Harmione has a secret...

Harmione walked down the hallway with confident, and unpatient steps. She held the book in her hand, not wanting to put it down. The words were increasingly intreging as she finshed the book with a final word. As she sighed and closed the book, she noticed that her robe had a
stain on the left shoulder.
"I cannot be walking around with such a stain." She said to herself. Turning back, she walked up the moving stairs, stopping every once in awhile to wait for the next set of stairs to move in her direction.
As she reached the door of her room, she checked if anyone was in the hall. It was completly empty.
"Brilliant." She said to herself in a smirk. As she walked in, she closed the door behind her. Locking the door. She took a deep breath in. Instantly, she started to remove her robe, shoes, shirt, tie, pants, and undershirt. Harmione walked up to the mirror in the corner of the room and looked herself over.
"I will never get fucked. I'm such a wimp." Of course she also didn't want to get expelled from hogwarts, but she really wanted and somewhat, needed a dick.
"If only boys actually wanted to fuck me."
Harmione walked over to her bed and undid her bra and slipped it off. Her large, plump breasts relaxed, still perky. Her beautiful pink nipples were hard and round. She let the restricting peice of clothing fall to the ground.
Then she reached down and pulled down her panties. Harmione stepped out of them and lay naked on her bed. Her long, wavy red hair flowed beautifully over her shoulders and down her bare back. Long, black eye lashes wrapped around her blue eyes. Her plump breasts lay on her chest so perky. Her beautifully waxed pussy was pink and dripping with the idea of sex.
"I want to fuck someone so bad." She said to herself. If dumbledore ever caught her like this, she would be expelled for sure. Or fucked by him.
Suddenly, she felt like someone was watching her. She sat up and looked around. There was no one in sight. Then came a sneeze from the end of her bed.
She grabbed her wand and said a spell, Which made the invisible person appear. It was Draco Malfoy.
"Draco!" She had always had a special arousle for him. He was so hot and beautiful. Such a bad boy. He turned her on so much. But she kept it a deep secret.
Harmione grabbed the sheets to try and cover up.
"Sorry Harmione. You are just so beautiful and sexy. I had to follow you. Everything about you is so perfect... And such a turn on." He gave her a sexy wink.
"Draco..." She sighed and shook her head. The idea of fucking Draco was such a far away fantasy, yet such an amazing and realistic dream.
Harmione threw off her sheet and walked up to Draco.
Niether of them could hold their lust for eachother. Suddenly, both started kissing furiously and passionatley. Draco's strong hands sweeping over harmiones smooth, hairless body while wrapping his tounge around hers.
"Lets take this to the bed." < End of part 1 >
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