Jim and Rick

Growing up I had a friend that lived real close to where I had my first job. This was during high school and I would work there mainly on the weekends and sometimes a couple of evenings during the week. Jim used to come in the store where I worked and we would talk when it was quiet. Sometimes we even looked at some of the porn magazines that were for sale.

One evening while I was off from work and at home, Jim stopped by my house. My parents weren't home so we ended up watching television. I can still remember what we watched that night. It was the first part of the movie Helter Skelter.

We were sitting on our sofa - Jim on one side and I was on the other and watched about an hour or so of the movie. Being 16, pretty much anything stronger than a breath and I could get hard. I still don't know why I was getting a boner that night but I casually reached over and grabbed a pillow to lay on my crotch so Jim couldn't see. Like I said before about the only thing we ever did was look at magazines together so it surprised me when he asked if he could see it.

I never considered myself gay or even remotely curious but I moved the pillow away from my lap and it immediately exposed a tent in my jeans. Jim asked me if he could see it. We were each still sitting on opposite ends of the sofa so I thought no big deal. I unzipped my jeans and took my dick out. I was a late bloomer so Jim was the first person other than myself to actually see me with a hard on. He told me that mine was bigger than his and asked if I wanted to see his. I still felt safe across the sofa from him so I said yes.

Jim took his dick out and began playing with it and it got hard pretty quickly. He then asked. "Can I touch it?" At that point I was so hard that I couldn't say no. He reached over and began to stroke me. If it was possible I believe that my dick grew even bigger while he played with me. I honestly can never remember a time in my life where I was that big and that hard. Jim then asked me if I wanted to touch him. I remember my hand trembling as I reached over and started playing with him. We immediately forgot we were watching television as he leaned over and kissed me. My heart was beating out of my chest as I kissed him back as hard and sloppily as he was kissing me.

I suggested that we go to my bedroom and I stood up (as straight as possible) and led him up the stairs to my room. We sat on the edge of my bed and continued to make out and explore each other's body for the first time. Up until this point in my life, I had only considered being with girls - being with another guy had never crossed my mind. Jim took off my shirt and leaned me back on the bed while he finished taking off the rest of my clothes.

He then undressed himself and laid on top of me and started kissing and licking me in places where I had never been kissed or licked before. Soon I felt his mouth on my dick and honest to God about 3 seconds later I came the longest and hardest I had ever come up to that point in my life. It was obvious that Jim had done this before and sucked me dry. I couldn't believe that this had happened to my and waves of guilt came crashing down on me. I couldn't reciprocate with Jim that night because of the guilt I felt. I was very confused at the time.

While we never got together again after that and I moved across the country a few years later, I have always wondered about him. I look him up online occasionally and can't find him or his f****y. I honestly don't know what happened with him but would like to find him someday and reciprocate. His exploring my body that night led me to where I am today. So Jim... if by chance you read this and recognize it (it's 100% true), get in touch. I have something for you and I can promise that there's no guilt.
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3 years ago
That's a much better first time M2M experience than most of us have. Mine was horrendous.
3 years ago
I hope you find him 'cause I want to find Gabriel ;)
3 years ago
Nice first time story.
3 years ago
The first time is always the best thanks
3 years ago
hot mmm