Steam Room Fun

The both of us have been sexually frustrated for far too long and our latest meeting is what we both need. A hot passionate, hard session of hot sex is what we are both gagging for.

You haven't been thinking of anything else but that feeling of my cock first entering your tight pussy while i have been longing to have your pussy grinding on to my tongue.

We have chosen a hotel in between us both, a hotel with a steam room and a pool. I have told you to meet me in the steam room when you arrive. As you change into your bikini in the womens changing rooms you cant help but tease your clit slightly, something a woman notices and smiles knowingly at. I sit in the steam room with a huge sexual anticipation, and bulge in my shorts, an effect you never fail to have on me. My cock is throbbing already and i havent even seen you and i am relying on the steam to cover up the lump in my shorts from the 3 or 4 other people in there.

I see you walk in with a black bikini that is not doing a lot to hold in your magnificent tits. You sit down, but to my surprise, you do not sit next to me. I see you sit next to another man, adjusting your bikini top as you sit down. I hold my breath as i watch you stretching out, adjusting to the stifling heat. Your tits never fail to make me gasp and they look as big and pert as i have ever seen. It would seem that everyone else in there has seen them as well, despite the steam i can feel eyes all over you as both men and women leer at your hot body. You have noticed the audience you have as well and you tease us all by again adjusting your bra, briefly showing a nipple, i feel my cock throb in my shorts. The man next to you also has a bulge, a bulge you can see quite clearly as he edges closer to you. Everyone seems to go quiet as we all wait for what is going to happen next.

As good as this man's bulge looks, and his cock does look big it is time for you to come and get what you have been waiting for, me.

You cross the steam room seductively shaking your fit arse for everyone. You sit down and immediately put a hand in between my legs. My cock responds by throbbing into your hands which puts a smile on your face. It is clear neither of us particularly care where we are or who is around. My shorts are suddenly around my ankles and my cock bounces into everyones view, it is leaking pre cum, something you are eager to lick up. You are on your knees in front of me feeling my cock enter your mouth, letting everyone know how good it feels with a lou groan. I untie your bikini top so i can grope at your perfect tits and i notice the man across from me has also got his shorts down.

You pleasure my cock, like only you can with your tongue and mouth while this man wanks his impressive cock off. I lift you up and lay on the floor, demanding that you sit on my face. It has been too long since i have tasted that pussy of yours and i need it. You crouch over me, purposely ignoring my hard cock, teasing me. You rub your clit on to my eager tongue and you scream as i move from your clit all the way to your tight arsehole. As i lick you out i fail to notice that one of the men has decided he would like to join in. His large cock is bouncing in front of you and by the groans he is giving out you can tell he is close. You push your tits together, still enjoying my tongue on your cunt, and allow him to wank off a big hot load of cum all over your nipples. He leaves as you move off my tongue.

By now i have figured out what has happened and it has turned me on so much. i lay you on your back and f***e my cock inside you. i want to punish you and fuck you hard for taking another mans cum on your tits. We both groan without any care for what is going on around us and i fuck you deep and hard, making your gorgeous pussy tighten round my length. As you begin to cum over my cock i hold your throat, letting you know that i am in charge. Once your pussy has stopped tensing on me, i demand that you bend over and spread your arse for me. The sweaty steam room allows me to ease my thick cock into your tight little arsehole. Easing in slowly and deeply is all i need to spunk deep inside your arse, telling you how fucking good it feels.

I want to taste your arse and my cum so i get on my knees to clean up after myself................
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6 months ago
very hot
11 months ago
Good story
2 years ago
A very hot story - literally