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I was working out of town again when I decided to stop by the adult bookstore to check out the theater and arcades. Most of the time I just stroke my cock while watching some girl getting her ass fucked and cum shot in her mouth. (wishing I was her) I put my money in as I always do looking trhu the channels for some cumslut I found a great clip of a girl at a gloryhole sucking one cock after another taking their cum down her throat. I decided to look in the next booth thru the gloryhole when I seen a heavy set guy stroking a fat cock without thinking I stuck my hand thru and touched his leg. He looked down at the gloryhole and said you want this and I said YES. He stuck his cock thru the gloryhole and I instantly started sucking it like I was a cock whore. I had drool and precum running down my chin as I sucked and stroked him faster and faster.

Without warning he shot his load in my mouth with f***e I could tell it had been a few days since he had cum, I kept sucking swallowing some while letting somemore run down my chin. I was still sucking when he pulled his cock back thru the hole. I was on my knees still with my cock out dripping with pre cum I started to stand up using the other wall to get up when I felt and seen another cock sticking thru the other gloryhole. And again I started sucking it like I was total cumslut wanting nothing in life except for the taste of cum. He pulled his cock back and I wondered why so I looked thru the GH to find him putting a condom on and looking at me saying "turn around bitch" I turned around fingering my ass trying to get is loose before he stuck his cock in me. As I pressed my ass against the GH he stuck his finger in my ass with alot of lube on it then shoved his cock inside me. I moaned but kept pressing against the GH wanting it all in me. He started slowly in and out which soon became faster and faster then he would pull completely out to slam his cock back in my ass hard. As my ass was getting its first cock another cock was sticking thru the gloryhole so I started sucking it like to whore I was becoming. I was for sure that the guy pounding my ass had to be getting close when I heard another voice from outside in the hall say " they are only 3 of us here and this slut so bring her to the theater" The cock pulled out of my ass and the cock I was sucking pulled out of the GH and a face leaned down and said go to the theater.

I grabbed my pants and underwear not even putting then on and walking into the theater to find 3 guys 2 white and 1 black sitting on a couch in the back. I started towards then when one guy with a condom on told me to bend over the couch on front of them. I did and he started were he left off by pounding me even harder this time. I watch the screen for a bit it was a white girl getting gang banged by black and whites and I thought I finally get to act out porn like my fantasies. Then the black guy stood up on the couch I was bent over and pulled out a nice 8+ cock and I started to work in it. I was being fucked by 2 guys taking there turns on my ass while sucking a nice black cock then the black guy decided he wanted to fuck my man pussy the guy switch around as I stayed bent over to couch trying to lick ot suck anyhing that came close to my mouth. When the black stuck his cock in my ass I could feel my ass being streacthed to its limit a little pain but it soon went away when he started to pump me. The 2 white guys that had been taking turn on my ass where now in front of me and the black guy said treat her like the bitch on the screen. I looked up at the screen to find the guys throat fucking her before I could move the guy on the right grabbed my head and shoved his cock down my throat. I could take it for a little bit but the I would start to gag he would then pull it out and the other guy would do the same. Here I was in the open theater getting fucked by a guy and getting throat fucked by 2 others i was loving it the only thing that could make this better was some cum. The white guy on my left was stroking his cock and heard him say take that cum as he grabbed my head and I took him in my mouth at the same time he shot his load. I sucked swallowed and licked his cock until he finally pulled it away.

I then turned my attention to the other white guy sucking and strokinghis cock wanting the cum out when the black guy said "turn around and take this load" so I turned around dropped to my knees and he came on my face and open mouth. I sicked the last bit of cum out of his cock then bent back over the couch to finish the last guy off. I was sucking him and stroking him with drool everywhere I could tell he was close when I felt his hads grab my head holding me on his cock he exploded in my mouth and I began to swallow all that I could but some leaked out onto the couch. He continued to hold my head and I continued to work his cock in my mouth. He finally let me up and said your the best cumslut I have ever seen. I sat down on the couch with cum on my shirt, face, mouth, and hands I started to jack off. I was close to climax when I guy sat down and said are you the cumslut the guys outside are talking about. It was along night
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4 months ago
loved your story was very hot and I think I've done the same and I came out so fucked up that I had to reat in my car for a few hours
11 months ago
Wish you could be my fuck slut! You are so hot!
1 year ago
Very hot lucky you
2 years ago
Love it
2 years ago
awesome story
3 years ago
One nite I sucked off 2 hot cocks inside my booth at a bookstore and went to the lobby shirtless with gobs of cum in my hair,dripping from my face and lips,fresh thick cock cream all over my chest. Within seconds 2 older men had me back in my booth,totally naked,sucking my cummy nipples,one man sucking my throbbing hard aching 8 1/2 inch cock with the other fucking my mouth.......
3 years ago
hot!!! I've done some of that in a porn theater and being a cumslut this story has my cock throbbing with precum. I will taste my cum soon!!
3 years ago
Totally awesome story! Got me stroking now!!
3 years ago
Fantastic night wish i was there could have helped you out a little thankss