how it got started - first wife exposure

Indeed recalling hot situations of past adventures is very enchanting – for those who write them down but also for all likeminded having a chance of participating in an imaginary way. The story gets an extra kick when beefed up by accompanying pictures of that very wife.

We got into lifestyle after my wife Agnes found out about an affair I had with another woman. We then openly talked about me lacking an arousing sex life. And I confessed my ambition to have her enjoyed by other men. Because we both wanted to stay together she slowly became receptive for some out of town adventures. She is still shy and very much concerned not to be identified.

Our first entry into a more open lifestyle happened 7 years ago. We had an official event with some prominent local authorities in the early evening. I asked her to dress up sexy because afterwards I had planned a visit to a bar in another city 60 miles from home. She wore a blouse with decent cleavage that allowed being unbuttoned further, a rather short skirt and high heels together with black thigh high stockings. She put on more make up than usual and looked pretty hot. I forgot to say that on my request she shaved her love port for the first time completely the day before.

After the event we drove to that place which I had described to her as being an erotic bar. Here we later had several more great encounters. Anyway this place looks like a regular bar, no admission charged. It is frequented by couples and single men – few single ladies as well, obviously a perfect place for exhibitionistic couples and voyeurs to meet. Downstairs they have a dimly lit secluded room for intimate play but no beds as in swinger clubs.

Before we got out of the car I asked my wife to take of her bra and her panties. Fortunately she was prepared to follow up but she also put on a long blonde wig. She was afraid of being recognized. She wore the wig only this very first time. Later at other more public events she occasionally wore an eye mask. When we entered the door she even put on her sunglasses.

The place was not really crowded and we found a place on a couch where we could oversee most of the facility. After a while Agnes tension eased and she took off her sunglasses. We were the only couple in the lounge area. Two other couples sat at the bar and in a neighboring corner. About 8 single men were hanging around waiting for some action to take place. Three of them seemed focusing on us.

After some talk I began fondling and kissing my wife. One after one I unbuttoned her blouse. Her cleavage became deeper and deeper without her objecting. Agnes was apparently quite aroused by my kissing. Encountering virtually no resistance I got bolder and started squeezing my wife’s boobs under her blouse. As by accident I slowly pushed the cloth away and lay open her breasts for public viewing. Her nipples were stiff and erect by then. Leaving her blouse open and breasts exposed I moved my hand further down. She easily let me put my hand under her skirt and answered with a suppressed moaning when I started fondling her already moist labia. Two of the men watching us suddenly moved closer – we noticed one was even rubbing his trousers.
This public play continued for a while and I was certain that my wife was well aware of the situation.
I always had an easy job arousing my wife manually and she usually quickly responded with an orgasm. So she did this time – right in front of those three strangers. They all experienced her suppressed moaning shortly before she came. I took my hands from her to give her ease in physically recovering.

But I knew that she was still in full arousal and receptive for my next advance. Holding Agnes in my arms I whispered in her ear that I would like her to spread her legs in front of the men. To my great astonishment she did not object and showed not the slightest resistance. Her skirt had moved up a lot already and she voluntary opened her legs at a 45 degree angle allowing a pretty good view from across. But I wanted more. I grabbed her knees tenderly with my hands and pushed them further apart for an angle of at least 90 degrees. She was fully exposed now. Her lips were swollen as never before and her breasts still uncovered. I had never experienced her so uninhibited though we regularly go to clothing optional beaches.

Upon her obvious presentation and intentional display of all her goodies all men moved in closer now. One jerk even got his dick out and openly masturbated in front of my wife. It was bizarre scenery I had not anticipated at all- but enjoyed so much more. I started kissing my wife again to distract her and give her more confidence. I wanted her staying in full exposure for a few more moments before we both calmed down. She impressed me when after covering up she behaved totally natural and even sought eye contact with the men who had just stared at her most intimate parts. When we drove home she confessed that she had actually enjoyed the situation. She apparently had some exhibitionistic desires so far unknown to me. I decided this to be just the beginning. I decided next time I wanted her to be touched by a stranger.
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13 days ago
Such anticipation mmmhh.. Thank you
2 months ago
Very nice indeed. Do write more to tell us how it went. The start of the journey seems to have a lot of promise. I certainly like to know where these places are to watch and participate. Viel spass. MVG Monty