I had done my share of threesomes but after this one...I'll never be the same. I met Cindi and Jay on the inter net when I answered their ad. They post a list looking for a guy to watch them and "maybe join in". I had jerked of to Internet porn and was ready for something different so I replied. After a few emails and talks on the phone we agreed to meet at their house.
When I got to their house Cindi met me at the door. Cindi is 41 yrs old and stunning! Cindy was wearing just a robe and high heals. Come on in and get comfortable"...
Jay was sitting on the couch in a pair of shorts smoking a joint. Welcome he said as he passed me the joint, have a seat. I couldn't help but notice his shorts seemed to be clinging to his big cock. I guess i was so high I didn't realized i was starring until Cindi said, hey you've looked at his cock long enough take a look at this instead...with that Cindi stood up and took her robe off...like I said Cindi is stunning and when i saw her naked body I got rock hard. I want you to eat my pussy she said to me, "get on your back, I'm going to sit on your face! with out hesitation i got naked and laid down...let me see you two 69 Jay says...Cindi's pussy was so wet and tasted SO good! I couldn't believe it, the ad said "maybe join in". and here i was eating the sweetest pussy, Jay got up and said I need to join this and moved behind cindy...Give me that ass Cindi he said. As I laid there i watched Cindi arched her back and gave her ass to Jay...Jays cock was moving in and out of her ass. I never had a cock so close to my face and it was HOTT!!! Jay paused for a second and said "open your mouth bitch"...he pulled his cock out of Cindi's ass and pushed it in my mouth!!!
I never suck a cock before but was so excited I was more then eager to do as I was told...
Jay was fucking my face when Cindi say, fuck his ass Jay, i want to see you fuck his ass like you fuck mine!!! Wait a minute I said, I'm not sure I'm into that...shut the fuck up Cindi yelled, you're going to do what we tell you to do. roll over! I couldn't tell you why but it really turned me on, as i rolled over i couldn't wait to have my ass abused...Both Cindi and Jay spat on my ass and began rubbing my hole. Cindi said Jay eat his ass, get him nice and wet, It felt sooo good his tongue licking deeper in me, fuck me jay fuck me please...I couldn't believe what i was saying!!! begging for his cock. That's it make him a slut, fuck his ass Cindi yelled...I was surprised how easy i took his cock...I didn't know i could cum so hard from getting fuck but I did...and just as i shot my load Jay pulled out of my ass and came on my face...clean my cock bitch...and i was all to glad to do so...
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4 years ago
I would have cleaned his cock and her ass and his ass and her pussy just to be there thanks
4 years ago
5 years ago
very hot