My Aunt is a Lesbian - Part 3

Part 3

I couldn’t believe how confident I had suddenly become. I stepped away from her, and quite deliberately reached behind, and unfastened my bra, letting it drop to the floor and showing her my breasts, my nipples erect with lust and desire. For a moment, I squeezed and kneaded one breast and nipple, never taking my eyes from hers, then I reached down and equally deliberately, I slipped my knickers down over my legs, and down to the floor, and stood completely naked in front of her. I could see she wanted me now, I could see the lust in her eyes, and I reached over and did the same for her, first removing her bar and then her panties.

“I want to cum really badly now Jenny,” I said. “I hope you’re going to make me!”

She needed no second bidding, and started kissing me again.

“You have no idea how much I have wanted this,” she said.
“No idea how much I have wanted to kiss you, to touch you. To see you naked, to lick and suck your tits and nipples. Oh Danni, how much I have wanted to slip my fingers between the lips of your sweet cunt, to finger you, to fuck you, to taste you, to make you cum”

Her dirty talking was making me incredibly horny and aroused. She was already playing with my tits, but I wanted more. I took her hand and pushed it roughly down to between my legs.

“Finger me now then” I said. “Fuck me with your fingers. Rub my clit. Make me cum. Fuck, make me cum now.”

I was pushing her fingers into my cunt, and at the same time rubbing my own clit. She started fucking me with them, first two, then three fingers.

“God, you are soaking wet. You really are a horny little thing, aren’t you?” Jenny said.

The two of us worked away at my twat together, and I knew I was close to cumming. My first lesbian climax. My first orgasm with another woman. I knew it would be the first of many.

She took over completely now, and I just gave in. Her thumb rubbed my clit while her fingers slid deeper and deeper, faster and faster.

I knew I was cumming, I couldn’t hold back, I just gave in, and oh my God, how I came.

My whole body seemed to move into a different plane, a different place. The feeling as I climaxed was almost too intense to describe. I seemed to keep on cumming for ages, by cunt gripping her fingers and in turn her hand holding against my vulva. I had never experienced an orgasm like that. I now knew what it was to be aroused and stimulated by another woman. It was completely different to being fucked or fingered by a man – not necessarily better, just different. She had known exactly what I wanted and needed………….and she had given it to me.

I don’t know how many times we made each other cum that evening and night. We couldn’t get enough of each other. At the dinner table we were like two young lovers, looking at each other’s bodies, eyeing each other’s tits, touching each other at every opportunity and telling each other exactly what dirty and lewd thing we wanted to do later on.

She told me she loved seeing her partner masturbate in front of her, legs apart, fingering or playing with her cunt, maybe using a toy, and I suddenly remembered the vibrator mum had left out for me.

“Mmmm, I think I’d like that, as long as you play with yourself at the same time.

I was wet at the thought, and as she watched I put one hand down below the table, slipped it between my thighs and between the lips of my wet cunt, fingered myself a couple of times, and brought my hand back up, giving her my wet fingers to lick and taste across the table.

As she was sucking her own cunt juice off me fingers, I saw her put her own hand down beneath the table, and next minute as I withdrew my hand from her mouth, she was giving me hers, wet with her own juices, for me to taste.

Fuck, we were both so incredibly horny.

As soon as we got back to the room, we kissed, and started touching each other, and fully clothed we stood there, our fingers in each other’s cunts, bringing each other off. It didn’t take long, then I knew exactly what I was going to do for her.

I got the vibrator from my bag, and took her hand leading her into the sitting room. We took each other’s clothes off, then naked I sat on the chair, pulling it close and opposite to the couch, she sat on the couch.

“Your s****r gave me this” I said. “I might as well try it”

“What, your mum gave you a vibrator”

“Yes, she left it beside my bed, but I’m not sure she thought I would be using it like this”

“OK then, if you’ve got a toy, I don’t see why I shouldn’t too” she said, and got up off the chair and went in to the bedroom, returning with what looked like a plastic cock.

“I have my own toy for when I get horny, and want to use something different to my fingers in my cunt. But you can borrow it if you like, when it’s nice and wet from my juices”

I started using the vibrator on my clit, and she sat opposite me, legs wide apart, her pussy completely open to my view. Her cunt lips seemed to be already slightly engorged, and the pink slit between them was wet with her aroused juices. She quite wantonly slipped two fingers in, then pulled them out and put them to her mouth.

“Bet you can’t wait to taste that again can you” she said to me, and she was so right.

“But first I want to see you cum. I want to watch you finger yourself, rub yourself, and use that toy in your cunt and on your clit until you cum for me.”

I was so aroused by her dirty talking, and I watched her as I started using the toy properly on myself. She was frigging her cunt with her fingers, rubbing herself, as aroused as I was by the sight of what I was doing to myself.

“Fuck” she said. “I’ve dreamt of this. Dreamt of fucking you, fingering you, tasting you, having you lick and suck my cunt. Each time I’ve thought of your tight sweet pussy, I’ve fingered myself, wanked myself, made myself cum so hard at the thought of you with your legs apart, my face lapping at you. Or you, kneeling between my legs, fingering me, fucking me. Fuck Danni, I’ve wanted to see your naked cunt and tits. I’ve wanted that so badly”

Hearing her talking like this, such dirty talking from my aunt, brought me right over the edge, and I came again, for the umpteenth time that night. The sight of a naked woman sitting there with her legs apart, fucking herself with a dildo, and talking about all the dirty things she wanted to do with me………………

”ooooohhhhh fuck, oh fuck, I’m cumming again, I’m cumming for you, you’re making me cum so hard” I almost screamed at her as another orgasm crashed over me. I was soaked, my body with sweat, and my cunt, legs and fingers with my juices, and she was the same.

We both lay back in our chairs as we calmed down, our fingers still gently playing with ourselves, the toys discarded on the chairs beside us. We knew there was going to be so much more that night, and indeed there was, as we licked, sucked, fingered and fondled and just totally explored each other the whole night through, interspersed with sl**p of course, but it didn’t seem like we got much of that!!

The next morning we went down for breakfast in the hotel, and it was like two lovers after they had spent their first night together. We kissed intimately in the lift, our hands straying to each other’s bodies again, and at breakfast we couldn’t stop talking about the sexy dirty things we had done to each other the night before.

Just like at the dinner table, our hands strayed under the table, touching our legs and thighs, and again touching ourselves and talking in detail about what we were doing.

“Are you looking forward to your massage today.” Jenny asked me. “I’ve booked us an hour today. I hope that’s long enough”

“Can I ask for extras, then” I replied.

“Somehow, I don’t think you’ll need ask”

To be continued…………

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2 years ago
continue continue continue!!!
2 years ago
Great story, so sexy and erotic.
Keep writting.
2 years ago
Pts 1-3 are incredible. The details are amazing. Like everyone else, I eagerly look forward to pt4
2 years ago
very nice. hope next chapter will have both eating each other's pussies.
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its super/.............
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loving this story :)
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4 some for part 4
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looking forward to part 4
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Part 4....!