Service Call

It was a bad day. I have been on two calls so far and they both sucked. Everybody wants me to fix their lights or turn their power back on so they could sit on their ass watch TV. All they could do is bitch, you are late, you're takeing to long and when I'm done I don't get so much as a thank you. To top it all off my wife has lost all intrest in sex. I could not even remember the last time she put out. I guess after 15 years sex is just out of the question. Needless to say I was haveing a bad day.

Well I made it to my next call and rang to door bell. I expected another bitch to open the door and start yelling at me about how late I was. The door open and a guy wearing nothing but a towel was standing there. Thank god you made it, the power in my kitchen is off, do you think you can fix it? Should not be a problem I said. I ask him to show me the kitchen,he pointed and said he would be back in a min and ran to the back of the house. About 5 min. later I found out the GFI in the kitchen had popped, easy fix. At least one thing good happens today. Just then this guy walks back in and see his power is back on. Wow that was fast he said. As I was writeing up his bill he said you dont look to happy. No I had a bad day and now I'm off to another bad call then home to my wife, handing him his bill. Bad day huh. why dont you take a break want something to drink, just put down the extra time on my bill. Have a seat and relax for a few. I knew I should go but I just did not want to, so I sat down and had some ice tea. After some small talk I told him just about everything that was happening in my life. I don't know why but he was just easy to talk to.

So when is the last time you made love with your wife, he asked. I was not sure it had been that long. I just said its been a while. You never cheated on her? No never. Have you ever thought about it, as he started to walk around and place his hands on my shoulders. No never thought about it, i guess I just except this is the way it is. He started to rub my shoulders.Does this bother you? I did not answer, never had a man touch me like this before but it felt good. does this feel good? All I could say is yea. what you need is a good release. What do you mean I asked.....I can take care of that for you. he said. as he came around the front of me and got down to his knees and started to rub the inside of my thighs. I grabbed his hands but still could not say anything. I have never thought about doing anything with another man. Still I could not say anything I was frozen. He Moved my hands down to my side and unbottoned my pants. I could not believe this was happening, he was in complete control. I was not hard as he began to lick my cock. It felt so good. He took my semihard cock in his mouth and ran his tounge around my head. This was wrong but it felt so good. My dick grew in his mouth. Just as I was getting into him sucking my cock he stood uo and took me by the hand. Lets get alittle more confrotable. he said and led me to his bed room and sat me down his bed. He stroked my dick a few times and then began to remove my shoes, pants and then my boxers. Do you still want this? he asked all I could do is shake my head yes. Good he said because I will give you the best release you have every had. He went back to work on my now throbbing hard cock. he took every inch of me down his throat. My wife would never deep throat me. My head was spinning. he pull me closer to the side of the bed. I thought it was so he would have a access to my cock. It was then I felt his wet finger working around my ass hole. I pull away but he stopped me and just said relax, trust me. he told me to put my feet up on the bed spread wide. He had full access to everthing. he ran his tounge up and down my cock as he messaged my ass with his finger. I could not believe how good this was feeling. He started to lick my balls and sucking on them. oh god I was in heaven. He worked his way down to my taint still strokeing my cock. this was the best sex I have ever had. But he didn't stop there he pushed my legs up and pushed his face into my ass. I could not fight back. This was never supposed to happen, but it felt so good, so wrong. I was in his power. I felt my ass relax at the power of his tounge. If this was gay sex I like it. He fucked my ass with his tounge intill I began to moan. I did not know I was doing it. he stood up and said are you ready for our release. I was still on my back at the end of the bed. He lifted my legs and said softly I want to see your face. He knelt down a little and I could feel the pressure of his cock on my man hole. Just relax he said and he pushed his hard cock against my hole a little harder. All at once he was in me. Never felt pain like that. he stopped still in me and let me man hole relax around him. It hurt alot he was big but shortly the pain began to go away. He slowly started rocking his hip back and forth. Each time he pushed alittle deeper into me. he was so gentle before long he had allof his 7 inches where in my ass. he started takeing full long strokes. It hurt but at the same time it felt so good. He looked into my eyes and smiled. Are you ok he asked without missing a stroke. Oh yes I replied. He began pumping me faster. I was lost in him, there was no more pain in felt great. Its time for our release he began to stroke my cock while he fuck my ass. I felt him shoot his hot cum inside of me. that was all I could take. I shot my load hard and fast. Up my belly up my chest and even came in my own mouth. I could not move that was the best sex I have ever had.
Still fix things around his house, I Just make sure I have plenty of time and of course it is all free of charge.
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3 years ago
Great story!
3 years ago
When you really need release thats hot thanks
3 years ago
Loved it! Thank you :)