A Daughter's Homecumming - Part 2

After masturbating and cumming for the second time, I must have fallen asl**p on my bed, because I suddenly heard the sound of my Mum's voice and felt her hand gently shaking me.

"Helen, wake up, come on sl**py head, you can't spend all the afternoon in your bedroom."

As I opened my eyes I suddenly realised that I must have fallen asl**p immediately after my last orgasm, as my knickers were round one ankle, and my breasts were semi naked, where I had been playing with my nipples as I had been fingering my pussy. For a moment, I desperately tried to cover myself up, then I realised again that it was pointless as Mum had seen me, and had probably known exactly what I had been doing. This was confirmed a moment later as she said;

"Something tells me you might just have been enjoying yourself a little on your own young lady. I bet you do quite a lot of that while you are away at college alone in your room............ unless of course you get someone to do it for you."

"Oh Mum, I'm sorry," I stuttered. "I just couldn't help myself, seeing you and Dad looking so hot and sexy. I hope you don't think it wrong of me."

Mum and I had never talked together about sex, in fact I think they had left it for me and my older s****r to discover for ourselves, assuming we would find out plenty at school and out with our friends, as indeed of course we had, but somehow, talking about it now, I felt that arousal I had experienced earlier start to raise it's head again, and I felt the juices start flowing again between my legs, and all the lewd and wrong desires I had felt earlier started to reappear.

"Mmmm, you're quite a sexy little lady yourself, but we've never talked about sex with each other before. I have sometimes wondered about how often I need to make myself cum, sometimes 3 or 4 times a day, what do you think? Is that normal?"

"Oh darling" she responded, "That's not just normal, it's wonderful, it shows what a sexually aware and responsive young woman you are. I'm sure the more you touch yourself, the more you finger that tight young pussy of yours, the more often you make yourself cum, the more you will be able to enjoy sex, the more you'll be able to experiment with sex and enjoy all the pleasures that your mother and father do. I play with myself often too, especially when your father is away. Sometimes I get so horny I too just have to slip my fingers into my needy cunt, just let go and really make myself cum hard on my own."

"Oh Mum, that's so sexy" I said, my arousal growing even more. "I'm so pleased we can talk about this together, but I must be honest, talking with you about our masturbation is turning me on terribly, I need to touch myself now."

And as I said this I could feel my hand slipping down between my legs towards my aroused and by now soaking wet slit.

My mother was now sat on the bed beside me, and her short skirt had ridden up her thighs so I could clearly see her cream knickers as her legs parted in front of me. I could tell by the way her breathing had changed that she too was becoming aroused.

"Mum, can we cum together?" I heard myself ask. "Can we both finger ourselves, rub our pussies, play with our clits: I'd love us to cum together, both make ourselves cum, watch each other as we finger our wet cunts until we both orgasm?"

I could hardly believe the filthy words I was saying to my mum, but it had an obvious effect on her as she moaned as she replied, and at the same time slipping her hand down inside her panties and starting to rub herself.

"Oh fuck Helen," she said, "Fuck, of course we can. I've wanted this for so long. I used to listen to you sometimes when you were in bed, playing with yourself, you were never the quiet one, and it always turned me on. I used to frig my wet cunt and imagine you doing the same, and now we are here together. Oh God Helen, I'm so aroused......"

I couldn't believe what was happening, and indeed I couldn't believe how bold I was becoming.

"I want to see your cunt Mum, "I said, "I want to see how wet it is becoming, I want to watch your fuck yourself with your fingers while you watch me with my fingers in my tight young twat. Oh fuck Mum, I'm just so incredibly aroused with you." And as I said that, I leaned forward, my mum watching me closely all the time, and I reached up to the top of her knickers and slowly started to pull them down over her smooth thighs.

Believe me, I had been aroused my the movement of her fingers inside and against the thin material of her knickers, but it was as nothing compared with the sight of her with two fingers deep inside her swollen cunt lips. She was fucking her pussy hard with them, while at the same time rubbing her clit with her thumb, and I could hear the deliciously disgusting slurping noise as her fingers fucked her sopping cunt.

We were now sat opposite each other on the bed, our legs wide apart, legs entwined, as we each worked hard on our own sex. I marvelled at how swollen her cunt lips were and I wondered how often they had been fucked, and thoughts of seeing my dad's hard thick cock ploughing in and out of her came to my mind. I had never seen another woman masturbate before, and I found the sight incredibly erotic and arousing, especially how wet she was.

"Fuck Helen," Mum said, Fuck, I'm going to cum soon, cum with me please, I want us to cum together, mother and daughter, frigging our needy wet pussies till we cum. Please cum soon, cum for mummy, cum for your mother now please.

As she said this she inserted a further finger so now she was fucking herself with 3 fingers, the palm of her hand now rubbing against her swollen clit.

I was doing the same, and I increased my efforts determined to cum with my mum.

"Oh fuck Mum, I'm cumming, I'm cumming now." I cried.

"Oh God, me too, me too, oh darling yes, yes, let's cum now........"

And with that I watched with amazement and joy as my mother came in front of me, her fingers pushed deep inside her sex, her whole body racked with her orgasm, her body convulsing as she came, then slowly calming down, still with little aftershocks as the orgasm continued inside her.

I came too, I don't think I had ever cum as hard or as fiercely, the bed was soaked under me with the juices from my cunt, and I saw that it was the same under my mother's legs.

Slowly we calmed down, and she smiled as she leaned over and kissed me full on the mouth, a kiss to which I responded immediately and deeply.

"Oh Helen" she said, "I do think this is going to be rather a special homecumming for you, don't you? Wait until your father finds out just what his wife and is very naughty youngest daughter have just done together. Something tells me he's going to want a repeat at the very least, don't you?"

"Oh yes Mum," I replied, "And I just can't wait to show him what we've been doing together..............................."
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2 months ago
part 1 and 2 are good. waiting for Daddy!
2 months ago
I want a repeat of this great story too.
5 months ago
So well written? Very nice and hot story.
9 months ago
whens the next one cumming? :P
9 months ago
Daddy's turn next!
10 months ago
10 months ago
excellent ..
10 months ago
You have such an excellent gift for writing! Got me excited and wet! *****
10 months ago
Great story, yeah part 3 please
10 months ago
Looking forward to part 3.
10 months ago
Oh, we can't wait, either!
10 months ago
Great story, well written. More please!
10 months ago
Fucking awesome. Very hot.