Mr Brownloves Adventures

At long last i spied land and we were we nearly there. I had been told I would be collected at the port by one of the local native woman ho would assist me in my travel to the Island apparently she was also one of the important ladies of the local
I had been recruited into the company at the age of 18 as my Father wished I was now 22 coming to the end of my training for the English procurement company, it was now time to do my stint overseas I was being sent to Sierra Leone and then to our Island just of the coast where we produced the new ladies cream which was much sought after.

I had been at sea for 6 weeks now and was terribly bored with nothing to stimulate me and the only sexual engagement was with my hand or listening to the sailors having there way with the Asian cabin boy who I do confess was quite cute and any longer I may have availed myself of him!

As i walked down the gang plank i was approached by a native woman she was I guessed mid 40s well built wearing the local burka i could see she had huge breast below it but could see little else she greeted me as Mr Brownlove saying her name was Dorcas Iadoo and I was to follow her to the horse and cart she pointed at.
A slave boy picked up my bags and I followed her staring at her voluptuous ass covered in the black cloth.

Jumping in the back i glimpsed the only flesh of her on show a pair of dust covered but not unattractive feet clad in leather sandals.

We went along the main street for what seemed an age then turned of up a cobbled street to the top of a hill where a gated house stood the gates opening in front of us as we trotted in. Greeted by a male slave I climbed down followed by Dorcas. I was greeted by what can only be described as salubrious surroundings. Following Dorcas in to the splendid looking house and out of the oppressive heat she advised my room was on the next floor and to follow her. to my surprise we were followed by two well how do i describe them nubile girls who were clad only in some type of pantaloons bare feet and bare chested. Dorcas seeing me eye them informed me they were the house girls to assist her and were of a low class and ignore them.

Ermm ok fine I said, we reached my room which was large and airy with a ceiling fan Dorcas suggested I bathe and join her downstairs for dinner in 1 hour and she would explain the arrangements for tomorrow.

Looking around the room it was fine a bottle of Gin on the side table which I availed myself off finding a bathroom with a functional shower I decided to strip and wash .Peeling of my filthy clothes throwing them on the floor my naked body thankful for the relative cool air of the room.

In the bathroom I prepared to start my bathing standing on the edge of the bath I looked up and spied a hole in the wall, by standing on tip toe I could look through it and it showed me a bathroom similar to mine, to my surprise one of the slave girls came in totally nude and started pouring hot water into the bathtub followed by Dorcas who started to peel up and take of her Burka. i held my breath my cock starting to rise. Then to my delight she was just wearing a sweat soaked bra and panties which she quickly removed I guess she was five feet 5 38d breasts big ass and thighs unshaven arm pits and a magnificent hairy bush.

She climbed into the huge tub and to my delight was followed by the girl who proceeded to soap her fat body rubbing her delicate hands over Dorcas huge breasts and then soaping down and washing her cunt. I was now rock hard and wanking furiously , Dorcas lifted her heavy legs up on either side of the tub and the slave woman proceed to masturbate her swollen big cuntpushing her hand in up to her wrist Dorcas pushing back her huge breasts jiggling in a most erotic way, Dorcas started to cum I could see her cream soaking the slaves hand who was smiling as Dorcas came I also shot my thick load after so long spurting from my 6" cock splattering against the wall, phew I stood down and bathed washing my dirty body and come soaked cock end.

I dressed and went down for dinner Dorcas was already at the table again dressed in her Burka. she asked if everything was alright I suggested things were perfect. Dorcas then explained I was only here for 1 night and would be sailing to the company island tomorrow to meet Mr Jones and his wife who oversee the mine works so should get a good nights sl**p. I wished her good night and retired, I knew the company mine made the new cream all the Western women were demanding and also it was prohibitively expensive and was only manufactured in this one place. o well all would be revealed soon i slept but not before I masturbated lazily thinking of parting Dorcas and her huge ass cheeks and penetrating her delicious hole.

What happens when I get to the Island well things get filthy ......... TBC

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