Laura wanked me into her tights

I once had a girlfriend called Laura who used to indulge me in my tights fetish. We would often visit a pub near Kenwood in North London and she used to love teasing me in there by lifting up her skirt to show me her panties under her tights. It was a pretty quiet pub in the evenings and she could sit there for ages with her skirt hitched up around her waist showing off her undies to me. I asked her to play with herself one evening during the summer as she was wearing a delightful pair of Pretty Polly barely there 8 denier tights with dark blue panties underneath. She was a bit reluctant to play with herself inside the pub as there were a few people nearby that evening but she began to stroke her lovely cunt through her panties and tights for me and would quickly whip her skirt down whenever any of the bar staff came over towards our area. By now I was as stiff as anything and was dying to get inside her but she wanted to tease me some more so she continued to stroke the outside of her tights, pressing the fabrics onto her clit and making herself very wet. I could clearly see her dark blue panties getting darker around her gusset as her juices were gushing out and seeping into her tights. Laura then put her hand down her panties and tights and began to play with herself properly. This started me off as I unzipped myself and began to slowly waank next to her out of sight of the other customers. Laura loved watching me wank and slowly slipped off her tights and wrapped them around my cock and wanked me slowly into them. They were absolutely soaking wet with her warm pussy juice which made my cock throb even harder. She even took one leg of them and rubbed the material under her nose and began to lick her tights slowly as she continued to wank me into her sopping gusset. I came within minutes and Laura laughed and went into the ladies and put her tights back on still smothered in my cum and wore them for the rest of the night!
88% (35/5)
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7 months ago
you should take her as a lady .. and make enough exclusively gifts .. she is worth almost everything
8 months ago
like your night then. i love teasing men under the table and wanking them off so they shoot all over my tights dress n shoes
10 months ago
Lucky ...
1 year ago
Heaven, love to be wanked into tights or knickers
2 years ago
Damn! Me next ;-)
2 years ago
lovely experience, i used to slip my girlfriends tights down just below her cunt, then slip my cock in between her lips and her gusset, the friction of the nylon combined with her soaking wet lips was awesome, id cum profusely like this, and like you , id pull her tights back up after, it always made for a lovely messy time later, and turned her on with feeling and the aroma
3 years ago
you are one lucky guy!
3 years ago
Great experience!