Camping with Chip

Camping With Chip
Part 1
I broke up with my boyfriend Marc two months ago.
Since then I haven’t been very social. I have mostly kept to myself and avoided most outings. But Brad and Becky (aren’t they cute) were having their annual summer soiree’ and ‘No’ just wasn’t an option.
That’s the night I met Chip. We both were assigned our half hour of ‘bar’ duty at the same time. We immediately hit it off. There was a sense that I had known him for many lifetimes.
We talked about so many things in those 30 minutes and into the evening.
Declaring that we both were single was as far into dating or preferences that we went. The conversation was plenty to sustain us for hours. Besides, I was still not ready to even think about a relationship, no matter how hot this man was or how bright his eyes sparkled. (AND THEY DID). Anyway, I assumed he was straight and I guess he assumed the same.
We talked about work, cars, astronomy, politics and journalism and about everything else it seemed. When I mentioned camping, he really lit up. “I haven’t been camping in ages” he said. I told him that I had already planned a trip this coming weekend. I had planned to go alone, but he was welcome to come also.
He jumped at the chance and my heart involuntarily jumped too.
We talked the rest of the evening and exchanged numbers before we left. Brad and Becky said it was great to see me being social again and just smiled as I left.
During the week, Chip and I texted several times and finally talked and worked out the plans for Friday night when we would head up to the camp site. I couldn’t get the image of him out of my mind.
I picked Chip up and waited a minute while he ran back to get his phone. But that gave me a wonderful view of his ass in his board shorts. When we were on our way, we picked up our conversations right where we had left off the week before.
Chip is Blonde with a short cropped hair style which only accentuates those sparkling hazel eyes.
He is 6’1 and his lean frame makes every part of his body look like a work of art. His lips look as though they were pulled from the statue of David. His chest was hard and defined and his ass and legs made me tingle. But that lump in those board shorts brought to life feelings that had been dead for two months.
I tried not to be TOO obvious as I keep looking at him. It was hard not to stare though as we drove and talked.
At the campsite the feelings continued as we unpacked, put up the tent and started a camp fire. Each time he faced the opposite way, I slyly glanced a quick look. And when he was bent over, building the fire, I actually got hard and hard to excuse myself quickly with the pretext of a quick ‘bathroom’ visit.
When I returned, we cooked a quick dinner over the fire, then took a walk through the woods and returned to relax and have a few beers as we once again talked and talked.
Chip pointed out stars and constellations and we talked about other worlds, old and possibly future.
I could tell the brews were really hitting him as his speech slurred a bit and he stumbled coming back from a quick piss. He said he had had it and needed to sl**p. I agreed. We lay in the tent, on our sl**ping bags in just our underwear as the heat and humidity were just too much to be covered.
Quickly I head the rhythmic sounds that told me Chip was asl**p. I looked over and watched him breathing as he lay on his stomach in just his Calvin’s. Ok, that’s not quite true; mostly I stared at the sexiest ass I had seen in ages!
As I lay there, his ass fades in and out of images from the whole day. Him running back to his house, bending over the fire, watching him pound in a tent stake, seeing him lick his lips while eating and the imagined images conjured from my own mind during his last trip for that quick piss. It didn’t take long and I was hard and throbbing.
It occurred to me that I still didn’t know for sure if he was straight or not. Funny it hadn’t come up in our talks. But as he slipped deeper into sl**p and I heard an occasional snore, I didn’t really care.
I reached into my black Calvin’s and rubbed my hard cock while I starred at his ass covered in white cotton. I let my mind imagine how it felt. (Soft with a light covering of blonde fur, I was sure). That thought morphed into how his sexy ass would taste (sweet) which morphed into feeling him open to accept my almost nine thick inches as I slid into him! It was almost too much.
I slid my shorts down and exposed my hard cock to the air. I rubbed the drop of precum into the head and shivered with my thoughts. I looked at chip, his neck below the hairline, over his muscled shoulders, down the small of his back and there was his ass again. Listening to him breathe and occasionally snore; I slipped my underwear off and scooted closer to him.
Watching him for any reaction or change in his breathing, I gently let my hand glaze over his firm hot ass. No movement, breathing the same. I guess he really is out cold. Gathering my nerve, I reached over again and let my hand linger in a long slow exploring feel. Still, no change.
As my hand continued to rub his hot cheeks through the cotton, I leaned in and gently kissed his neck.
I jumped and pulled my hand back. “Did he just moan? Or was that me?” I thought to myself. But he seemed the same, so I repeated the process. Damn! His ass felt great and I could taste his salty skin with each kiss I dared to take.
Feeling his ass, stroking my throbbing cock and kissing his too sweet and salty neck, made me feel even braver. (Or, was it horny).
I had to have a little more. I was already so damn close to shooting. I released my cock and using two hands; I slowly and gently slid his underwear down over his cheeks exposing his Oh-My-god-So Sexy ass!
I tried to be quiet, but I was sure the people in the next camp site could hear my heart pounding.
Damn! I was right. Each globe was covered in soft velvety blonde hair. Watching Chip again for any change, any movement, I let my hand rest on his exposed ass. He felt so good! As my hand explored, I forgot to watch Chip. My mind was enveloped in his ass and stroking my cock. I lost all thought as I touched and explored. I let a finger slip between his hot tight ass cheeks. I was right, so tight.
I pulled my hand back and squeezed my cock for a little precum, which I caught on a fingertip and gently used as lube to slide between his cheeks. OMG, I could feel his hot hairy hole.
I used my precum to massage his hole, thinking all the time how I wanted to slide deep inside him.
Suddenly he moved, and I Jumped! Scared! Unsure!
I watched as he moved, pulling his knees up to a slightly bent position and rolled slightly on his side, his back now facing me almost directly.
Did he know? Did he want it? Or was I just amazingly lucky?
I couldn’t move, except to gently rub my cock. But as I heard him snore again, I figured I was just VERY lucky.
After a few minutes, I was sure he was out again and again, I scooted closer. Even closer than last time.
I leaned in and planted a tender kiss on his back, another on his neck and then I felt it. My cock was touching his soft yet firm ass cheeks. I held still and just enjoyed the feeling, then moved an inch closer.
My cock found its own way to the middle of his ass. The short hairs teased and tormented my cock head. As I kissed his shoulder, the precum from my cock did its work and my cock slid between his ass cheeks.
Grasping my cock I barely moved a fraction, sliding up and down his ass.
Dear GOD! Too late! I felt the boiling in my balls and started to pull away. TOO LATE!
Holding in the scream I wanted to let out, I watched as I splatted his sexy ass with my thick white cum!
Breathing hard, I realized his ass was even sexier now. I laughed a soft laugh, still stroking my hard cock I watched my cum drip over his ass and some of it even slide between the cheeks and disappeared.
Damn! I shot off again.
I grabbed my t-shirt and wiped my cock and his ass. But now I was afraid to be too aggressive. So the cum that had disappeared had to remain.
I fell asl**p with the comforting, yet worrying, thought of my cum traveling over his hot hairy hole.
I woke early and started the coffee and went to take a quick shower.
Relaxing with my first cup of hot coffee, I heard Chip stirring and eventually climb out of the tent.
“How did you sl**p?” I asked. “Man I passed out good!” he stated as fact. “I’m going to take a shower. Be right back.” He said.
I watched as he walked just a little funny heading to the shower.
What else might this weekend bring? I can’t wait to find out!

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1 year ago
Interesting and HOT story, but too quick of a conclusion. Will Chip find out? Does he want it? What else will happen?
Hopefully this will be covered in part 2! I like your writing style and hope to see more.
2 years ago
very hot story
2 years ago
Wow, that story was fucking hot!!
2 years ago
Very well written.
3 years ago
An excellent story with good detail but not overwhelming. Hope there is a part two.
3 years ago
Well written.
Loved it!!!
3 years ago
3 years ago
Wonderful start of a great story!
3 years ago
Well done!
3 years ago
Great story...a well-painted picture of lusful tenderness. Nice intro, paving the way to more potential chapters to come.
3 years ago
Very good