True Story

After my divorce from my 2ND wife; I had to stay with my parents; while the former owners of my new house moved out. I slept in their spare bedroom. I always sl**p in the nude; I don't own a pair of pj's; since I always go commando; I don't own any underwear either. One Saturday morning I slept late; since I didn't have to work. It had been a hot night , and I had kicked off all the covers. I was sl**ping on my back dreaming about my new girlfriend. and had an erection. My Mother came to wake me for a late breakfast and opened the door without knocking. I didn't awaken immediately; so she stepped into the room called my name and tapped my shoulder. When I woke up; she closed the door and sat on the edge of the bed. She said "Son I didn't realize your penis was so tiny. What is it 2 or 3 inches long, and it's so thin. It's much smaller then your Fathers; in fact I have never seen one as small as that on a grown man!" I blushed and didn't know what to say. I couldn't cover myself with the sheet; since it was on the floor; so I rolled over onto my stomach to hide myself, but actually it was to late; as she had already seen my cock and how small it is. She looked at me and realizing what she had said; she said "Son I'm sorry I said that, but I was shocked at how small your penis is. At least it works and is big enough to have produced a son." I said "MOM I don't think I want breakfast." and with that she left the room closing the door behind her. I dressed, but stayed in the room until I heard my Mother and Father leave to go shopping. I then left and getting in my car I left for the day, and didn't come back quite late when both of my parents were in bed. I avoided my Mom as much as possible; luckily I only had to stay a couple more days before I could move into my house. My Mom and I never said anything more about the incident, and our relationship soon returned to normal, but for an occasional look at my crotch and smile from my Mom. This really happened when I was 34.
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1 year ago
Damn... :(
1 year ago
She could have seen if it worked.
4 years ago
wow, that is kinda fucked up man. not what i thought was going to go down