My Best Friend and his b*****r

When I was 18 a senior in high school all of us guys talked about all the girls we had fucked and how much more we were getting than the next guy in reality I had never been laid except by mmy on hand. I was pretty sure my friend Tim had been laid but not as uch as he talked about. Tim's parents would go out of town on trips all the time leaing him and his older b*****r Dan alone. Dan was 20 and attended a local college rarely staying at home most of the time staying with friends. This weekend I told my parents I was staying at Tim's for the weekend they were ok with this and told me to check in tomorrow. When I got to Tim's he was setting up a video system on the living room TV and also moving his parents bedroom TV so it could be seen from the living room. I asked why so many TV's he said we can watch some porn on one and play on the other. I asked where did you get the porn he said he was putting up laundry in his dads closet and found a whole stash. We started playing some footbal on the video game and watching some porn on the other TV I could barely focus on the video game for watching porn and rubbing my cock.

Tim was rubbing his cock too as we watched the girl suck a cock when he said It would be nice to have someone suck me off, I cleared my throat and said yeah it would be cool to have a girl here. I said you should try and call someone he said sure. He went to the other room and tryed to call a few girls but came back and said no one can make it. He then asked are you willing to make a bet. I wasn't to sure where this was going so I asked what kind of bet. He said we can make a bet and the loser is the girl. Like the girl in the porn, Tim said yeah dress up and all then it would be like a real girl. I wasn't sure what do you mean by dress up? He said we make a bet and the loser gets some sexy lingerie of moms and takes care of the winner. I was kind of excited thinking to my self either way could be fun. I said OK what is the bet 1 quarter of football highest score wins. OK.

We started playing but I couldn't stop watching the porn before I knew it Tim had already scored it 7-0 I was driving the ball down the field quickly when I threw an interception Tim ran it all the way back with only .40 seconds in the quarter. Tim stood up and said let me show you my moms closet. I walked in to his moms closet and Tim was showing me a drawer in the back of the closet he said put somehting on out of there and I will get your dress. I opened the drawer and found several silk and lace items I found a red garter type linderie with leggings and panties I was putting them on when Tim thru a black dress in the room and said here you go. I walked out of the closet into the bathroom to see myself in the mirror and I looked sexy. I was really gettting into the role thinking about how good it would feel to suck a cock. I slipped the dress on and was adjusting it in the mirror when Tim's yelled you ready. I walked out of his parents room looked into the living room to find Tim standing next to the TV with his cock bulging and Jill Kelly on the TV getting on her knees in front of some guy taking his cock out of his pants. Tim said duty call "Jill". Walked over to him and got on my knees, I slowly unbuttoned his pants and pulled them down to his knees. His cock had soaked his boxers with precum I pulled down his boxers and his rock hard cock was standing like an arrow with a heavy flow of precum dripping off. I opened my mouth and starting sucking my first cock. I wasn't sure how to do it except what I had seen in porn and I knew what felt good to me so that how I was doing it. I was really getting into it Tim was moaning and I could feel him flexing his cock when I heard someone in the room. I looked up to find Dan Tim's older b*****r looking at us both shaking his head. Tim quickly pulled his boxers up I just stayed on my knees. I really couldn't do much or hide I was dressed in his moms dress with here lingerie on under it. Tim said Dan please don't tell please I also asked Dan not to tell. He stood there for a second then said if you don't want anyone to know anything you need to make it worth my while. Tim said what do you want we can pay you some cash or help you work. Dan said no I think I want some pussy and it looks like we have some here already. It took me a second to realize he was talking about me but I knew it for sure as he walked over taking his cock out and placing it in my face. I looked up and said you promise you will not tell anyone. He said if your as good as you look not a word. I starting sucking his dick instantly and kinda wild like making myself take it deeper and deeper. Dan was getting into to he was moaning when I would take his cock all the way down and lick his balls. We moved over to the couch and I was on all fours sucking Dan's cock and Dan told Tim to get that ass ready. Tim then pulled the up over my ass showing the lingerie and red panties. Dan reached out and grabbed my ass rubbing my ass hole with his fingers. Tim had slide my panties off and started to spit on my asshole and lick it. Dan tried to slide a finger in my ass but it still not lubed enough and virgin tight. Tim got up and left the room for a second and came back with some lube he had been jacking off with. He poured out some on my ass and Dan quickly began to finger me. I was surpised at how good it felt he was adding a finger before long I could feeling himstarting to stretch my ass by spreading his fingers more and more. I was really getting into this being fingered and sucking cock when Dan told Tim to fuck that ass. Tim without hesitation got behind me and put his cock in my ass and started fucking me. Tim fucked me for about 2 minutes when he said I am going to cum Dan said pull out and let her suck you off. Tim pulled out and turned around and started sucking his cock when Dan said take off the dress and sit on my cock. I pulled the dress off exposing the red lingerie and Dan said your going to ride this cock for some cum. I slowly slide down on his cock and started trying to work up and down on his cock I was clearly not good at this when he said get up on the coffee table. I started to get on my knees when he said on your back. I laid on my back and Dan told me to hold my legs. I reached up and put my legs back and held them he got on his knees and pushed his cock in my ass at the same time Tim go over my face feeding me his cock I was sucking it as I was getting fucked When Tim said "I'm cumming" and he shot his cum in my mouth and face I kept sucking and licking his cum and sucking his cock until he could take any more. As Tim pulled his cock away Dan came in my ass filling me with cum he kept pumping my ass then pulled his cock out putting it inmy face saying clean it off. I licked every drop of cum off his cock and squeeze some more out. Then Dan stood up and said you secret is safe unless I want some more.
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4 months ago
well that made me cum again loved it looking forward to reading more
2 years ago
hot fucking story
2 years ago
Well Done.
2 years ago
hot story. I love sucking hot cocks
2 years ago
Now that's hot! Wish I was there!
2 years ago
Great story....loved it!!!
2 years ago
very nice ;)
2 years ago
nice...more please.....
2 years ago
Good, hot story. Needs a sequel!
2 years ago
i love that hot storie