Train(ing) as a slut

We have been for a few drinks in London. Numerous swanky bars with secluded booths have allowed us to have a good feel of one another which has worked us up. There is only so much you can take of seeing a hard bulge in the grey trousers i am wearing. Similarly seeing your tits sit so proudly in the tight top you have on has driven me crazy.

That's why that once we get on the last train home we have both had enough of teasing each other. I can almost sense how wet your pussy is as you look me in the eye suggestively as our train pulls out of London. As you cross then uncross your legs i can see the tops of the stockings you have on, this makes my cock throb immediately and you know it. Our carriage is by no means empty but you cannot wait. You zone in on my cock and rub it hard encouraging it to throb in your hands. You have no second thoughts about releasing my stiff cock for anyone who wants to see. You have already had eye contact with a woman who can see what you are doing and you arrogantly smile as you feel how hard i am for you. My cock is out in the open and you cannot wait to taste it, particularly because you can see pre cum making the tip of my cock glisten. Your tongue gives you the familiar taste of my cock which always drives your wet cunt wild.

You are openly sucking a hard cock in public and your pussy is telling you how turned on you are. I pull your skirt up and start rubbing your clit through the black silk knickers you have worn for me like a good little tart. I notice how soaking you are and reach under your knickers to greedily taste you. The eye contact you had with this woman has escalated as she has moved seats to watch you suck me off. You look her in the eye as my cock fills your slutty mouth. I have two fingers inside you, probing your pussy making you groan all over my length.

You want more than my fingers inside you so you stand up, blatantly pulling your knickers down for me to smell and lick. My cock is standing proudly, waiting for you to sit on it. Instead of facing me you face the woman who is becoming more blatant about watching. You lower yourself slowly on to my hard length, feeling every inch enter you, not worrying about being quiet.

Your pace quickens as you control the pace that my cock fucks you. Bouncing on my cock makes you groan and the woman has moved closer, and she has begun to rub her tits.
You feel my cock twitch, so you know im close and you demand "FILL MY SLUTTY CUNT WITH YOUR CUM"

I oblige by pumping shot after shot of warm spunk deep inside you, a feeling you love. As you climb off you make sure you taste my cock while bending over for your new friend to see your cum filled pussy.

Its our station to get off, seems to be that woman's too...................
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3 years ago
that's HOT!
3 years ago
very good