hole and began fucking her hard as the men watched. He would pull his cock almost out the shove it back in deep till he was balls deep in that tight ass. Her ass cheeks were red with welts and knew that she now was just his fuck toy. He loved to fuck and now he would not have to go to the house in town to fuck the girls there. He would have a cunt right here chained and naked so she would be ready for his cock any time he needed to fill one of her holes. As he fucked her ass he reached under her and shoved two fingers in her cunt and finger fucked her as his cock pounded her sexy ass. He had her turned on as he could feel her cum and his fingers were wet with her sweet juice. He loved fucking this sexy young girl and would some day marry her and keep her knocked up with his babies. He had always wanted a dozen boys and breeding her was going to be a pleasure. He then filled her with cum and as he stood her up it ran down her legs. He kissed her hard and unchained her and brought her in the house and reconnected her to the bedroom.

He shoved her on her back and began finger fucking her cunt as he watched his fingers go deep in her hole. She was just as turned on as his fingers were covered with her cum. As he fingered fucked her he grabbed a nipple with his teeth and first pulled on it then sucked it. He heard her moan as he sucked and fingered the sexy girl. "You like that don't you baby? I like your sexy body and can't keep my hands off you or out of you. Now lay back and enjoy as I ravage those tits and that wet cunt." John finger fucked her for over an hour while he took turns sucking her nipples. As he three finger fucked her cunt he used his thumb to rub her clit and she really went crazy for him. Cum was pouring out her fuck hole as he fucked her faster and harder and sucked the big nipples as hard as he could. He knew she would have a lot of love bruises on the huge tits and around the nipples. Then he ran his face down to her wet cunt and began to lick her and suck her clit before he tongue fucked her with his long tongue. Now her hips were moving and she was needing more from him and he twisted her clit with one hand as he took the other hand and shoved three fingers in her ass and was now tongue fucking and ass fucking and making her clit hard.

His face was covered with her cum as he got on top of her and mounted her and began fucking her cunt hard. He gave her every inch of his hard cock as it sloshed in her cum soaked cunt. He could hear how wet she was as his cock slammed in and out of her hole. He was able to fuck the girl for over an hour before he could produce more cum. He was working her hard as she screamed and raised her hips wanting more cock and harder. When he did fill her with cum another time he laid on top of her with his cock still in her cunt and began tongue kissing her and she sucked his tongue as he shoved it in deeper. This young beauty was so sexy and loved fucking. He kissed her a long time till he felt his cock get hard again and then he started fucking her cunt one more time. This time it took him for ever to be able to cum. They both were raw as he fucked her hard.

He took her into the shower and washed her as he washed himself then they went to eat. His cock stayed hard as he looked at her huge mounds as they ate their meal. Soon as they ate she got down and began licking his cock and balls. He loved when she sucked a big ball in her mouth and rubbed her tongue over it. Then she licked every inch of his cock before she took it in her mouth and sucked it. She was an amazing cock sucker. She sucked him right down to his balls as she jerked on his balls. He could feel his cock go deep down her throat and loved it. Then she began to suck him harder like a huge vacuum. He was not going to last much longer with her sucking skills. When he finally filled her mouth with cum she got up and began to tongue kiss him so he could taste his cum on her tongue. His cock was on fire with the job she just gave it and his balls were still tingling.

He then bent her over the table and began fingering her cunt as he licked her ass. He stretched her ass wide open and licked her hole then tongued it as his fingers fucked her cunt. After tongue fucking the sexy ass for quite a while he then added two fingers to it and now fucked both holes. she was screaming and cumming hard as his fingers fucked her hard. He now had four fingers in both holes as the horny young girl was moaning and screaming. He worked her hard for a very long time then pulled her to her feet and told her "I can not believe I have been fucking you all day. Your sexy body keeps my cock hard and I just want more sex. Now lets go into the play room and you can do a dirty dance for me. I want to see you get real nasty as you dance. I just want to see that sexy body twist and gyrate for me as you touch your tits and pussy. The nastier you get the more cock I will have for that sweet cunt." Three days later John could not believe how many times he had fucked the young sexy girl or she had sucked his cock and balls and licked his ass. She could not get enough of his big cock and he had no problem with that at all.
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