Matt was staying at the Sheraton where he stayed many times. He had had dinner and several drinks and now was ready for some hot wild sex. He called down to the bell hop whom he knew well and told him "I need a young, big titted nasty whore. I want her for the whole night and she needs to be real nasty and kinky." Joe the bell hop told him "I have just the girl. You will enjoy her. I shall have her to your room in fifteen minutes. She loves it nasty." Matt then took three of his cock pills to be ready for the young whore. That should keep him hard all night. He then shoved the big thick cork in the bottle of champagne. He undressed and stood in front of the mirror and looked at his huge cock. He began to stoke it getting all eleven inches hard and ready for the whore. Tonight she was going to get that cock in all her holes plus some other surprises. He sat out the bottle of liquid potion to make her cunt on fire and want to fuck any thing he put near her.

There was a knock at the door and Matt opened it naked. He did not care the bell hop could see his hard cock. He shoved a very young and pretty gal into the room and told Matt her name was Angel. She was very petite with huge tits and lots of make up and bright red lipstick like the street whores loved to wear. He had seen that shade on his cock many times. Soon as the guy left Matt told her "Take your clothes off. I want to see you naked." She stripped down fast and he looked at her body. She had nice huge tits and a great ass. Her pussy was shaved and looked quite smooth. He pulled her to his naked body and began to kiss her shoving his tongue in her mouth and sucking her tongue. He grabbed a nipple and pulled it as his hand went down to her pussy and he played with her clit then shoved three fingers in her cunt and fucked her as he traded tonguing her mouth and sucking a tit. She was nice and tight since she was a whore. He put her leg up on a chair to spread her wide open so he could ravage her cunt. He then grabbed a nipple with his teeth and shoved three fingers in her ass and was now pulling the nipple as he finger fucked her cunt and ass. He fingered her for a while.

He then told her "Sit on that chair and spread your legs to the side of it and I want to see that pussy spread wide open. Arch your back so your tits stick out to me. I love big tits. You have a great set. I love a tiny gal with huge jugs. I am going to drink some champagne and I shall drink it out of your cunt. Then I am going to fuck you with the bottle." He grabbed the bottle that was open and pushed it in her cunt and tipped it so it poured into her. As he pulled the bottle out he put his mouth to her cunt and sucked the liquid out. He did this twice more as he rubbed her clit between two fingers. "That's it baby. Cum in my champagne. Give it some good flavor." Then he pushed the bottle in deeper and filled her fuck hole then sucked it out of her. When he had had enough he grabbed the corked bottle with the big head on it and shoved it in her cunt and fucked her with it till he had her cumming hard and moaning. He sucked on her clit and pulled it with his teeth as he shoved the big corked bottle in her deeper. He then reclined the chair and pushed her back and pulled her ass to the edge and as he fucked her with the bottle he shoved his cock in her ass and fucked her deep and hard. He rammed his cock all the way in her giving her every inch of the long thick rod as he fucked both holes hard and deep.

He fucked her a long time in both holes till he filled her ass with cum. He then pulled his cock out and shoved the opened bottle of champagne in her ass and flooded her with the liquid till it ran out her hole. He grabbed her hair and pulled her face to his cock and told her to lick him. As she licked his monster cock he fucked her cunt more with the big head on the bottle. He held the bottle deep and tight in her cunt as he then shoved his cock in her mouth and told her "Suck that big cock. Take it deep. I don't care if you gag. I am going to keep it in your mouth as you suck me. I am going to get this cock in that mouth balls deep and fuck you like you have never been fucked before as you suck my big thick rod." He then shoved his cock into her mouth and deep to her throat making her gag but he kept the cock in her and held her by the hair so she had to take it. Every time she gagged he slapped her face and told her "Suck that cock like a nasty cock sucker. Feel my balls on your chin as I fuck your throat deep and hard. Now open wide and take this cock for me. Suck it hard. I am going to make a dirty slut like you a great cock sucker." He kept the cock in her deep as she gagged and spit ran down her tits. He slapped her face and tits as she gagged on the massive cock.

Then he pulled his cock out of her mouth and the bottle out of her cunt and sat her on the bed. He told her "Stick out your tongue." As he did he put a few drops of the liquid to set her cunt on fire. He bought it in the Orient and it made a gal fuck for hours. She will fuck anything handy with this stuff in her. He watched as he could see the potion take affect and then he sat her on the knob on the foot of the bedpost. It was thick and long and as he pushed her down on it she fucked it like a manic. She was riding it and twisting getting it deep in her cunt screaming and humping. Matt rubbed her clit as she fucked the bed knob. Cum was running out her cunt as she steady fucked the bed post. He shoved three fingers in her ass and pinched her clit as she rode the bed hard. She was getting fucked hard as the potion took control of hr body. Matt loved watching the whores fuck the post after he gave them the drops. He was at a party one night and a whore was given it and she fucked a dozen men non stop. She couldn't get enough cock. She had every inch of the post in her cunt riding it hard and cum running down to the bed. Matt then got out a huge vibrator. He pulled her off the knob and stuffed it in her cunt as she screamed begging for more. He turned it on high and let it fuck her as he watched the whore hump the vibe. Her cunt was going to be so sore when the potion wore off and he still had a lot of fucking for her that night.

When she finally calmed down he laid her on her back and began to suck on the big tits. She had the biggest set for such a small girl. Nice big nipples too. He put three bite marks down the left tit and then went back to sucking the nipple. Then he gave the right tit three bite marks and sucked her more. He pulled on the nipples with his teeth. He loved sucking and biting these huge jugs. He told her "Arch your back so I can enjoy those big tits more. Push those tits out. You have an enormous rack. Now stroke my cock as I work these tits and let me cum all over them." She arched her back and pushed her tits to him as she grabbed his big cock and began stroking it and running a finger over the slit rubbing the precum all over the big head. He felt so good as she rubbed and played with his cock. He oozed more cum that she used to rub over his cock and he loved that feeling. She even rubbed some on his balls. She then grabbed his balls and his cock hard and squeezed them as he moaned liking the feeling. She took some of the cum and rubbed her nipples and let him lick it off. She had his cock and balls sticky with the cum and he could feel the wetness as she stoked him. Then she went to his slit and put the tip of her finger in it as she then jerked his cock hard. She was squeezing his cock jerking it hard as she kept her finger in the slit getting more in him. It was a feeling of erotic pain for Matt and he liked it.

She then took a long hair pin out of her hair and pushed it into his slit and fucked it with the pin. As she shoved the pin in deeper she stoked his cock harder. Then she pulled another pin out and shoved it in also. She now had two in his slit fucking him with both as she stroked the cock. This was new for Matt and he really liked the feeling. She kept adding pins till she had five of the six inch pins fucking his slit. Matt had never felt anything feel so wonderful before. She shoved the pins in and out giving the slit a good work out for Matt. He was now laying flat on his back letting her control his cock. Then she took the rubber band out of her hair and now bound his cock tight with it as she kept pins fucking his slit. Then she pulled the pins out and grabbed the pen from the night stand and pushed it in Matt's well fucked slit. This was longer and thicker and she watched it go down the slit and she grabbed his cock and felt it go deep. She then began fucking him with it as she jerked his cock. She then pulled the pen all the way out just to push it back in and it was covered with cum. She rubbed the cum over his cock and balls and then inserted the pen in deep and then back out. She did this many times then she pushed the pen in as deep as it would go and held it there as she really began to jerk his cock to make him cum. When he finally did cum she watched the pen cum out and fall as the cum shot out of the slit. She rubbed the cum over her hand and coated Matt's cock and balls and asshole with the sticky jizz.

Matt then shoved her on her back and got on top of her and told her "Baby, that was so amazing. I can not believe how good that felt. I want to fuck you with that pen in my cock. I can only imagine how good that will feel. The deeper it went the better it was. I was so turned on. Binding my cock was the best feeling. It made my cock so hard and I could last a lot longer too. Put it back in me and spread your legs. I am going to fuck your cunt so hard with that pen deep in my cock."

Matt did fuck her many times with the pen. He used her cunt and ass like he was never going to get to fuck ever again. Then when the adult store opened they went and bought many spears to shove in his cock. He kept the young whore for the rest of his stay. It was the best sex he had ever had and the kinkiest too.
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