The bi-curious professor in the sauna. Part 10.

The professor reaches over and begins fondling my balls. I turn and watch his face. I would swear he was starting to drool. I ask the professor if he would like to suck my balls some more. “Yes! Please!” says the professor. He moves in front of me, lays down, and starts sucking on my balls. First one nut, then the other, then both. I can feel his tongue move over each of my balls. He sucks on my balls for at least 10 minutes. When he finally stops sucking on my balls the professor tells me “I need to taste more of the cum these wonderful balls make” and begins sucking on my cock. He fingers move under my balls and presses up on my “G” spot. The professor times the movement of his head with his finger pressing to maximize my pleasure. My hips quickly start to thrust. “I am going to cum if you keep this up” I tell the professor. This does not stop him he keeps sucking and pressing. The professor graps my balls with his other hand and starts to squeeze. My hips thrust up and my back arches. I moan and start cumming into the professor’s mouth. The professor stops sucking but not moving his mouth up and down my cock. I can feel my cum in his mouth as his lips move up and down the shaft of my cock. The professor stops moving his head up and down with my cock deep in his mouth. I can feel the professor start to swish my cum around his mouth with his tongue. Finally he swallows and then starts to move his mouth up the shaft of my cock. His lips make a title seal around my cock has his head raises. When his mouth is off my cock the professor swallows again. I look down and do not see any cum on my cock. He sucked it all off. “The cum from your wonderful balls is delicious” the professor tells me with a grin.

“You know what. Sucking on your balls made me extra horny. Can I fuck you?” exclaims the professor. Without saying a word I turn over and offer up my ass. The professor fingers my ass a bit to loosen it up and then slides his cock into my ass. He pulls out then slides his cock back in again. He keeps doing this. Sensing what he wants I tell the professor to go for it. The professor starts thrusting faster and harder. Gone is the slow thrusting from the previous night. The professor is fucking me to fuck me. For 10 minutes the professor aggressively fucks me doggy style. He flips me onto my back and aggressively fucks me missionary style. The professor is really getting sweaty. I reach up and run my hands up and down the sides of his chest. They are wet from his sweat. I need to feel his sweaty chest on my chest. I pull the professor down so his chest is on my chest. Maybe it is the multiple orgasms he had given me earlier or having his sweaty chest on me but I really felt one with the professor. I start kissing him. The professor kisses back. We keep kissing while his keeps thrusting his cock in my ass. We move as one, maximizing each other’s pleasure. After unknown amount of time I feel the build up to another orgasm. As I start to moan the professor also starts to moan. Our bodies where in such sync that we reach orgasm at the same time. We thrust and kiss and moan and shudder together. Finally we disengage. “Wow that assume” we both exclaim. We lay there with our sweaty bodies intertwined. A 21 year old and a 48 year old having just had great sex.

“I've had a lot of fun doing what we have done over the past two nights.” The professor tells me. “Fucking you in the ass has been great. Anal sex is better than I had imagined. I hope I get to do it again.” he then tells me. We lay together quietly for awhile until I notice the time. It is past 1 am and I need to get up early to write a paper due on Monday. I tell the professor I had a great time fucking him and being fucked by him. I especially thanked him for the multiple orgasms. I tell him I’ll see him in the sauna in a week as I take my leave.

(To be continued or concluded)

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2 years ago
Yu know i'vew read many stories and have enjoyed mist bt your very good i woulkd go as far as saying yoiur fantaastic thanks