He masturbated on my wife in the book store.

It was 2ys ago in mid summer. We had been out for a drive on a nice Sat afternoon.Tina was wearing her bathing suit top and jeans. We stoped for lunch at a little roadside dinner and I noticed there was an adult book store across the street. I told Tina I wanted to check it out, and she told me to go alone. She had never been in one before, and wasn't going to now. After alot of fast talking, I finally got her to walk over with me. The store was beside a truck stop so it was very busy when we walked in. Tina had never been in one before, so it was kind of funny watching her looking around. Towards the back of the store is where the booths are located so I pulled back a curtain to show her the booth and there was a guy jacking off lol. I quickly slid the curtain closed and told him I was sorry. He just laughed and said no problem. I saw him peeking out, and checking out Tina after we walked towards the books. There was a bin with hundreds of discounted books in it, and a couple of guys digging through them. Tina went over and started looking through them herself, while I walked around checking out all the videos.I was a few rows back when I glanced over and noticed one of the guys standing behind Tina rubbing up against her ass, and another guy checking out her tits as she bent over looking through the books.I wasn't sure if I should go over myself, or just watch these guys in action. I decided to hide behind the shelfs and wait. I could see the guy behind Tina getting aroused as he bumped up against her ass with the buldge in his pants as my cock got hard watching. Within minutes he had his dick out, rubbing it, and touching it against Tina. I slowly walked around to the front side to where the other guy was standind, and now know why he was checking out her tits. She had her swim top on, and as she bent over, you could see part of her nipple! Very hot I have to admit! I went back to where I was before and watched as the man behind Tina jacked his cock, thinking no one could see him. My cock was throbing as I watched his cum squirting behind Tina. I,ve never been so hard. I didn't tell Tina about it till months later, and we haven,t been back sense, but may at some point.

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6 months ago
HELL YEA SEXY,love to lick up the cum sweetie,hate to see it wasted,sweetie
1 year ago
Mmm nice
2 years ago
Good slut!
2 years ago
lovely to see men cum on your woman
2 years ago
2 years ago
3 years ago
Myself, I'd love to be the stranger ;)
4 years ago
Loved it. Would love to have some stranger jacking off and cumming over my Mrs.
4 years ago
love the idea of a stranger spunking on my wife
4 years ago
My wife and I have been talking about doing this.It was my idea of course but she gets excited talking about a stranger cumming on her.
4 years ago
good but short