my fantasy...51

as u lie on the bed on your back
i pull myself up & turn my body around
so i kneel on the mattress above your head
& my rock-hard cock hovers above your face...
i lean my upper body 4ward at the waist
& place my hands on your lower thighs
as i press your muscular legs wide apart
& start 2 lick the inside of your thigh...
i slide my tongue from your knee 2 your crotch
& leave wet & glistening trails of saliva
all the way up your trembling inner thigh
then i suck the sensitive skin below your scrotum
which makes u writhe below me & groan
" suck it !! suck it !! oh god !! suck my cock !!! "
my cock-head is just above your open mouth
& i feel your hot tongue slither out on2 me
& lick a glistening drop of ooze from my cum-hole
then your hands grab my ass & pull me down
far enough 2 get the oozing head of my cock
squeezed in between your puckered lips...
i lift my head & moan
" yes !! suck my cock !! make me cum !!
cum with me !! cum deep in my throat !!! "

u moan around my glans as i open my mouth wide
& take the thick head of your cock between my lips
as my hands grip your inner thighs above the knee
& i pull your legs all the way up & 2wards me...
then i slide my arms around & behind your legs
& push your knees down 2ward the mattress
on either side of your sweaty & heaving chest
which makes your spread ass rise from the bed
& drives your full length in2 the wetness of my mouth
as it f***es the girthy glans of your thick cock
all the way in2 the taut opening of my throat...
u slide perfectly in2 my wet & willing orifice
& cumpletely stuff my hungry oral cavity
with your wonderfully wanton cock-flesh...
my nose is almost completely crushed
against the skin of your sweaty scrotum
& my straining lips stretch obscenely wide
around the thick root of your wildly pulsing cock...

when i swallow your entire elongated erection
u grip on2 my upturned ass even tighter
& pull my unsteady & quivering hips downward
as u take my full length deep in2 your mouth...
i moan as i feel the taut opening of your throat
move rhythmically on me as u swallow over & over
& make my entire cock pulsate & throb & tingle...
even though i have your knees pinned 2 the mattress
u start 2 rock your strong hips up & down slowly
as u fuck your fat cock deeper & deeper in2 my throat
& i slide my hands closer 2 the cleft of your ass
as my finger slips slowly in2 your puckered asshole
it makes u moan & move your hips even harder & faster...
i slide my knees back 2ward the head of the bed
so my crotch is almost completely resting on your face
& i slowly lift my ass up-ward as i pull my cock back
until just my glans is still captured in your wet mouth
& your hot tongue swirls all around & around it
then i slam back down in2 your wonderful throat
& my wet balls smack your nose with every thrust...
i am so cumpletely fucking horny
as i fuck your tight throat
& i engulf your fat tasty cock
as it stretches deeper & deeper
in2 my cock-swallowing throat...

as we make each other feel fantastic
u groan & thrust your hips up 2wards my face
& drive the remainder of your tasty sword
even deeper in2 my cum-thirsty throat
which makes u gasp around my cock...
as i start 2 undulate my hips
& slide a little bit deeper with each stroke
i slip my fingers 2 your scrotum
& squeeze your sweaty balls gently
as i take your full length back in2 my hungry throat
& suck your distended erection as hard as i can
as my cheeks pucker with the effort...

u still grip my ass & pull it wide open
as u pull my cock deep in2 your throat
& with each thrilling 4ward thrust
i f***e my quivering ass downward
& press the full length of my cock
all the way down in2 your hot sucking throat
& make my balls slap in2 your nose...
u are humping your ass up & down
2 the same feverish face-fucking rhythm
as your upthrusts slide your fat cock
all the way up in2 my cock-gulping throat
then u quickly lower your trembling ass
& pull your cock almost all the way out of my wet mouth...
i still have your thighs pinned under my arms
as my hands knead the flesh of your butt-cheeks
& i pull your hard thick prick deep in2 my throat
each time u lift your wide-spread ass 2wards me...

as i slide my hands up & down your ass
i notice that your ball-sack starts 2 tighten
which pulls your balls up closer 2 your body
& i cradle your huge balls in my hands
as i caress & squeeze them tenderly
& make u get closer & closer 2 cumming...
as i grip your orgasm-tightening balls
u start 2 hump your cock in2 my throat
& drive your thickness in2 me hard & fast...
i feel your delicious cock swell even further
& it stretches my taut throat even wider
as your shaft begins 2 pulsate on my tongue
& i feel your fingernails dig deep in2 my ass
as the first hot spurt of deliciously thick cum
erupts from your spastically spasming cock
& sprays deep inside my hungrily sucking throat...
your hips buck up 2wards me uncontrollably
as u empty your thick hot load deep in2 me
& u groan loudly around my throbbing cock
as u continue 2 fill my belly with your tasty juices...
i suck & swallow & suck & swallow as fast as i can
over & over & over & again & again & again
as i consume every drop of your savory seed...

as u buck 2wards me one last time
& shoot the final blast of your gigantic load
deep in2 my cum-thirsty throat
i let your softening cock slowly slither
all the way out of my tired & aching mouth
just as my own cock suddenly explodes
& sends it's long ropy gouts of thick cum
deep in2 your still-sucking throat
which almost makes u choke in surprise
becuz my orgasm is so sudden....
your hands grip on2 my ass tighter
as u pull your face upward against me
& take me all the way inside your throat
as u gulp & swallow over & over & over
& vacuum every drop of hot semen
out of my wildly twitching cock...
i groan as i feel u suck my erection dry
& your hot throat rhythmically milks me
& pulls every drop through the length of my cock
& takes my seed deep in2 your cum-thirsty throat...
when my orgasmic pulsations finally subside
i slowly & shakily slide backwards away from u
& my cock slithers free of your hot mouth
with a wet & sexy slurping sound...

( do u wanna ??? )
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