An 18 year old and two of his former PE teachers.

It is the summer after I graduated from high school. I am 18 and half and using a fake id to get into a gay bar. I am chatting up a handsome guy in his mid 30’s when I am pulled away by two of my old high school physical education teachers, Mr. B and Mr. J. Mr. B is in his late 50’s and Mr. J is in his early 40s. Both are physically fit. They know I am not old enough to be in the bar. They threaten to tell the bar manager that I am only 18 unless I go with them to be punished. They include a “If you know what we mean. Wink Wink” reference. Considering the three of us are in a gay bar I am pretty sure I will be having sex with the two of them. So I agree to be punished. They drive me to the high school and we slip into the facility locker room. They lock the door as we walk in. I have never been in the facility locker room before. There are gray lockers on either side with a bench in the middle of the room. Mr. B tells me to sit on the bench which I do. Both men stand beside me. Mr. J unzips his pants and pulls his semi limp cock out. He shakes it at my face. I take his cock into my mouth and start sucking on it. Mr. J’s cock grows in size till it is 7 inches long and 1 and half inches thick. Mr. B has unzipped his pants and pulled out his limp cock in the mean time. I turn and put Mr. B’s cock in my mouth and start sucking on it. Mr. B’s cock begins growing the more I suck on it. It keeps growing in length and thickness. I feel the head touch the back of my mouth. I try to pull away. Mr. B reaches around to the back of my head and changes the angle of my head. I can feel his cock expand down into my throat. As I start to gag Mr. B begins to pull his cock out of my mouth. It keeps coming out. When it is fully out I find out it is 10 inches long and 3 inches thick. That is the biggest cock I have encountered. I can only suck the first 7 inches of it without gagging. After several minutes of sucking both cocks Mr. J tells me to undress. I remove all but my underwear. Mr. J tells me to take even the underwear off. I act embarrassed because I have a hard on. Mr. B and Mr. J take their shirts off. My B. has a hairy chest and back with lots of gray. Mr. J has a very hairy chest covered with dark hair. I get down on my knees and begin sucking their cocks some more. Over time both men have removed their clothing.

“Time for a different punishment” Mr. J tells me. He has me get up and lay on my back on the bench. Mr. J kneels between my legs and starts sucking on my cock. Mr. B runs his hands over all over my chest from my neck down to my pubic hair. He runs in his hands mostly through the chest hair that is growing on my upper chest. His cock is close enough to my face that I easily take in my mouth and suck on it. After several minutes Mr. B straddles my head and puts his cock into my mouth. He leans over just enough that he can thrust his pelvis. He fucks my mouth for several minutes while Mr. J continues to suck on my cock. “Let’s switch” Mr. B tells Mr. J. Mr. B. moves between my legs and Mr. J moves to my side. Mr. B starts to suck on my cock and I begin to suck on Mr. J’s cock. I feel Mr. B’s finger on my ass hole. At first he is just rubbing it then I feel him push his finger in and out. Mr. B tries to lick my ass hole but cannot get good access. He has me roll over onto my stomach. Mr. B. rims my hole for several minutes while I continue to suck on Mr. J’s cock.

Mr. B stands up, parts my butt cheeks and runs his cock up and down my ass crack. He stops with his cock on my ass hole. He tells me “This will probably hurt” as he starts to push in. I feel the head of his cock enter my ass. It is big. I have never had a cock that big in my ass before. I begin to squirm. Mr. J holds me arms down. Mr. B continues to push his cock into my ass. It is starting to hurt. I tell him to stop. Instead of stopping Mr. B tells me to man up and continues to push his cock deeper into my ass. I start to scream in pain. Mr. J shoves his jock strap into my mouth. It tastes like sex sweat. Eventually all of Mr. B’s cock is in my ass. He stays motionless. I am squirming a lot. After several minutes the pain begins to go away. As I stop squirming Mr. B begins to make small thrusts. As I get used to those thrusts Mr. B makes longer thrusts. Eventually Mr. B is making full thrusts. He pulls his cock out. I can feel my ass hole is gapping. Mr. B thrusts his cock back into my ass. He makes full thrusts and he starts to thrust faster. After 5 or so minutes of fast full thrusts Mr. B moans and pushes his cock in all the way. Mr. B makes a few short thrusts and moans and shudders each time. As Mr. B pulls his cock out I can feel some of his cum drip out of my ass. “Your turn to punish him” Mr. B tells Mr. J. Mr. J has me roll over on to my back. He gets between my legs, lifts them up and back toward my chest. I feel Mr. J’s cock as it is pushed into my ass. After the ass stretching Mr. B gave me Mr. J’s smaller cock is a welcome change. “Sloppy seconds again” Mr. J says out loud. Mr. J fucks me missionary style until he too cums in my ass.

“Always shower after a workout” Mr. B says as he leads me to the shower room. The three of us soap each other up and rinse off. “Your punishment is not over” Mr. J tells me as he lays a towel on the shower room floor. He lies down on the towel and begins masturbating. Once his cock is hard again I straddle Mr. J and sit down on his cock. At first I am the one moving but eventually Mr. J is thrusting his cock up into me. Mr. B stands beside us and has me suck on his cock. After a while I have been facing Mr. J. Mr. B walks behind me and pushes my head toward Mr. J’s head. Mr. B kneels down and moves close. Mr. B. tells me “This will hurt” as he pushes his cock into my ass past Mr. J’s cock. He was right it did hurt. I have two cocks in my ass. I moaned a lot as both men thrust their cocks. At first the thrusting was in sync and both cocks moved in and out at the same time. Eventually the thrusting was out of sync. One cock thrusting in as the other cock was thrusting out. After 5 minutes Mr. J moans and shoots his load in my ass. This provided Mr. B with more lubrication has his cock moved in and out of me and back and forth over Mr. J’s cock. Mr. B quickly shot his load in me as well.

Both men stood up while I stayed kneeling. I sucked the cum of off both cocks while their cum dripped out of my ass. Once I sucked their cocks clean both men sat down on the shower room floor. I stood between them and let them suck on my cock. Mr. B stuck his finger up my ass and massaged my prostrate. Eventually I pulled away and masturbated in front of them. Despite having sucked their cocks and them fucking me in the ass masturbating in front of them felt awkward and dirty. A good dirty. When I felt it was time I moved closer to Mr. B and Mr. J and told them I was about to cum. Still felt dirty. I moved my cock side to side as I shot my load. Both men got a good splashing of cum on their faces. I stopped feeling dirty.

We joked around while showering and getting dressed. As we were leaving Mr. B rubbed my crotch and told me that if they caught me in a bar again they would need to punish me again. I guess I did not learn my lesson because two weeks later I got punished by both men again. If you know what I mean.

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2 years ago
You are incredible
3 years ago
sounds like fun
3 years ago
yhis made me well hard :P
3 years ago
I'm just finished wanking! What a story. Give us more
3 years ago
Got me so hard. Love young smooth hard body boys that know how to play
3 years ago
Veru hot, you got an old guy hard!
3 years ago
nice, liked it got me hard and wanking mmmm was there more?
3 years ago
I liked this story
3 years ago
Not bad . Gave me a hard cock