An 18 year old and his baseball coach. Part 9

(A short story encounter that I’ve been thinking about while I’ve had writers block)

It started as a usual Saturday evening meeting with my baseball coach at his house. He gave me a beer and we watched a video of the coach and his ex wire having sex. After the beer relaxed me we went up to his bedroom. As we started to undress Coach H told me keep my underwear on and to get under the bed sheets. I climbed into bed first. I noticed Coach H still had his underwear on as he walked over to the wall and turned the lights off. It was fairly dark in bedroom. Coach H climbed into bed and under the covers with me. After several minutes I felt Coach H’s hand reach over start rubbing my privates through my underwear. It was not long before his hand slipped under my underwear and onto my cock. After a minute or two, Coach H silently rolled me over onto my stomach. His hand immediately went under my shorts and to my anus. He slowly worked his finger into my hole. Without lubrication it was a bit rough. Coach H slid entirely under the bed covers and pulled my shorts down. I felt his touch start to explore my hole. After a while his tongue went away and his finger came back. It slid into my hole with ease. After fingering me I felt Coach H slide his body up and over mine until his cock rested on my ass. It was a hard cock. Coach H thrust his pelvis against me several times before reach under the covers and positioning his cock so the head was against my hole. With one long slow thrust Coach H slid his cock into me. Coach H started slowing thrusting. He kept the bed covers on top of us and his stomach on top of my back. He picked up the speed of his thrusting. He kept this up for awhile. Every so often Coach H would kiss the back of my neck. Eventually Coach H started to thrust really hard and let out a moan as he continued to thrust. When his moaning stopped Coach H pulled out, got off of me, and then rolled me over onto my back. With the bed covers still covering us Coach H pulled my legs up to my chest and climbed on top of me. His cock slid into my ass with ease. He immediately started to thrust. After several minutes Coach H slid my legs to the side and laid his chest onto mine. He did not lose a thrust. Coach H continued to thrust his cock in my ass hole until he again started to moan. He put his entire body weight on me. When his organism stopped Coach H slid off of me. We laid there under the bed covers in the dark for a while before Coach climbed out of bed and turned the lights on. Coach H climbed back onto the bed and proceeded to suck and jack me off.

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2 years ago
Hot, but it's missing something.