An 18 year old and his baseball coach. Part 10

It started like any other Saturday evening visit with my baseball coach Coach H (He's 58 and I am 18). He gave me a beer to drink while we watched a video of the coach having sex with his ex-wife. When I was sufficiently relaxed and horny Coach H asked if I would like to make video with him. Seeing how erotic the videos of him and his ex-wire were I said "Why not". Coach H lead me to another bedroom. In the center was the bed with several video cameras on tripods pointed at the center of the bed. There was a camera at the left head corner, a camera at the left foot corner, a camera in the center of the left side, and a camera pointed up at the ceiling which was mirrored. On the night stand was a hand held video camera. On a desk were 4 monitors showing what each video camera was seeing. I was a bit surprised. "Come on get undressed. Don't be camera shy" Coach H told me. The coach and I undressed and climbed onto the bed. I glanced over to the desk. I was weird seeing Coach H and myself naked in the monitors. Coach H and I started to fondle each other. Once I was fully erect Coach H reached over and picked up the handheld camera. He pointed it at my cock then rolled me over and pointed it at my ass. Coach H rolled me back onto my back. He started to suck on my dick. After several minutes he rolled around so his cock was near my face and his face was still near my cock. We sucked each other’s cocks for several minutes before Coach H sat up and motioned for me to get on my hands and knees. Coach H got behind me and crouched. He brought the handheld camera up and pointed it again at my ass. Coach H dripped some lube on my hole and then brought his cock up to it. I felt the increased pressure as Coach H pressed his cock against my ass hole. I gave in, relaxed, and felt the coach's cock slide into me. Coach H thrusted for a minute while holding the handheld camera pointed at my ass. He laid the camera down and continued to thrust his cock inside me. After a while Coach H and I changed positions. We continued to change positions every 5 minutes or so. Eventually Coach H reached the moment of climax. Instead of staying inside me Coach H got up and put his cock in front of my face. I felt the warm liquid of his seed as it shot against my face. I wiped his cum from my face and wiped it onto my cock. I masturbated using the coaches cum as lube. Coach H used the handheld camera and got many different angles until I shot my load.

After we cleaned up Coach H told me that he'll show me the video the next time I come over for a visit.

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Wow excellent made me cum all over my panties