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I am 32 year old average guy that enjoys a good closet cock from time to time. I am in regional sales so I have the ability to frequent some porn shops and theaters out of town without my girl knowing what I do. Last week I was in the Atlanta area and had made my sales stops for the day and checked into my hotel around 5 that evening and decided to head out to the pool area. I swam for awhile and had gotten out of the pool sunbathing when a couple other people came into the pool area. One of the people that came in was a guy looked to be mid 20's and a little overweight (chub) and he sat at the chair 2 over from me. I was laying there with my sun glasses on looking around watching him and the other people in the pool. He got out of the pool and came over and laid down on the chair a couple over from me and started talking to another guy. I over heard that he was in town for work and had been in town for 3 weeks already and would be here for a couple more. And really missed his girlfriend. A few hours later I went to a restaurant just around the corner from the hotel and sat at the bar. I noticed the same chub from the pool was at the other end of the bar. After dinner and a couple drinks I walked back to the hotel. When I arrived at the hotel the same guy was in the lobby waiting at the front desk to talk to the clerk. I needed a wake up call so I was waiting also. I started up some small talk with the guy and found out his name was Josh and he was a project manager building an office building. We both talked to the clerk and went to the elevator. I asked what floor and he said 10 I pressed the 9 for me and the 10 for him and we stood there in silence until the door opened for my floor. I said have a good night he said the same. I got off the elevator thinking why did I not ask him to come over to my room? Why? I thought to myself all he could do is say no but if he said yes he might want to play some. I changed into my shorts and t-shirt and was getting ready for bed but went down to the ice machine to get some ice before bed. When I finished filling my bucket I turned to walk out of the vending room and met Josh. I said hey and he said replied back and told me the ice machine was not working on his floor. He had changed into some shorts and t-shirt also. I thought go ahead and ask in my head. When I just said you want to come to my room and have a night cap.

When we got to the room I said grab a seat on that bed. I had a 2 bed room and I cleaned my suitcase off the other bed and fixed him a drink. I gave him the remote and went to the restroom to use the head and when I came back in the room he was watching HBO cathouse. We watched it for a few minutes when I decided to just go ahead and ask. I nervously said "can I suck your cock?" The room went silent for a minute or 2 then Josh stood up and put his drink down on the nightstand. I thought he was walking out until he dropped his shorts and underwear and said yes. I leaned forward and lifted his shirt up showing me his semi hard cock. It was a nice all around cock about 6 inches but fat from top to bottom and huge balls hanging low. I took his cock into my mouth and started sucking him slowly. His cock grew a little and he moaned some when I would take his cock deep into my mouth. I sucked him for a few minutes and he pulled his shirt off and laid back on the bed. I got down in the floor and kept sucking and would lick his balls and suck on them. I went all the way to the bottom of his balls and rubbed my finger around his ass a little and he moaned some so I slide my tongue down and rimmed him some he moaned and started stroking his cock. I working my finger in his ass and he said oh yeah I am going to cum. I kept fingering his ass and my mouth over the head of his cock and he stroked his a couple more strokes when I felt the first spurt of cum touch my tongue. I opened my mouth and went down on his cock and was met by a huge pulse of cum followed by 5 or 6 more. I swallowed some and the cum that ran out of my mouth was more than I had ever seen in 1 load. I kept sucking his cock and play with the cum by licking his balls and slurping up the escaped cum. He quickly pulled his short up and said thanks but I need to go. I was just used for a blowjob with cum all over my face and he was gone. About an hour later I was almost asl**p when I heard a knock on my door I looked thru the peep and it was Josh. I cracked the door open and he said can I fuck you. I said sure and opened the door as he walked in he said I want to be rough. I said ok and he pulled up my shirt and down my shorts he pulled down his pant and off with his shirt. He then grabbed me and said suck my cock and guided my head down and as soon as my mouth got everything wet he started face fucking me. Telling me you like that dick and I mumbled yeah. I stopped him for a second and said fuck my tight ass and make me like it. He grabbed a bottle of lube off the bed he brought back with him and poured about half of it on my ass and rubbed it in with his cock. He had me bent over the bed and plowed into my ass. He was fucking my ass like a teenager for the first time. As fast and as hard as he could He had his hands on my shoulders pulling my into him each pump he only lasted for about 3 minutes when he came in my ass and collapsed on my back. He got up and almost ran out of the room. I had been used 2 times in 1 night and was happy.
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10 months ago
Super hot story!
11 months ago
Great story
11 months ago
Great story Tim! I have been used by men myself and being honest I have to say I liked it. My dick gets so hard whenever I think about the times I have been used by another man. I love sucking cock and being fucked by another man. Thanks for sharing.