\Truck Stop

Sara was at the truck stop with just a tube top covering her huge tits. She was waiting for a trucker to notice her. She loved to come here and fuck the traveling men. Just as she stood a man came up to her and said "Well hello baby. That is a nice set of hooters you have." He then pulled down her top and began rubbing across her tits then lifting her big mounds. Then he bent down and sucked a nipple in his mouth. "Want to come to my truck and be naughty? I have a nice big cock for those big tits." He then ran his hand under her skirt and fingered her pussy. "Your pussy is nice and wet. Let's go be nasty. I have a couple hours till I have to hit the road. I can fuck all your holes by then." He took her to his semi and boosted her inside. Then he grabbed her and pulled her to him and began sucking and biting on her huge tits and finger fucking her cunt. He undid his pants and put her hand on his cock and he was right. He was large and thick.

He wasted no time shoving her on her back and mounted her and rammed his cock all the way in her wet hole. He was fucking her hard and sucking her nipples as rough as he could. It was not every day he found a girl so willing to fuck him and with big tits too. He was pounding her cunt and sucking and biting her nipples and then filled her with cum. He then pulled her face to his cock and told her "Suck that cock and get me hard again. I am going to fuck your ass as I fist your cunt. I am not going to waste one minute. I do love fucking a horny slut like you. Now put your head in my lap and suck on that cock." As she sucked his long cock he pushed four fingers in her cum soaked cunt and pounded her hard. "Yes, baby. Suck that cock hard and deep. Run your tongue over the head then take it deep down that throat. I want to feel my cock go down your throat as you suck it hard. You are a great cock sucker." He then grabbed her head and began ramming it up and down on his cock sometimes holding it deep in her mouth then letting her take a breath.

It didn't take him long to get rock hard and he told her "Get on your hands and knees and stick that hot ass in the air so I can ride it deep and hard. I am going to fuck that ass with my big thick cock and shove every inch in that asshole. Now spread those cheeks wide for me so I can ram this rod deep in that hole." He spread her ass and spit on it and rubbed it so she was wet then he rammed two fingers in her ass and next shoved his cock to the opening and entered her fast and hard. As he fucked her ass her tits swing and he began slapping them hard. Then he would grab a nipple and pull on it as he rammed his cock in deep. He was fucking her ass hard when he shoved four fingers into her cunt and then his thumb and soon has his fist in her fisting her hard as he ravaged her ass. "Do you like my big cock pounding that ass as I fist fuck your nasty cunt? What a dirty little girl you are showing off those big tits and fucking a trucker. You love to fuck don't you? I am going to give you a lot of cock before I have to hit the road. Now stick that dirty ass up here and let my cock fuck you till I cum again."

He fucked her and worked her body hard stretching her ass and cunt as he pounded her. He finally filled her with cum and then pulled her to his cock again and told her "Lick your ass of my cock. Then lick my ass and tongue fuck it for me. I love to feel a tongue go deep into my asshole." She licked his cock then ran her tongue around the rim of his ass and soon had her tongue inside him tongue fucking him. Then he told her "Get dressed. I have to get on the road but I will back in two days if you want another hard fuck. I could get used to those big tits. Next time come earlier and we can fuck longer. I will bring some toys with me and really work your ass and cunt hard." Sara pulled her top over her tits and put her skirt on and got out of the truck. Her ass and cunt were sore from the big cock but she was going to be back in two days for more of his abuse.
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