my fantasy...52

as i spend another wicked week-end with u
u get called in2 work 4 an emergency...
after i try 2 watch TV 4 a little while
i get cumpletely & totally bored
so i get on2 your computer
& check out sum hot gay porn...
i am so engrossed in what i look at
that i don't even hear u cum back in2 the house
& when u put your hands on my shoulders
i nearly jump out of the chair...

as i sit in front of your computer
i wear nothing but a skimpy cotton thong
& my state of arousal is cumpletely obvious...
as i press my head back against your belly
& slide my hands back 2 your legs
your hands slide down over my chest
& then down across my belly
until they finally reach my swollen cock...
i moan as your fingers encircle my shaft
& i lift my ass 2 press myself against u
as u squeeze my throbbing erection playfully...
u chuckle & whisper
" u seem 2 be a little bit excited !! "

i twist my head so i can look up at u
& reply softly
" i was just imagining that it was me & u !! "
as i twist the chair around so i am facing u
& my hand slides up your leg 2 your crotch...
as your hand continues 2 knead my cock
i grip your elongating shaft through the cloth
as my other hand slides 2 grip your ass...
when u finally release my crotch & stand up
i slide 4ward & slide my knees outside yours
as i look up in2 your eyes & lick my lips
& my hands move 2 your belt 2 unbuckle it...
your crotch is perfectly at my eye level
as i slowly unbutton & unzip your pants
then slide them slowly down over your thighs
as your hardening cock springs out at me...
i take your stiffening shaft in my left hand
as my right hand caresses your shaved balls
then i slip my tongue out & lick your shaft
all the way from your balls 2 your fat glans...
as u groan above me & press your hips 4ward
i open my mouth wide & then let u slip inside
& my tongue lathers all around your cock-head
as my hand still grips your thick root tightly...

as u step backward so u are against the wall
i slide the chair 4ward & follow u quickly
& i let your oozing cock-head slip in deeper
until i feel u enter the opening of my throat...
as u press your hips 4ward 2 go in deeper
i pull my mouth away from your tasty cock
then press it up tight against your belly
as i suck each of your balls in2 my mouth...
i move back & 4th from one 2 the other
as i suck each sensitive orb in2 my mouth
& lather my wet tongue all over & around it
be4 releasing it & moving over 2 the other...
i can feel your cock growing even harder
as i lavish all of my attention on your balls
until your erection feels like velvet on steel
& my mouth is watering 2 taste your seed...
as i look up directly in2 your eyes u groan
" i love the way u suck my cock !!
i love watching my cock in your mouth !!! "

as i continue 2 stare up in2 your eyes
i release my grip on your cock & let it drop
as i slide my hands back 2 grip your ass
& slowly lick all the way up the underside
of your cumpletely distended cock-flesh...
as soon as my tongue reaches your glans
i taste your salty/sweet pre-cum flavor
& i groan deep down inside of my chest
as i open my mouth wide & move 4ward
until i feel your girthy pulsing cock-head
slip in2 the taut opening of my throat...
as soon as my wet lips encircle your root
u start 2 hunch your hips 4ward quickly
& your glans fucks in2 my willing throat
with short & stabbing hot little strokes...
i grip on2 your ass even more tightly now
& pull your cock in2 me as deeply as i can
as your pubic bone smashes in2 my nose
& your smooth balls slap against my chin...
u stare down in2 my eyes again & groan
" your mouth is so fucking hot !!

as i look back up at u & try 2 smile at u
i slide my hands down behind your knees
as u move your hands up 2 grip my head
then u start 2 rock your ass back & 4th
& pull your cock cumpletely out of me
then slam yourself all the way back in...
i moan & groan as u deep-fuck my face
& i continue 2 stare up in2 your eyes
as u pull my face all the way on2 u
& i feel your glans push in2 my throat...
my cock throbs inside my tight thong
as i slide one hand down 2 stroke myself
& i suddenly ache 2 feel u deep inside me...
when u finally slide your cock back out
i pull my mouth quickly away & whimper
" fuck me !! fuck me !! please fuck me !!
i wanna feel u fuck my ass full of cock !!! "

as u step back & pull your clothes off
i turn around with my knees on the seat
& grip the chair arms as tightly as i can
while i press my chest on top of the back...
as i look back over my shoulder at u
i feel your thick saliva-soaked cock-shaft
slide up & down in the cleft of my ass
& i wriggle my ass back & 4th teasingly
as u hook your fingers under my thong
& slide it down & then cumpletely off me...
i groan loudly & my thighs begin 2 quiver
when i feel your hot mouth touching me
& i press my ass back against u & moan
" oh god yes !! eat my ass !! eat my ass !!
make me wet & juicy 4 your big cock !!! "
i twist my ass around in tiny tight circles
as your tongue delves in2 my taut pucker
& i press my ass against u even harder
when i feel your tongue spear deep in2 me...
your hands grip on2 my hips more tightly
as u fuck your coned tongue in & out of me
& u make my horny hole relaxed & slippery
as your beard stubble scratches me sexily...
when u finally pull your face away from me
i look back over my shoulder at u & moan
" i wanna feel your cock deep inside me !!
i wanna feel u fuck me full of your cock !!! "

u smile wickedly down at me & growl
" i'm gonna give u all the cock u can take !!
i'm gonna fuck u cumpletely full of cock !!! "
as u step closer 2 me & grip my ass-cheeks
then u pry them open wide & move closer
until i feel the tip of your totally turgid tool
as it nudges up against my puckered hole...
i take a breath & push my ass-hole outward
as u groan & press harder against my anus
until i feel my taut sphincter finally spread
& your girthy glans slips in2 my opening...
u hold yourself very still 4 just a moment
as u let my clutching hole stretch & relax
be4 u continue your awesum anal assault...
as my tight opening starts 2 loosen up
i press my ass back 2ward your crotch
2 let u know that i am ready 2 receive u
& as soon as i start 2 push backwards
u dig your fingertips deep in2 my hips
& then drive half your thick shaft in2 me...
i gasp as i feel u slide even deeper inside
& then groan loudly as u pull back & out
until just the tip of your cock is inside me...
as i grip the arms of the chair even tighter
u suddenly slam your hips savagely 4ward
& i feel your slippery balls slap against me
as my horny hole engulfs your entire cock...
i look back at u again & whimper softly
" that's it !! that's what i wanna feel !!
fuck that big cock deep deep in2 me !!! "

as soon as i speak i hear u grunt behind me
then u start 2 hammer your cock in2 me
& i feel your fingertips dig deep in2 my hips
as u pull your entire cock all the way out
until just the tip touches my aching ass-hole
then u cram your elongated erection back in
& i feel your balls slap wetly up against mine...
after a while u begin 2 run out of breath
so i grip the chair tighter & rock my body
& make my slippery ass slide on & off of u
fucking u with the same long strokes u used...
when i look back u are staring at my ass-hole
& u glance down at me & then whisper
" i love watching my cock fuck your ass !!! "
then u lean 4ward against me & bite my back
as u start 2 jack-hammer your cock in2 me...
i press my chest tighter on2 the chair back
then relesae my grip on the arms of the chair
& slide my hands down 2 clutch my cock...
my erection pulsates & throbs in my hands
as i wrap my fingers loosely around my shaft
& let your steady & deep ass-fucking rhythm
push & pull my erection in & out of my grip...
as i get closer & closer 2 cumming with u
i turn 2 look back at u again & groan
" you're gonna make me cum on your cock !!
i'm gonna cum on your big fucking cock !!! "

u tighten your grip on my hips once more
then start 2 power-fuck my upturned ass
driving your thick tool even deeper & deeper
as i rock my ass back 2 meet each thrust...
i can hear your breath cum in gasps & groans
as u fuck your cock in2 me faster & faster
& i can feel your girthy glans sc**** inside
as it slides back & 4th on my aching prostate
& when i feel my balls pulling high & tight
i know that i will be cumming very very soon...
i moan & whimper
" fuck me !! fuck me !! fuck me full of cock !!
fuck my ass-hole full of cum !! fuck me full !!! "
as my stomach suddenly clenches up tight
& my vision starts 2 blur & then go black...
my ass clenches down tight on2 your cock
as my erection throbs & pulsates wildly
& my cum splatters all over the chair back
as my orgasm washes over me violently...
i throw back my head & scream
" i'm cumming !! i'm cumming !! i'm cumming !!
oh god !! i'm cumming on your fucking cock !!! "

as my opening grips tighter on2 your shaft
i feel u drive your entire length deep in2 me
as u bury your cock inside me one last time
& i feel your shaft thicken & then pulsate
as u empty your steamy seed in2 my ass...
u groan loudly & then growl
" oh fuck !! i'm cumming in your ass !!
i'm fucking your tight ass full of cum !!! "
i grind my ass back against u hot & hard
& i feel your sweet seed splatter in2 me
as i feel the heat spread through my body
& i moan & whimper
" cum deep in me !! deep in me !! deep in me !!
fuck me full !! fuck my ass full of your cum !!! "
u continue 2 fuck your pulsing cock in2 me
as u rock your hips in short stabbing strokes
& milk the last juicy drops in2 my hot hole
as i twist my ass in tight & tiny circles on u
& i look back at u & whisper
" i love your cock !! i love the way u fuck me !!
i love feeling u cumming deep inside my ass !!! "

( do u wanna ??? )
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3 years ago
Loved it! I love being fucked, hon. XOXO