Secretary in tights

This happened to me when I was sixteen years old and during a half term holiday during school. I was alone on the London underground near Southgate station in the middle of the afternoon when a gorgeous woman in her mid twenties boarded the train and sat directly opposite me. I thought it was a bit odd as the whole carriage was empty and I found myself staring at her legs as she was dressed in a smart seretary type outfit of a black jacket and matching skirt that wasn't quite a mini but was above the knee. I caught eye contact with her a few times and looked away in embarrasment. She sort of smiled as if she knew I was staring at her lovely legs. Alll of a sudden she spread her legs as wide as she could to reveaal that she was not wearing any panties underneath her natural shade tights. I was absolutely speechless as a gorgeous bush was staring back at me through her delicate layer of nylon. She looked me straight in the eye and began to play with her cunt through her tights, yanking up the centre seam to push hard on her clit as she continued to masturbate hard. She was gasping and moaning as she dug three fingers up her soaking slit as she continued to wank and pull the seam deeper into her cunt. She collapsed back into her seat gasping to get her breatah back when she finally came which didn't take long. Her tights were soaking wet and glistening around her cunt area and she quickly peeled them off and threw them at me before getting off at the next stop. I had a feeling that this wasn't the first time that she did something like this. needlesss to say I wanked myself senseless when I rushed home, sniffing her tights on the way and kept them for ages afterwards. Days like that do not happen very often!
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21 days ago
Great story! Don't see how 24 people disliked it.........are they mad!
1 year ago
I'm gonna start using public transport more..
2 years ago
Lucky man!!
2 years ago
i think im gonna try this xD
2 years ago
shame you did'nt have your camera with you
2 years ago
mmmmmmmmm great story
3 years ago
Great story.
3 years ago
very nice story
3 years ago
Very good
3 years ago