Sexual Frustration Act 1768 - Punishment of a Kink


It seemed like a slow motion film, being frog-marched up the steps of the local office for the Ministry of Sexual Affairs, wearing only knickers and a pair of handcuffs, her attendant male had finally got her onto the second floor, where the Judges Chambers are situated.
There was a green light over one of the chambers and they had gone straight in. From the adjacent chamber, she could hear the dull thwacks of a cane being administered to bare flesh, followed by the moans of the recipient.
She now found herself in a small reception room containing one chair and a desk with a pile of forms on it. She watched in detached awe as the male filled in the “Kinkybitch failure” form, laying the information against her. Under particulars of failure the male had written:- 1. Failed to swallow my load on completion; 2. Having had her pee hole sucked into a vacuum pump she had released the vacuum by pissing into the suction tube without permission. It sounded so damning, and a double failure to boot; She had tried to explain that she had had a reflux reaction, and gagged just at the wrong moment, and the pee thing, she had just not been able to hold back any longer: But this had not changed anything in the eyes of the male now laying the failure information against her.
Under the question about evidence/witnesses etc the male had attached a micro mini DVD and appended the words “see attached DVD”. The male pressed a bell on the desk and a smartly dressed male secretarial type took the completed form and led her into the adjoining chamber, the male was told to wait. The door shut with an ominous clunk behind her. Two men immediately seized her and brought her before the Judge, a rotund bewigged man sat behind an enormous desk.
The Judge did not read the form, but merely asked her if she had read the completed form, she managed a small nod of assent; He turned the form over and asked her to sign as to the veracity of the form: With a terrible feeling in the pit of her stomach she signed the form and then started to explain her mitigation, but the Judge would hear non of it.
The Judge commanded the two men to prepare her and to see that the legal preliminary punishment was carried out. She was taken into an adjoining room where there were another two men. She was lifted onto a hard wooden carpenters bench, her knickers and handcuffs removed, she was spreadeagled, one man on each limb holding her tight.
The secretarial type entered with the complainant male, she saw that he was holding a strap, rather like a barber’s strop; Panic gripped her as she suddenly realised what was about to happen to her – this was the dreaded legally required twenty lashes to be administered as hard as possible to the recalcitrant cunt, her cunt!
In terror she squirmed this way and that scratching her arse cheeks on the rough wood, but it was no use; She was positioned so that her arse overhung the edge of the bench causing her cunt to be exposed fully. The secretarial type approached and looked at her cunt. “This wont do, it must be shaved first” he had said. She kept a neatly trimmed light fluffy triangle of a pubic bush, which did not last long against the brisk strokes of the wet razor administered by the secretarial type. “Now she will get the full benefit of her punishment, and you, don’t fail in your duty to give her a hard cunt strapping” he added.
Her cunt twitched, there was a whoosh and a loud splat sound followed by the searing pain between her legs, she bucked and arched her back against the intimate onslaught that brought tears to her eyes and a dry hoarse scream.
The secretarial type said “This ones to be given the water treatment, I’ll start it now to shut her up”. A large funnel, not unlike such as used by motorists to fill a petrol tank, was f***ed into her mouth, and a litre and a half of cold tea was poured into the funnel. And then the affeared command had been given “Continue” – whoosh, splat and pain, she sweated, her breasts heaved and her cunt pulsated to the beat of her heart, she gagged and spluttered as the tea entered her stomach.
With five strokes to go the male had stopped and was feeling her cunt, she tried to pull back, but soon found herself impaled on his fingers, the male drew them out and to her dismay he held them up for all to see, and yes, there it was, the glistening of a wet cunt smeared along his digits.
She then endured six hard erect male members forcing their attentions on her, one after the other, until all present were satisfied. Her cunt now felt as sore inside as it did outside, she could feel the result of their emissions slowly ooze out of her and dribble down her arse cheeks to drip onto the floor. And again, without any further respite, the command was given “Continue”. She had hoped that the fucking was the end, alas no, her cunt had to receive the final five strokes. Spunk now splashed about in fine droplets as it was aerosoled away by the f***e of the beating; She screamed into the now empty funnel, nearly passing out.
Finally it was over, the complainant male and the secretarial type left. The four men had put her knickers back on and secured her to a whipping post. The Judge, now, entered reading the complainant male’s information form. He came over to the bound female, looked at and felt the KB mark on her breast, massaged her nipples. He pulled her knickers to one side and looked at the puffy red cunt, she could feel his breath, like a hot wind, caress the bruised flesh, he cupped her cunt in his left hand and clenched – she let out an unexpected gasp and gurgled. “Very good, the cunt strapping has been carried out correctly” he had said, and then let go of her cunt putting her knickers back in place.
The Judge told her she was to endure the split pear in her cunt, she wasn’t quite sure what this meant but it sounded painful and a tremor of fear ran up from her cunt to her brain, a sweat broke out all over her body, and, try as she might, she could not control the fear induced stream of piss that ran from her pee hole through her skimpy knickers and down her left leg.
The four pairs of strong male hands undid her from the whipping post and carried her over to the heavy wooden bench; One of the men pulled off her piss wet knickers and stuffed them into her mouth, she was laid face up with her legs pulled apart and raised to be tied to an overhead beam. Her cunt could not have been more exposed if she had held herself open.

She could feel a rough finger graze up and down her slit slowly parting the cunt lips, its owner commenting on her being a dirty wet bitch. She tried to clench her thighs together to stop the finger intruding further, but its owner took this as sign of sexual frustration, with one lunge he inserted two fingers right up to the knuckles and then pushed hard drawing another stifled gurgle from her stuffed mouth; The finger man continued with his ministrations using three then four fingers working her cunt to its maximum expansion, but, try his hardest, he could not dilate the cunt enough to get his whole fist in.
She heard one man say “show her the pear”. It was held over her head and she could see that it was indeed pear shaped, about seven inches long, split lengthways in the middle with a butterfly bolt where the stem should have been. The man wound the bolt and demonstrated how it f***ed the two halves apart. She noticed that it was made out of a dark coloured metal and both halves appeared to be hollow, as she could see small percolation holes about the bulbous ends. She grimaced and her cunt cried to itself, she tried very hard to use her stomach muscles to squeeze the fingers out of her cunt, the man said “No way, bitch, I gotta get it open to take that pear, when I withdraw it goes all the way in”
The man holding the pear showed her two bungs that were screwed flush to the bulbous ends of the pear. These he undid and made her watch as he filled the two hollows with granular rock salt and did the bungs back up again. “Now its ready to do its work and teach your cunt a lesson” he said.
Finger man withdrew and wiped his digits across her pouting breasts. Pear man approached between her legs and she wondered if the pear would even fit unparted never mind if they parted it; she didn’t have to wonder for long, The feel of hard cold steel against the entrance to her cunt told her that the enf***ed intrusion was about to begin.
She tried to clench her thighs, but to no avail, she willed her cunt to clam shut, but it could not, and so with a deliberate and slow pressure the pear was f***ed to slide into her vaginal passage. She stifled another scream through the acrid wet knickers and braced herself for the final onslaught.
The opening sphincter of her cunt puckered around the neck of the pear, until just the butterfly nut protruded obscenely. The bulbous part told her that she had never been so stuffed before, while the neck of her womb abutted the cold steel. Already she could feel a burning sensation as her cunt juices sought out the rock salt and brought it into contact with the delicate pink skin of her vaginal lining.
`The pear inserter gave her cunt an almost affectionate pat as if he was rewarding a dog; then he slowly began to turn the butterfly nut. One of the men said “Try putting a finger in her arse, when you can’t, you’ll know the pear is expanded good and tight”.
And so her puckered arse hole had to yield to a finger intrusion, it was unlubricated and painful, but he managed to squeeze it in. Inexorably the pear expanded crushing her vaginal wall against the arse invading finger, her mons veneris appeared to rise, and the arse invader was f***ed to withdraw. She thought to herself that this must be like giving birth only with no let up or pleasant outcome, her breasts heaved as she gasped for air and she tried to hold back the tears of pain only to fail.
The Judge came over to inspect his henchmen’s handiwork, gazed at her out spread cunt, stroked the engorged puffed out cunt lips, prodded her now stuck up pee hole, pinched her burgeoning clitoris and gave the butterfly just a little tweak of a further full turn. “Now she is right” he said. He took her nipples between thumb and forefinger, squeezed hard and pulled away leaving them to throb, and raising yet another squeal of displeasure from within the knicker stuffed mouth. “That’ll take her mind off the pain in her cunt” he said.
Her legs were released, she let them drop to the bench and tried to bring them together, but could not for the pain in her cunt. The knickers were taken out of her mouth, she gasped for air, but the pleasure was short lived as a penis shaped rubber gag was swiftly inserted and strapped about her head. Her knickers were slid over her legs and put back in their rightful place, no sooner were they pulled up tight that she released a torrent of piss through them soaking the bench and running onto the floor. One of the men smacked her cunt really hard, causing a squelchy sounding thud and said “That’s for messing up my floor – I gotta clean it now you dirty ungrateful bitch”
Her cunt lips were pulled forward to either side of her knickers and a large sack needle was f***ed through the thin delicate flesh of her labia. This was done low down and without ceremony, a padlock was then threaded through the needle holes and locked in place, effectively securing her knickers and ensuring that no one could withdraw the pear. This was done so quick that she barely had time to register the pain of this new infliction, but pain there was, she could not tell which was more excruciating – the burning salt in her over-expanded cunt tube, or the stinging of her piss on the new holes in her cunt lips.
They roughly stood her up and handcuffed her hands behind her back. The Judge then applied security tabs to the gag strap, the handcuffs, the butterfly nut and the cunt lip padlock. He placed a security tracking device collar about her left leg. She was told that if any of these security devices were in any way interfered with the consequences would be most dreadful. She was then f***ed, in previous like manner, to drink a further litre and a half of cold tea.
The Judge told her that she was now free to go, that she could return as soon as her knickers were completely dry but not within 24 hours. On her satisfactory and dry return, she would be released from her punishment. Also, that she must return in the same state of dress as she was now being released in. The door was opened and she was ushered out.
She tottered tentatively down the stairs, one step at a time, gravity did offer some relief to the entrance of her womb, other than this, there was only the searing agony between her legs, despite its expanded state, the pear chaffed at the puckered entrance to her cunt and pulled into the padlocked knickers, which in turn made the new piercings to her cunt lips cry out. Twenty minutes later she reached the bottom of the stairs and had to stop, a quivering sweating painful mess; And, she had a further mile and half to go across town to her apartment with a pear in her cunt, wearing only knickers and no money or method of hailing a taxi – a truly fearful prospect.
Women ignored her, men stopped and stared, some even touched and felt between her legs to ascertain the true nature of her distraught state. Her state of undress and the KB brand did, however, make it fairly obvious that this was a Kinkybitch undergoing some sort of punishment: In respect of which no one dare interfere and so no offers of help were forthcoming.
Her cunt juices were now working over time on the salt, she could feel a trickle of cunt brine intermingle with her sweat and run down both her legs. She made it about half way home to a small park, fortunately it was a warm day, she lay down on the grass pretending to be a naturist taking in the sun; But try as hard as she could she could not take her mind off the throbbing searing pain in her cunt and cunt lips – this was certainly a punishment not to be endured again.
The cold tea started to do its work, she lay there, legs apart, openly and liberally pissing herself.
To add to her woes the park warden was watching this display, at the sound of his movement she opened her eyes and saw him standing over her with a cane at the ready. “Pissing in public, three on each breast and six on the arse should cover it” he said. She had tried to explain that she was already in sufficient pain and did not need any more. The park warden either did not understand her muffled protestations or was oblivious to her discomfort. He placed a foot on her belly to hold her down and then it came in six rapid swishes across her breasts, long red wheals instantly raised themselves in a criss-cross pattern about her breasts, two really painful ones had gone straight over the tops of her nipples. He turned her over, put his foot in the small of her back and administered six to her arse cheeks, again long wheals raised themselves. Tears freely flowed from her eyes.
Three hours later and without any further serious mishap, she made it to her apartment and, with the help of the old lady concierge, she was able to gain entry and run a bath. She retired to bed, but, needless to say, she could not sl**p – the pain between her legs was just too great a distraction.
She wondered if her dilated and distended cunt tube would ever return to its normal size, and what permanent damage was the continued exposure to rock salt causing; The roughly made holes in her cunt lips would, no doubt, leave some scarring, even the park warden’s caning was deep and vicious and would probably leave long term marks; Her pussy lips, still puffed and red from their strapping, stretched over her knickers, certainly looked as if they would not shrink back to their normal size.
She cried first on the left side and then on the right side, she continued to cry and toss from one side to the other; The cunt brine persisted in seeping out between her legs, and she liberally released the piss tea. The piss and brine now sought out the stripes on her arse and added a new dimension of stinging pain to her life. The morning came and she got up a sodden sweaty mess, rinsed herself in the, now cold, bath water. She, then, sat on the floor, spread her legs and aimed a fan blower at her wet knickered cunt.
Midday came and went, the cunt brine continued to ooze from her stretched out pussy hole and she needed to piss again, Would her knickers ever get dry? What if she could not get them dry before the Ministry of Sexual Affairs shut at 5 o’clock? – this looming horror soon became reality and she had to prepare herself for another night of excruciating and burning pain in her cunt tube.
The following morning she noticed that the cunt brine had stopped discharging and after an hour in front of the fan she was ready, with the help of the concierge, to get a taxi and present herself before the Judge in Chambers.
By midday she was mincing her way up the stairs of the local office for the Ministry of Sexual Affairs, but to her chagrin on reaching the second floor all the Judges’ Chambers showed red lights, she was f***ed to take a seat and wait, she kept her legs apart to ensure a good circulation of drying air, and wondered if her bladder could be controlled over the unknown wait time.
She heard a single long piercing scream come from behind the shut doors followed by a short lived commotion and another scream. Then, thirty minutes late a stunning tall red head was ushered out of the Judges’ Chambers; The acrid smell of burning flesh filled the air, tears ran down the red head’s face and splashed onto her exposed heaving marble like breasts: Both breasts now had an abnormally large KB mark deeply seared into them, and undoubtedly her arse would have been subject to a signatory branding. This had reminded her of her own branding not six months earlier. The flustered and distressed red head ran down the stairs, and the welcome green light came on.
She minced her way into the reception room, was greeted by the secretarial type and taken straight into the chamber. Two of the Judge’s henchmen were already in the chamber putting the branding equipment away. She was seized and man handled onto the wooden bench, her legs spread and tied above her to the wooden beam. One of the men ran his hands over the raised black and blue wheals on her breasts “Someone’s been a naughty girl”, he said. He pinched her sore nipples and she involuntarily squirmed her arse against the rough wood grazing the cane marks on her arse cheeks – combined effect was a howl of pain and tears welled up in her eyes.
The other man stood between her legs and examined the padlock holding her cunt lips about her knickers, he pulled at it drawing the knickers tight onto her raised clitoris, with his other hand he felt all round her knickers, he prodded at the butterfly nut sticking out of her puckered and stretched cunt hole. He commented on the now dry yellow stain, he bent down and smelt her, he drew her knickers to one side and exposed her tightly clenched anal sphincter; He tried in vain to push a finger into her arse hole, but it would not yield “Pear kept you tight then – I’ll let the Judge know you have returned dry with security seals intact”, he said.
The arse fingerer went off and came back a few minutes later “She is to be kept dry, we’ll have to plug her just in case” he said to the other man. A two inch long rubber plug with a dumbbell like end was shown to her, “It’s for your own good, you don’t want to get wet down there, now do you? And, anyway, we’ve been told to keep you dry” He said.
They pulled her knickers up her legs as far as the padlock would allow her cunt lips to stretch, with her cunt lips fingerd apart her pee hole was now fully exposed and ready to be plugged. The rubber plug felt like a red hot poker going into her, to get the dumbbell end in took a lot of pushing, but finally the little hole closed tight about the thin part of the dumbbell: to the relief of her cunt lips, her knickers were pulled back in place and she settled down to the new pain throbbing in her pee hole.
It was nearly two hours before the Judge came in, she was now bursting for a piss and glad of the rubber pee hole plug. The Judge inspected all the security seals, roughly felt all round her knickers to establish dryness. He said “Well you have satisfied the rigours of your punishment, but tell me how did you come by all these wheals?”
The penis gag was removed from her head and mouth and she was able to recount the mishap with the park warden. “Stout fellow, good man, knows how to keep order, he should be rewarded”. Said the Judge. “I’m a busy man, I’ll let my men finish off. Here is a certificate exempting your cunt from any unwanted use for a period of a week. Good day and don’t come back, because it will be a lot worse next time”. And with that, the Judge turned and left the chamber.
The padlock was removed, her cunt lips shrunk back like two dead slugs caught in the sun. Permanent lock titanium rings were fitted, one in each cunt lip hole – this she had not been prepared for. Then, very slowly and deliberately, the butterfly nut was unwound, she could feel the split pear close in on itself, and yet her vaginal tube seemed to remain in its expanded condition. The pear came out with a loud plopping sound, and she instantly felt an inrush of cool air all the way up inside her cunt.
One of the men, using a torch, peered inside her outstretched cunt, put a finger in and felt round. Other than the pressure of his finger, she could feel nothing, her cunt was now numb to any further discomfort. “The rock salt has done its work, your cunt will be a bit rubbery and scarred, some feeling will come back and it should tighten up nicely”, he had said as if to offer succour to her confused brain.
The tracking collar was removed from her leg, the handcuffs were removed, and all that remained was the pee hole plug. “You are not going to piss yourself when this comes out, are you?” she was asked. She pleaded to have it done in the adjoining loo, just in case, knowing full well that she was actually bursting to relieve herself. Ergo, the man accompanied her to the loo, she stood over the pan pulled her knickers to one side and the man pulled out the pee hole plug, almost prolapsing the delicate little tube. The relief was only tempered by the stinging of piss as it passed over the fine hair like tears of the semi-prolapse.
She was given a paper shift to wear, but it did very little to cover her modesty, it barely overhung her arse cheeks and left her breasts three quarters exposed. She left the building with a gait, that she thought was how someone who had been riding would have to adopt after being a week in the saddle. She hailed a taxi and convinced the driver that she had money at home to pay the fare.
However, the taxi driver did not take her straight home, they had not gone but a hundred yards when he declared that, her scantily clad predicament and KB breast brand had aroused his manhood into an erect state, and he needed his legal entitlement to erect dick relief. Ten minutes later she found herself on the outskirts of town in a secluded track running through a little copse.
She produced her exemption certificate, the taxi driver read it and pointed out that it only made it i*****l for him to use her cunt, he then said that she could suck his dick for a bit before taking it in the arse.
She said, “I see from your taxi driver licence that you are only twenty eight years old, so you are only entitled to erect dick relief, which is at my discretion. You are entitled to oral sex by law, but I will finish you off by hand”.
The taxi driver was not best pleased and said “Oh a cocky little cunt who knows the law then, we’ll see about that”.
He got in the back of the taxi, she took his erect dick in her hand and slowly worked her mouth over it; He f***ed his left hand between her legs and started to pull at her new cunt lip rings, with his other hand he tried to finger her arsehole. She withdrew his dick from her mouth and told him to stop what he was doing; He slapped her face, slapped her sore breasts and said, “No little tart like you is telling me what I can or can’t do – so shut the fuck up”.
Before she knew it she was on her back and he was between her legs, forcing his dick past her knickers into the awaiting cavernous cunt hole. It slid into her love tube all too easily and wrought screams of pain from her, he held her hands tight with one of his hands while his other hand explored her arsehole. “I’ll need two fingers in there just to tighten up this loose cunt of yours, or would you rather I fucked you in the arse?”
As it turned out she had to endure both holes being unmercilessly rodgered until he came in her arse. As a parting gift he stubbed his cigarette out in her arsehole, threw her out of the taxi and drove off.
Some c***dren, out on a conker hunt, had found her huddled up and sobbing beside the track. The oldest, a lad of some ten years, lived nearby and invited her back to his house: There a benign old gentleman, the lad’s grandfather, found her a town coat and made her tea. The police and a medical practitioner were called, she had remembered the taxi licence number, statements and swabs were taken and the police then took her home.
At home, she fixed herself a light meal served with a bottle of Montrachet, half way through the second bottle she felt sufficient courage to brave a bath. And, yes, for the first few seconds it did require braving; There was very little of her body that did not sting on first coming into contact with the hot water. Once acclimatised to the water she managed to lie back and relax.
She lightly soaped and sponged all her body paying particular attention to the raised wheals about her arse and breasts. She fluffed the water between her legs, sending mini tsunamis into the depths of her cunt; She carefully cleaned around the piercing holes and idly fingered her new labial rings.
She was not sure if the fitting of the rings was part of her punishment or merely a temporary fitting to ensure the piercing holes remained open. She had heard about piercings being used as punishment, but no comment had been made about them in the Judge’s Chambers; Did she have to sport them or could she take them out? In the end she decided they looked rather attractive and, even in her pained state, she could appreciate them having a certain sexual potential, if not a downright exciting advantage, so she decide they would stay.
The following morning she received a phone call from the police saying that they had arrested the taxi driver who was now held in the public stocks awaiting formal identification, she was to be collected by the police and taken to the public stocks at eleven o’clock that forenoon. She quickly showered and dressed, taking care to ensure that her KB breast brand was fully exposed - didn’t want any more trouble - and was ready in time for her police transport.
A large crowd had gathered at the public stocks, and was being controlled by the constables of the sheriff’s department, the whole affair now being a judicial proceeding. The man was not actually in the stocks, but in the pillory that accompanied the stocks in any well equipped town; And yes he was definitely the man who had abused her, he was stood, totally naked, with his head and hands firmly taken through the holes and his legs attached to a spreader bar.
A Judge, dressed in his full red regalia and wig, accompanied by the Sheriff of the Shire were let through the crowd. She was ordered to go with them, and the trio stood facing the taxi driver. The Judge confirmed with the Sheriff that the body fluid samples from the Kinkybitch did indeed match those taken from the accused. She formally identified the accused and the Sheriff read out the proclamation:-
“We, the people’s representatives, having examined all the evidence, find you, the accused, guilty of the following charges - Anal ****, Vaginal ****, Sexual interference and Contempt for the order of a Judge in Chambers”
The Judge now pronounced sentence:-
“You are a menace to women and have put yourself outside the protection of the sexual frustration laws, it is my duty to see to it that you never cause harm to another. Therefore, I sentence you to be punished as follows:- For vaginal ****, Your penis will be whipped with a scourge until it is no more; For anal ****, your rectum will be cauterised by the insertion of a red hot poker to a depth of six inches; For unlawful sexual interference, you will have your testicles crushed by bricking; For contempt of one of my fellow judges’ orders you will be blinded in both eyes; And you will pay £50,000 in compensation. Let all who are gathered here know that the judiciary will not tolerate this sort of behaviour, and that this sentence be a cautionary lesson to any who think they are above the law. Do you have anything to say before sentence is carried out?”
The man in the pillory could only mumble incoherently, but he did manage to piss and shit himself. The Sheriff ordered his constables to proceed with the punishment. The man was duly and exactingly punished, he was then released from the pillory and left for his f****y to collect.

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I know i shouldn't , but I'd like to be the protagonist in this story. and I would certainly want the "kinkybitch" brand.
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