Numbing through my veins
My mind beyond restraint
A race horse without reigns
A bitch disguised as saint

The goddess in my bedside drawer
The greatest thing that ever knew me
Spoke of how I could have more
As just as wildly she ran through me

She came to me so gracefully
Then left me starved and waiting
She warned me dutifully
How her touch was so elating

There were her bl**d stained sheets
Against my docile eyes so taken
My dreams suffered defeats
But were steady now, unshaken

I knew the smile of the wolf
Shone in the bearing of her teeth
She was a bomb without a fuse
A blade without a sheath

But I couldn’t leave such beauty
Alone and unalarmed
It seems it was my duty
To see her always charmed

So I took her by my arm
Pushed her loving deep inside
Her caring brought me harm
She took me for a ride

For this was no mere c***d
Though fair, she had matured
My thoughts subdued, but wild
For our accord was un-assured

Oh god would I kill
For the love that she supplied
My soul was never safe
I couldn’t run, couldn’t hide

The churches were a game
I stole from them each night
I spat on gods good name
For my heroin’s delight

So snatch: the purse, the bag
Get a nick, and write a rhyme
That little liquid pleasure
Pull the plunger back and prime

The sweet love that she gave
Fuck your drab control
I’d do anything to bathe
Intravenously my soul

Surely she can have it
Take! my dear, my lover
I’d gladly live in hell
And never need another

For the comfort of her charity
The straying she forbid
Led to my disparity
And shut my coffin lid

She was a lucid spirit, virgin
A soul of distant flowers
Borrowed from dear surgeon
She made brief of Gotham’s hours

I’d do it all again
Nothings changed, it’s all the same
Come now would you bet
For her I’d ****, I’d steal, I’d maim!

50% (2/2)
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3 years ago
you amaze me...how old did you say you were??????
please, give us more
...give me more