The new Beach Home

Well after selling my business and getting divorced at the same time I was cash rich 63 reasonably fit five feet 11 and bored.

Looking on a internet site I saw an advert for the purchase of secluded beach houses in a new resort in West Africa having worked in Africa I fancied the sunshine and beach life.

So there I was looking around my new purchase 1 week later a 3 bedroom beach house
overlooking the Atlantic. Meeting the couple I purchased it of who where from Germany I shook hands and said I would see them later they advised I should go to the market in town on Friday and select some one local to help me around the house.

On the beach that day sunbathing in my swim suit chilling out reading a book i notice my nearest neighbors a couple in there 60s walk out on the beach naked wow i thought great he was about five 8 thick set with a nice looking cut 6" she was about 5 feet 4 big ass and thighs i guessed 36d bit saggy but horny , they saw me and came over how hi ermm we are your neighbors ermm sorry about being nude hope you dont mind, no its fine i watched them walk back up the beach her big ass turning me on o shit ime getting hard, quickly walking back to my house i walk in the back garden pulling down my shorts savoring the feel of my hard cock--- to be continued when i meet the nude neighbors in their house my young gardner select a housemaid and fuck her mother and b*****r
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2 years ago
Nice, but you can do better.
2 years ago
Yes, please do.