The bi-curious professor in the sauna. Part 7

I saw that his cock was still hard and asked him if he wanted to fuck me some more. He said “Hell Yes”. I roll on to my side with my rump near the edge of the bed. The professor stands up and begins to teasing my ass hole with the head of his cock and then the professor slid his cum covered cock up my cum filled ass. He thrusts for several minutes. He pulls out and we move to the center of the bed. I am still on my side. The professor lies on his side behind me. He lifts my top leg up and slides his top leg between my legs. He slaps his cock against mine before sliding it up my ass. He thrusts for at least 5 minutes. With his cock still in me we roll as one so I am lying on my stomach. The professor thrusts while keeping his stomach on my back. After another five or so minutes of slow thrusting the professor starts to thrust faster, groans “I’m cumming”, and has an orgasmic spasm has he shoots his cum deep in my ass again. Without pulling out the professor lays on my back. I can feel the sweat of his chest on my back. After several minutes of just lying there the professor pulls out and sits on his hunches. I turn over. The professor’s chest is clearly sweaty. His cock is not as stiff as it used to be. I run my hand through his moist chest hair while the professor catches his breath.

The professor says he is having a great time and was still horny. He asks if I was up for getting fucked some more. I reach down and pump his cock a few times to answer him. The professor lies on his back and I sit down on his cock as it slides up my ass. We cowgirl (or is it cowboy) fuck for a while. At one point I jack off on to his chest. Eventually we get tired of that position. We try various positions after thant including jack hammer and standing doggy. We are back in missionary when the professor cums in my ass again. For the rest of the evening the professor fucks me either doggy or missionary. He cums in my ass several more times.

Eventually we agree for the need to sl**p. We lay on our sides with the professor spooning me. His cock pressed against my ass. Several times I woke up with the feeling of the professor's cock stiffening up and thrusting in my ass a few times. I would smile and fall back to sl**p. In the morning I asked the professor if he was aware that he was thrusting in his sl**p. He was not but it did not surprise him. He had a dream where he was still fucking me after I went to sl**p. Was he dreaming or was he awake? :) While we get dressed the professor tells me that was the most times he has reached orgasm while having sex. As I am about to leave the professor tells me his wife will not be back for another week and that the two of us could get together again if I wanted to. Having had fun the previous night I said OK.

(To be continued)

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2 years ago
Hell yes got to get together