The second day after...

« I still don’t see why me… » I know it sounded almost helpless, but I wasn’t feeling that way. I felt like putting up a fight, and like it winning it, too. It had been said, control was important for me and being my own boss too. I wasn’t to be taken like this; there were other women who would easily agree. I love sex, I had loved and more than enjoyed what they had done to me hours ago, but I wasn’t going to give up.

David looked at me. He was still smiling.
“It had to be you”, he said. “You were the right person all along, as soon as we started thinking about it. You love sex, you’re gorgeous, you have no f****y ties, in fact, you hardly have any ties anyway, and you’re not going to be missed or miss anyone. You love control and we’re going to have fun taking it away from you.”

“John is going to realize I’m not there anymore…” I said, this time really feeling a bit helpless.

“John will get here by tomorrow night, I guess. You didn’t realize you’re flatmate and occasional fuckfriend was really interested in getting you into something else… He’ll pack up your flat, explain to your boss that you were called to the South urgently and clear out. So far for John.” And he still smiled.

“Why do you know me?” I said, deprived of any possible reply to this.
“You fucked me once. I promised myself I was going to fuck you back. And when we were looking for the right person… oh well… I remembered you. Everybody agreed and here you are.”

The one next to me, I think it was Tim, put his hand on my tight. I shook him off. The quick gesture had brought me back into my normal self. I wasn’t to be had, I only had myself. I had fought hard for my independence and wasn’t going to give it up by any means.

Tim came back on me. I shook him off, but by leaning away from him, I got closer to Jeremy who immediately put his arms around me and pulled my towards him, thereby turning me to face Tim. David seemed to enjoy the show. It took me a couple of second to get rid of their hands.
“For the last time, I’m not the right person for this. You get yourself a hooker or anybody else…”

“You’re in, honey. And it’s not up to you to decide about whether you’re out, right or whatever else… But you want to fight? Alright, let’s go for it. Let’s take her over there…” and at his words, Tim, Jeremy, Keith and Nick grabbed me by my arms, legs, hair, neck.. and walked me over near the fireplace, where a very big mattress and pillows around it were neatly arranged. They pulled me down onto the mattress which was one of the very thick and soft kinds. I was still fighting, but I knew I didn’t stand a chance against four of them. David walked over and in his hands were the blindfold, gag and cords whose sight I started to hate.

I couldn’t help it, I yelled. The fact that I was still sore from what they had done to me in the afternoon and could feel my whole body tingle helped. Jeremy put his hand over my mouth. “Come on, honey, stop it. You know just how much you’re going to like it… Nick and Tim, I guess it’s your turn, so you decide what’s next…”

I lay on the mattress, unable to do anything. Even though they held me down hard and strong, they still had enough hands to go over my body, with soft and at the same time demanding moves which were, I had to admit, exciting. Still, I wasn’t going to give in.

Nick said “Let go of her, this is not how we want it. Timea, if you try any funny stuff, we’ll tie you up in no time, so we let go, but all you do is up and be good, understood?” I nodded; I needed to get my wits together. They let go and I sat up, massaging my mistreated wrists and catching my breath. They all looked at me. David’s hand was on his pants and he smiled at me.
Nick spoke again. “Well, honey, you want to fight… and why not. How about you fight me, just me. I win, I fuck you. You win, we’ll see.” I Iooked at him. He was tall and well-built, much taller than me. I considered myself to be a good fighter who had learned some tricks, but then again, I was much smaller and not that strong. And I didn’t know what he had or knew.
“No fair”, I said.
“It wasn’t really a question”, he said. He stretched and I could see the bulk in his pants. Before, it had been David leading the dance, now, it was him. “Gentlemen, can I ask you to move around and leave some space for the lady and myself.” His tone was joking but the air was tense with sex. They all got up and moved, either to seat themselves on the pillow or on the settee, making themselves comfortable, all of them breathing sex in their gestures, positions and eyes. Nick took his glasses off and put them on the table. He looked younger all of a sudden, but I saw his muscles spin under his shirt. I just sat there, trying to control myself and my breathing. I wasn’t to be had.
Nick came back and sat down, not too close, not far enough. He looked at me, I looked at him. All of a sudden, he laughed. “I don’t know how to start”, he said. “You know, I once came to your pub, just to see you. And even then I didn’t know how to start.”
“I don’t remember you”, I said. “What did you do?”
“You know, I had made myself quite uninteresting, coat, tie, put up a stammer. Well, I sat in the corner, Saturday night and when you came to my table, I order a”. – and with this, he grabbed my ankles and pulled me down. I hadn’t expected it but managed to turn, kick him and free myself. But he was too fast for me, had me by the knees and kept me lying. He rolled over on me and held me tight, smiling into my eyes. I waited, I knew what was next. He said “You’ll say “no fair” in a second, I know”, as he put my two hands into one of his in order free the other one and go down over my body. I gave it another second just to make him feel sure of himself and then kicked up my knee while at the same time pulling my hands out of his and hitting him hard on the side of his head with both arms. He rolled on the side off me and I pulled away, but once again, he caught me by my ankle and pulled me back towards him. I fought, but his fingers were hard on me. He rolled on me again with all of his weight to hold me. I struggled, but couldn’t do anything. It was when he lifted his but in order to pull up my dress that I had my chance, I pulled up both legs and managed to get just the right balance in order to send him right onto the other guys who hadn’t expected it any more than he had. It was my chance alright; I jumped up and made a go towards the door. I did indeed make it before anyone else, but it was looked. I was still hanging onto the door handle when Jeremy and Keith caught up on me. They seemed to enjoy it thoroughly when saying things like “Nice try”, “Bad luck, honey”, caught me by my wrists and took me back to where the others were waiting.
They had me again on the mattress. They pulled up my dress and took it off, my underwear followed. I was naked and down. But then again, they didn’t just want to fuck me, I knew that. Nick looked down at me. “Better to blindfold her again, she still needs help to let go”… and Jeremy obeyed. A part from shaking my head and yelling “No”, I couldn’t do anything. Somebody sat me up and sat down behind me in a way that I found myself half lying, half sitting. I was still held tight, but they seemed to have decided on just one of them holding my hands while the others were busy with the rest of my body. The one behind me took off his shirt and then pulled me up against his body, his dick hard and big through his shorts against my back. I felt as if all of my senses had been strengthened by the blindfold, I was hot and tingling again, feeling their hands and fingers everywhere.
I heard the fire crack behind me. I felt the fire inside me. I love sex. My brains were fighting hard to not let go.
Hands all over me. Their touch wasn’t hard, it was intense, intended. I hardly realized that my struggling became less intense even though I was still trying to fight. Somebody stepped over me. It was Nick. He sat down between my legs, I realised he was already naked. He said “well, honey… I guess you lost it”… and raised himself just enough to let his dick glide down from between my tits. It was as if I felt his eyes on me. Hands, hands, hands, all over me, everywhere. It was good, so unbelievably good. The one behind me (was it Tim?) had his hands hard on my tits and seemed to know very expertly what to do with them. “Let’s do a double”, said one of them. Tim moved one of his hands from my tits up to my mouth and made it open. He pushed his fingers in my mouth and started an in and out movement. Then Nick pushed into me. It was one big move, I hadn’t expected it. He moved right into me, to the very bottom. It must have been easy, I was wet and had been prepared by fingers. I yelled, his sudden move almost had made me come and he felt good, so good. Someone slowly pushed his finger up my ass from behind and at the same time, someone else replaced Tim’s finger by his dick in my mouth. He grabbed my head from behind and made me move in the rhythm he wanted. He must have realized that I wasn’t going to try anything funny. He was good, he smelled good, he tasted good. I took him in, deep and deeper. Nick was in me, but didn’t move, he seemed to watch and like it and the movement down from my head and by the others was enough to make my even more excited.
I sucked the dick, it wasn’t a decision, I just followed. The rhythm was getting faster, everywhere. He finally came, right into my mouth and I swallowed him with delight. At the same time, Nick finally started moving, he changed his position, laid on me and began to fuck me for real. I recognized David’s voice who said “She doesn’t like too much of the in and out, she wants it deep and hard, she needs digging” upon which Nick put his arms behind me and pulled me farther down. My legs were bent, my knees coming almost to the same height than my tits. The one behind me had let got and so I was lying flat, with somebody holding my hand in place and Nick pushing into me more and more. His dick was big and he knew what to do with it. The other guys were around us, touching me where they could, maybe touching themselves and I heard them say “I can’t wait” “She is good, gosh, just look at her!” “Mmmmhh..” I realized that I was groaning with pleasure, I didn’t want to, but this was more than I could bear in silence.
Nick suddenly stopped his movement, right when I was ready to come. Maybe he knew I was. He held me tight in place with his dick that was deep inside me and raised himself up a little on his arms, just enough to look at me (I presume). I almost trembled from the desire and the tension inside me. He started licking and kissing my breast, then stopped (while all the other hands on me still continued, I was going crazy) and said: “If you want more, you must ask for it”. Somebody stroke softly over my face and mouth, as if to encourage me. I tried to move, but couldn’t, he had pinned me down alright. I caught my breath, shook my head (I didn’t trust my voice, I could have begged for it, but I didn’t want to, I wasn’t to be had, or so I tried to convince myself. And I counted on his desire, too, hoping he would give in first, his dick was so big and hard, he seemed to ready…). Nick raised himself a little higher and said to the others “She needs some encouragement, I think. I pin her down, you make her happy, ok?” Something hot and sweet was poured over my upper body, it must have been some warmed oil. The hands were ready to receive it and to massage, press it into me. I could tell Nick’s eyes were on me, he was waiting for the word. I went crazy with the desire, I needed him to push just a little more, the oil had an amazing effect and what they did was more than enough to make the tension even bigger. Nick laid down on me again, his body felt so good I could have screamed. He pushed his dick, just a little bit, it sent waves of pleasure all over my body. He kissed me, softly. “Say it” he whispered. I bit my lips and shook my head. Again, he pushed. It made me shiver, I was so ready. I tried to move myself, keep his move going. I couldn’t. “Come on, sweetie, say it…” the others started to say the same thing “Come on, it’s just a word…” and I heard David say to someone else “You think she’ll give in?” and the other one (Jeremy?) replying “I’m not sure, I’ve never seen someone like her…”. Nick gave me another couple of small pushes, and I groaned. It was as if somebody pressed the stop-button in the middle of a hurricane. I again tried to move, to break free. I would have wanted to get on top of Nick and take what I wanted so badly now, to fuck him rather than this… but I couldn’t do a thing. Hands, the oil, sights and words around me, the rhythm of the caresses over the parts of my body which weren’t covered by Nick, it all added up to some sort of music for which I held the key. I whispered “Please”. I could have yelled it. Nick lifted, kissed me again and then pushed forward, in his intense, strong way. He didn’t have to dig long, I came almost immediately and couldn’t hide it, the shivers of my orgasm went up and down all over my body, I groaned and heard the others comment on me, felt them touch me as if they could take the temperature of the fire in me… It was one of the long and strong orgasms, but when it started to cease, Nick was still there. I wanted to pay him back. I crossed my legs behind him and pulled him up a little more, giving him a rhythm and not allowing him to back out. He did try, but gladly gave in very quickly. His turn came in a strong way, just the way his fucking had been. He felt like a warm water pipe being turned on into me and it was his turn to groan. He was so intense that he made me come again, a bit softer this time, but lovely and making me want more all over…
He pulled out and rolled over saying “she’s killed me alright”… and I was immediately surrounded by the others, rolled to the side, one behind me, one in front of me and they continued…

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