An 18 year old and his baseball coach.

It was a Friday night after a late baseball practice at my high school. I am in my senior year. I had turned 18 already and my parents did not mind me staying out late. Since I had no curfew to worry about I was in no rush to get home and dallied in the locker room. Before not too long I was the only person there. Being an 18 year old boy my mind immediate went to sex. After I looked and confirmed no one was around I pulled my pants down, sat down on a bench, and started to masturbate. After several minutes I heard a cough and turned toward it. It was the baseball coach Mr H. Coach H is in his late 50's. I immediately stopped masturbating and covered myself up. Coach H says out load “There is no need to stop on my account. It looked like fun.” He comes over and sits next to me. “There is no need to be embarrassed. Masturbation is a natural act. Every one masturbates including me.” Coach H tells me as he slips his hand down to his groin and starts moving it up and down. Seeing what he was doing broke me out of my shell of embarrassment and I uncovered myself. Coach H started moving his hand up and down his groin faster. I start to masturbate again. “See there is nothing to be embarrassed about.” he tells me. “But you know there is a time and place to masturbate and down here in the students’s locker room is not the place. Why don’t we go up to the coaches’ office and get more comfortable.” I pull my pants up and follow Coach H up to the coaches’ office. It overlooks the students’s locker room through a one-way window. No wonder I did not see Coach H before I started to masturbate. Coach H locks the door to the office behind us. In the office is a sofa which Coach H sits down on. He motions for me to sit down it as well. Coach H starts to rub his groin again. “Are you comfortable with me rubbing myself?” Coach H asks. “Sure” I tell him as I start rubbing my groin as well. After several minutes Coach H tells me that it would be OK for me to masturbate in front of him in his office. I pull my pants down and start to masturbate. After several minutes of watching me masturbate, Coach H asks if it would be OK if he too masturbated. “Sure” I tell him. Coach H pulls his pants down. He is wearing a jock strap. Poking out the top is the head and some of the shaft of his cock. He pulls his jocks strap off. His cock is huge and veiny. It must be at least 9 inches long with a slight bow inward. He reaches under his balls and pulls them up a bit. His balls are covered in hair / fur. Coach H starts masturbating right there in front of me. After a minute or two, Coach H brings his masturbating hand up to his mouth and spits in it. He wipes his spit on his cock and masturbates some more. I ask him why he spit in his hand. He tells me the spit acts like a lubricant and makes masturbating more enjoyable. I spit in my masturbation hand and wipe my spit on my cock. Coach H was right. The spit did help with the masturbation. After several more minutes Coach H asks if I have ever had another man masturbate me before. “No” I tell him. “Would you like me to masturbate you” Coach H asks me. “Sure go ahead” I tell him. Coach H reaches over and puts his hand on my hard cock. He lightly grasps the shaft of my cock before moving his hand up and down the shaft. After a minute he pulls his hand away and spits in it. He wipes his spit first on the head of my cock and then the shaft before continuing to masturbate me. Over several minutes Coach H continues to spit in his hand and masturbates me with it. My hips start to thrust with his hand movement. Coach H puts more pressure on my cock and masturbates me faster. I arch my back and let out a moan as I cum in Coach H’s hand. Coach H continues to masturbate me as cum continues to shoot out of my cock. “Well that was pretty good” Coach H says. I ponder the fact that I just cummed in front of a man 3 times my age.

Coach H sits back and continues to masturbate himself. I sit there watching him. My cock is still hard. “If you want you can masturbate me“ Coach H tells me. I reach over and grasp his cock. It is hard and warm. I begin to move my hand up and down the shaft of his cock. I spit in my hand and use my spit as lubricant several times. Coach H takes off his shirt. He has a very hairy chest. “Have you had a blow job before?” Coach H asks me as I masturbate him. “No sir” I reply. “Would you like one?” Coach H asks. “Yes sir.” I reply. I stop masturbating Coach H as he gets up. “Sit back and spread you legs.” Coach H tells me. I comply. Coach H kneels between my legs and starts to suck on my cock. It feels good. After several minutes Coach H comes up for air and asks if I would blow him. “Sure”. Coach H. stands up and I sit up at the edge of the sofa. I take his cock in my mouth. It tastes salty. I move my mouth over Coach H’s cock like he did mine. After several minutes Coach H tells me that he would like to suck on my cock some more. I lean back and Coach H kneels down and sucks on my cock some more. After several more minutes Coach H lifts my hips and balls up and starts licking my ass hole. I do not resist. I soon feel his tongue push into my hole. I still do not resist. Coach H keeps moving his tongue in and out of my ass hole for several minutes. It goes in pretty deep. “How would you like my cock in your ass instead of my tongue?” Coach H finally asks. “I want your cock in my ass Coach H” I tell him. Coach H has me stand up and lean over the sofa. He stands behind me and moves his cock up and down my anal crack. “That is a smooth ass crack you have there” he tells me. He wipes some gel onto his cock and onto my ass hole. “Here I go” Coach H says as the head of his cock enters my ass hole. I tense up. “Relax and takes deep breaths” Coach H tells me. When he feels that I am relaxed enough Coach H slides more of his cock in to my ass. I can feel my ass hole grab on to his cock as it slides further into me. Coach H drizzles some more gel onto his cock as it goes deeper into me. I can feel the warm of his cock in me. When his hips touch my buttocks Coach H pulls his cock out quickly. “Do you want more?” Coach H asks. “Lots more” I reply. Coach H. presses the head of his cock into my ass hole and slowly pushes the rest of his cock in. As before Coach H pulls his cock out when his hips and my buttocks touch. He continues to push in slowly and pull out quickly for several minutes. After the last pull out Coach H asks me “Are you ready for a fucking?”. “Yes sir” I tell him. Coach H quickly inserts his cock into my ass and starts to thrust. His cock usually stays in me on the out thrusts. Coach H thrusts faster and harder. At one point he puts his right foot up on the sofa. After several more minutes of him fucking me while I am leaning over the sofa Coach H has me stand up. He wraps his hairy arms around my smooth chest in a bear hug. I can feel his hairy chest on my back. Coach H slides his cock back into my ass and starts thrusting. While he thrusts his hard cock back and forth in my tight ass one of Coach H's hands slides up and down my smooth chest. Sometimes his hands would make it down to my privates and fondle them. All the while Coach H's other arm is wrapped tight on my upper chest holding me against his hairy chest. Eventually Coach H pulls me to the floor and puts me on my hands and knees. He kneels behind me, inserts his cock and thrusts with gusto. After several minutes of being in that position Coach H tells me he wants to see my cock while he fucks my ass. I lay on the sofa with my butt hanging over the edge. Coach H kneels between my legs, inserts his cock in my ass, and starts thrusting. While thrusting his cock in my ass Coach H reaches down and starts to masturbate me. After several minutes Coach H starts to thrust even faster and harder than before. He pulls out of me, brings his cock up using the hand he was masturbating me with and shoots a large load of cum over my cock and balls. He quickly reinserts his cock into my ass and starts to thrust again. Coach H moans with pleasure. I realise that a man 3 times my age has been fucking me and just cummed on my cock and balls. After Coach H stops moaning he continues to thrust his cock in my ass. He reaches down and begins to masturbate me again. His cum acts like a very good lubricant. Between his thrusting and using his cum as masturbation lubricant Coach H quickly brings me to orgasm. When the orgasm hits I start bucking. Coach H continues to thrust his cock in my ass and masturbating me while I am having the best orgasm I have had. This prolongs the euphoric feeling of the orgasm. “How was that?” Coach H asks me. “That was fantastic” I reply. After several minutes of resting on the sofa Coach H and I go to the coaches shower room and shower off. As we are getting dressed Coach H tells me “Well, if you ever feel the need to masturbate after practice again let me know and I’ll see what we can do.” "I might take you up on that offer" I tell Coach H as I leave his office.

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2 months ago
very good story!
1 year ago
Incredible !
2 years ago
wow almost cum but a great start
2 years ago
Phew! I'm out of breath... Great story.
2 years ago
Wow..very hot & intense..thanks for sharing the story
2 years ago
hot story
2 years ago
WOW...... Nice Story.
2 years ago
Wow cam in my panties thanks
3 years ago
Hot, nice
next time make the story more taboo and erotic...
3 years ago
outstanding story. can i go too?
3 years ago
wow such a hot time with the coach, I also had an experience, they just seem so fucking hot at that age.