Complete Stranger's Toy

I was 24 working at a bar in the bottom floor of a condo in Daytona Beach last summer. It was a small place with mostly the same couple of locals and the people staying in the condos. I could almost take a new peice of ass home every night witht the constant flow of d***k girls and guys coming in and out every week. I am a bi guy average build brown eyes and hair. I was working one Tuesday night which is always the slowest night of the week when a guy came in and sat down at the bar. I asked him what he wanted to drink and he ordered a crown on the rocks. It was getting close to closing time which is 12am on weeknights so I was cleaning glasses and getting the bar ready to close since I worked by myslef during the week. He had finished the first drink so I made him another and when I placed the drink on the bar he grabbed my hand and asked me "how much do you normally make a night in tips" I answered on week nights around 50-60 and on the weekends it can get well over $200. He let go of my hand and I went back to cleaning as he sat there watching TV. I had finished up clean and was just waiting on closing time which was about 5 minutes when he said so you can make 600 or 700 easy in tips a week. I replied yeah thats close to it. I asked him if he wanted another drink before I close up and he said no thanks and walked out of the bar. I grabbed his glass and noticed he had tipped me $100 and wrote "I will tip every night this week like this but you have to follow instructions 2304" I knew that was a room number a penthouse suite there are only 4 condos on the 23rd floor. I finished closing down the bar then went out to my car to put my personal things away. I changed out of my work clothes and put my swim trunks and a t-shirt on. I got on the elevator and went up to the top floor. I got off the elevator and found 2304 the door was cracked so I knocked and slowly opened it up. I said "hello" and heard nothing but a radio playing in the other room. I noticed a sheet of paper on the floor that said "I am glad you came now lets get down to business, You can turn around and walk out or you can stay and have some fun. If you want to stay go to the coffee table and get the sheet of paper. I got the paper from the table and it said "get completely naked press play in dvd and stroke your cock". I did as the paper said and starting stroking my cock to the porn on TV. I was doing this for a bit getting my cock rock hard when I heard someone behind me say "that is all the fun you get now it is time for you to earn your tip" I turned around to see the guy from the bar standing naked with his cock sticking straight out. I leaned over the back of the couch and started sucking his cock nice and slow. He was slow also gentely guiding my head. He walked around the couch and sat down and I continued sucking his cock. I was slowly sucking up and down with out noticed he came in my mouth I kept sucking letting the cum fall down his shaft onto his balls. when he told me to stop and go into the bedroom. I got up and went into the bedroom it had a large bed and a sex swing on the edge of the bed. I was just standing there when he came in and got into the swing. He told me to come over and pleasure him with my tongue. I came over and started licking his cock and around the base of his cock. He then said "you need to clean up the mess you made before and make sure you clean it all up" I went down to the cum that was in his balls and was running down to his ass and licked every drop up eating it all. While I was at his ass hole I was eating it licking it making him moan each time I stuck my tongue in his ass. As I licked his ass and balls I rubbed his cock and I could feel it grow back to the hard cock it was before. He got out of the sling and told me to get in on my back. I got in the sling and laid back as he secured my legs up in the air. He then started sucking my cock and rubbing my ass with his fingers and lube. He then stood up and eased his cock in my ass he was going nice and slow and then slowly started fucking me. He was going nice and slow then he stopped and asked "are my fucking whore" I replied "yes" He then asked "are you my slut" I again replied "yes". He started back slowly but then started faster and faster and harder making me grunt as he slammed his cock in me. I was really liking this I hadn't been fucked hard in along time He stopped and walked around the swing to my head laid back and started to fuck my mouth then going back to my ass. I could taste my ass mixed with his precum on his cock when he would shove it in my mouth. He was fucking my ass so hard when he pulled out and shoved his cock in my mouth and started a fucking motion my head was leaned back taking his cock and my hands were on his ass pulling him further into me. I felt his ass cheeks flex and then felt his cum in my mouth I sucked all of it down except for a little that oozed out of my mouth down the side of my face. He pulled is cock out and slapped it on my face a couple of times then squeezed one last drop of cum out for me to eat up. He turned and walked out of the room and said be ready in 10 minutes to get me ready again.
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4 months ago
tell me where your at and I'll be there in 10minutes
2 years ago
2 years ago
2 years ago
2 years ago
loveeee ittt
2 years ago
Sounds like u earned your tip!
2 years ago
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