Birthday Treat

I was 21 a junior in college and my room mate of the past year moved back home. I was trying to find a new room mate when I met a older couple at work on night. I was a waiter and they were sitting in my section and some how we were talking about me needing a room mate when the lady said we have a spare room you should consider moving in with us. They gave me their number and told me to give them a call this weekend. On saturday morning I called them and they gave me directions. When I arrived they lived in a nice area in a large house. They greeted me at the door and then showed me around the house and the room upstairs. When we were finished we stood around the kitchen making small talk when Kim said "Ben tell Tim about the rent and requirements" Ben said "Tim the rent is $300 a month or it can be worked off with certain services being performed but everything is completely confidential" I asked nervously what kind of services? Kim said different things but mostly sex and sex play she went on to say that her and Ben had a very open sex life and a busy business life and sometimes needed someone else to help with sexual needs. They said think about it and let us know. I went back to my apartment and decided it could be fun. I moved in the following week. The first night I spent most of the night getting my things unpack but around 10 I went down to the living room to find Kim giving Ben a blowjob Ben looked up at me and said join in. I sat down on the couch next to Ben and he smiled and said " you should give it a try" I looked at his cock going in and out of Kims mouth and decided to try it. I slowly took it in my mouth and could taste the salty taste of cum. Ben was coaching me saying thats right keep sucking and Kim was rubbing his balls. Ben then said I am going to cum I felt his cum explode in my mouth not wanting to disappoint him I sucked it all down taking every drop. I sucked a few more sucks to get the last drop out then looked up at him smiling and he said to Kim we finally found one that likes cum. For the next few weeks we shared blowjobs, fucking of me and Kim. Eating out Kim after Ben exploded in her pussy and ass. I was really turning into a CUM Pig.

I had lived with them for 3 months or so when Ben said he was planning something special for me and Kim since our Birthdays were only 3 days apart. The weekend of our birthday finally rolled around. I came home and found a note that said get ready and go to the basement by 7. The basement had 3 large couches and a sex swing with several sex toys and treats. Kim came in from work and she opened the note Ben left her it said the same thing except she had a set of lingerie to put on. I went down to the basement and me and Kim sat on the couch she was soaking wet already and asked me to eat her pussy so I got down on the floor and was licking her ass and pussy. Ben then walked in the room and said happy birthday I got you both what you like. Kim I got you several black cocks and big white cocks and Tim you get all the cum. Ben said come on down guys and 5 black guys and 2 white guys came down the steps completely naked. Me and Kim both got on our knees and they walked over around us. We started sucking cock going one to another trying to taste them all. Ben told them all don't be shy guys grab some ass, pussy, and tits. They started rubbing all over Kim and one guy started fingering my ass. A few minutes went by and a couple guys sat on the couch we went over and started sucking them and a couple guys got behind us and was lubing us both up then started fucking us. The guys kept rotating from fucking to blowjob from my ass to Kims ass and pussy. One guy fucking Kim moaned loud and pulled out and shot cum all over her back I turned and licked it up. Ben then told them all that no cum wasted I was going to eat it all. The guy fucking me then stood up quick and I turned around as he shot his load on my face and mouth. He took his cock and rubbed the cum into my mouth. The guy that was fucking Kims ass now said get donw here and guided my head towards her ass he then pulled out put his cock in my mouth and his cum flowed down my throat with each pulse. Another guy was fucking me and one fucking Kims pussy while we sucked on the last 2 guys. The guy I was sucking I was rubbing his ass and balls and sucking him hard when he came I gobbled it down and got ready for the guy fucking my ass to give me his load he pulled out and stood up and shot his cum on my face. I licked what I could and he took his finger and put the rest in my mouth. I then turned my attention to the guy fucking Kims pussy he was pounding her hard when he groaned and I could tell he creampied her I got down next to her pussy and licked his cock clean when he pulled it out and then went to her pussy licking every drop I could get out. The guy she was sucking then said he was ready and stood up with both of us servicing him me licking his ass and balls and Kim still sucking his cock he said I am cumming so I got next to Kim and he pulled out of her mouth and plunged into mine as he let loose of a huge load of cum I tried to swallow it down but some leaked out of my mouth and Kim licked it off my face. Me and kim then laid back licking on each other as the guy walked out of the room. Then Ben stood over us stroking his cock and sprayed cum all over our bodies we eached licked each other clean and went upstairs to clean up. I had several more of these adventures and I wish I still lived with them.
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1 year ago
can't understand why you moved out!
1 year ago
sounds like a great time
2 years ago
I bet you do wish u still lived w them!!!
2 years ago
Great story. What a dream birthday!
2 years ago
love the storie