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Well after a decent nights sl**p and a sticky cock in the morning I arose and went and had Breakfast there was no sign of Dorcas but I was served by the slave girl I had seen masturbating Dorcas last night, she looked at me knowingly as she walked off.

O well after packing my bag I was shown the way back down to the port where I was to take the short sailing to the Island. The ship was no bigger than the ferry I would sometimes take across the Mersey River back home. It had a crew of 4 the Captain greeting me he was an Arab man wearing a soiled dish dash, with a greeting and sardonic smile I could see he was trouble.
So master he said off to filth Island he said, i queried why it may be called this but he did not elaborate and told me the sailing would take 2 hours.

Then came the passengers all of them native woman and one younger native man.

We set sail at 10 O clock prompt, I watched the shore line retreat. After maybe 20 minutes I heard the Captain summon the natives to the deck, I was then more surprised when without question they all stripped naked as the day they were born passing their clothing to one of the ships crew who promptly put them in Hessian sacks tying the top

I watched intrigued as they sat down cross legged awaiting something. One of the crew set up a chair and what seemed to be a shaving kit beckoning to the eldest woman who I guess to be in her late 30s she stood placing her arms on her head the crew member lathered up her arm pits and cunny and to my utter amazement began to remove her curly hair. I looked up at the captain who came over and explained no native women are allowed to have body hair in case it contaminates the produce , then he winked at me. The process went on to all the passengers including the young man I noticed the slight grope and fondle of the natives as they went through the process.

It well was I do confess extremely erotic to see all this nude flesh and clean shaved body almost would make one masturbate on the spot, my favourite was a young woman of well small breasts and a delightful full backside during the process of hair removal she stared at me her legs slightly apart her small labia lips on show.

I was relieved when the boat eventually docked the natives being chased of down the gang plank but they seemed to be happy with their lot as I watched them walk away nude, looking around the few natives present were all naked females and males of all sizes showing big breasts small breasts big backsides small cocks and big ones and well one huge specimen that would not have gone a miss on a donkey!

I was hailed by a rather sweaty looking European man who I assumed was Mr Jones the company man, he greeted me warmly telling me to jump in the cart, I threw my bag in the back and of we went driven by a naked native man. On the way Mr Jones who I guessed was in his late forty's explained that he was glad to see me as he had to go back to blighty for 6 months though his wife would be staying on. I asked what it was we made here and he said after dinner he would explain everything.

Arriving at the company house I was impressed with the size of the house which resided in several acres of land and had 3 bungalows which each had its own private garden with small bathing pool. I was e****ted to a bungalow and advised to bathe and change dinner would be in one hour.
I stripped nude and wandered out to the bathing pool immersing myself deep in the water slowly stroking my cock I reached a full erection and closing my eyes began to masturbate , opening my eyes I looked up and saw a naked young woman watching me her small nipples hard in arousal I looked at her and carried on masturbating she watched me come and ran away giggling.

Drying myself I dressed for dinner and took the short walk back to the house. I was greeted by Mrs Jones who was a very voluptuous looking woman dressed in her bustle and skirts with I guessed a full 38DD bosom. She greeted me with a pleasant smile and guided me to the dining room after a very pleasant dinner Mr Jones invited me into the drawing room Mrs Jones claiming she was tired and went to bed.

After some small talk Mr Jones confirmed I had signed the company confidentiality agreement, I confirmed I had. He then asked if I understood what the new cream for ladies they mined here, well I said I believe it helps them relax when their husbands are away in other parts of the empire.
Well he explained as we drank a very good brandy, This is the only place in the world we have managed to manufacture this cream it sells at £30 per ounce, O i exclaimed expensive so what does it do. Well we sell it in 1 ounce tins and well he coughed a lady who has not seen her husband and had relations apply a small dab to her clitoris and well it gives them a most sensual experience which re minds them of their man-folk and well to put it bluntly it makes them orgasm and well keeps them faithful so the government encourages our endeavours here and well subsides us. He explained he and his wife oversee the operation and where 2 years in to a 3 year posting. However he was leaving the day after tomorrow and his wife would need some assistance, he then showed me a small tub of the cream which I inspected with interest. During the evening he left the open jar on the table and went for more brandy I lifted a bit of the cream on my finger and hid it within my handkerchief later after bidding him goodnight I returned to my bungalow promising to be up at 8 to go to the mine for my education.

Sitting on my balcony in the sultry air I spied the young native girl in the garden. Suddenly I had a thought I beckoned her over she wandreed over in a most sultry fashion her nude body glistening with sweat she had been working hard in the garden. I offered some water which she took gratefully, I suppose she was five 8 tall skinny a small 32 b breasts I retrieved the cream from my pocket putting a small amount on my finger I reached forward before she could react and dabbed it on her small protruding clitoris.

She looked at me with horror then almost immediately total lust her skinny legs parting as she looked down her cunny was soaking wet juices dripping down her legs she grabbed my hand my finger sliding into her wet cunny as i started to rub her swollen clitoris she moaned in a guttural native tongue throwing herself on the floor she spread her thin legs her shaven cunt gaping , I undid my breeches my cock springing out, standing above her my cock rock hard I pulled back the skin then knelt down in front of her pulling her small body to me her ankles in each hand my cock jerking spastically I touched her dark lips then pushed and entered her tight slimy wet cunt, we then thrust at each other my cock in her tight wet hole I could smell her musky aroma coming from her cunt as she writhed and bucked her juices flooding out I could hold no longer and spurted deep in her hole my cock end touching her cervix as I came. pulling out she looked at me and then crawled from under me standing up her cunt dripping with both our come she parted her legs taking her hand she collected as much come as she could and then sucked her hand clean she then turned and ran away her cute backside departing into the moonlight, phew what a place I exclaimed as I lowered myself into the small pool I wonder what happens at the mine well I will find out tomorrow -------- TBC comments welcome

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