dark shower fantasy

in walks an ebony god...
( it is u )
massive & muscular...
torso a perfect mass of muscles
& legs like mammoth tree trunks...
rivulets of sweat run down your body
clinging & then running down your abs
2 the waistband of your spandex shorts...
big & built & bulging... ( & massively hung )

i follow u in2 the locker room
& then in2 the shower...
there u are
your body totally exposed
under the steaming hot water
your long soft cock sways
almost obscenely
as u move...
almost an entire foot long
& so wide it hides your balls
with deliciously drooping 4-skin
covering the gigantic glans...
all i can do is stare in amazement
as i have never seen anything that huge
& it looks even bigger than it did
in your tight spandex shorts...

when u see me
u stop & face me
as u rub your chest
& play with your nipples...
u stare right in2 my eyes & groan
" u know u wanna do it !! suck it !!
suck that big fucking black cock !!! "
i slowly slide down 2 my knees
2 worship your magnificent member...
i grasp your shaft at the base
& stroke your huge length slowly
as your cock begins 2 harden...
it does not get very much longer
just fuller & thicker & straighter
& so heavy that it droops down-ward...
when u are finally completely & fully hard
the 4-skin still covers your cock-head
so i skin it slowly back down your shaft
as i open my mouth as wide as i can
& engulf your massively swollen glans...
u grab the sides of my head & moan
" suck it !! suck that big fucking cock !! "
& u try 2 press more in2 my open mouth
but the fat head is all u can cram in
as your shaft is as thick as a beer can...
4 a moment i feel a twinge of terror
at the thought of being anally invaded
by a thing so brutally huge & unyeilding
but the fear & doubt is quickly replaced
by pure a****l lust & carnal craving...
i am ready 2 feel u deep deep inside me
so i bend down & grab my own knees
& then i feel your hands on my ass
caressing & rubbing & squeezing...
i press back against your hands
& your low bass voice whispers
" i'm gonna fuck the cum outta your cock !!
i'm gonna fuck your tight ass fulla my cum !!! "
i stay bent over at the waist
presenting my horny ass 2 u
as your fingers slip in2 my cleft
& slide slowly down 2 my horny hole
then f***e their way in2 my taut tunnel
2 stretch & caress the inside of it...
i bend down further & grab my ankles
as i enjoy the naughty sensations...

u know what u want
u want 2 fuck my ass...
i know what i want
i want 2 feel u deep inside me...

i tremble in anticipation
as u remove your fingers
so u can pull my ass-cheeks wide open
& then step up closer behind my ass...
i feel the gigantic head of your cock
as it bumps up against my hungry hole
& u slowly press against my resisting opening...
i reach back 2 u & whimper
" please go slow !! please fuck me slow !!
i have never had anyone this big !!! "
there is this quick flash of pleasure & pain
& then your giant glans finally slips in2 me
& i can feel the heat of it stretching my insides...
i look back over my shoulder & whimper
" oh my god !! it's so fucking thick !!!
i've never felt anything like this be4 !!! "
your arms wrap tightly around my waist
& pull me up in2 a standing position
with my back tight against rock-hard muscle...
water pours down over our sweating bodies
as your hands play across my chest & belly
then slowly squeeze & caress my aching cock
& i close my eyes in anticipation of what is 2 come...

u start with short & sharp stabbing strokes
as your hands move 2 grip my hips tightly
& u work more of your thick length in2 me...
your tongue & teeth move slowly down my neck
as i feel your muscles ripple sexily across my back...
u bite in2 my earlobe & whisper
" don't touch your cock !! i'll make u cum !!
i'm gonna fuck the cum right outta u !!
i'm gonna make u cum just from fucking u !!! "
then your thrusting speed finally starts 2 pick up
& your massive tool stretches the insides of my rectum
as u expand my insides wider than they have ever been
like a wedge that will split my entire body in 2...
i can feel your massive & muscular thighs
as they flex & move against my ass...
it is all made even more exciting
by the chance we can be caught here.
the thought makes my body flush
& my cock jumps & twitches wildly
as the pounding of my ass continues...
u press me hard up against the tiles
& let loose with a flurry of fast strokes
faster & harder your tool bangs in2 me
unrelenting & ceaseless & so powerful...

i twist my head back 2ward u & moan
" oh yes !! fuck the cum out of me !!
make me cum on your big black cock !!
i wanna cum on your big fucking cock !!! "
i am helpless 2 prevent u from doing as u will
& it makes me crave u & your cock even more...
i can feel it as that black mamba swells in me
ready 2 drench my insides with your cum...
your strokes slow & become longer & deeper
sliding almost totally out & then f***efully back in
as i take every inch of your thickness inside me...
u pin me tight 2 the wall as my belly clenches
& then i feel my sphincter tighten on your fat cock
as every muscle in my body shudders with electricity
of feeling my hot cum shooting from my erection...
i throw back my head & scream
" i'm cumming !!! oh god !! i'm cumming !!
i'm cumming on your fucking cock !!! "
as my cock spasms & i splatter the tiled wall
& i bear down hard & grip your invading shaft tightly
as i feel myself being injected with your hot seed...
spurt after spurt of molten liquid enters my ass
& comletely drenches my quivering insides
as i press back against u & moan
" cum deep in me !! oh yeah !! deep in me !!!
fuck my ass full of cum !!! cum deep in me !!! "

i want this feeling of mutual orgasm 2 last 4ever
as i feel your crotch grind harder in2 my ass...
my entire body is trembling & my legs quivering
& i would have fallen all the way 2 my knees
if i wasn't impaled on your monstrous tool
& pinned so tightly up against the wall...
i feel your arms slip from around me
& your sweet meat slowly slide out of me
as i slowly slide down on2 my knees...
then i feel the warm & wet over-flow of your cum
as it follows your dick out of my gaping fuck-hole
& slides down the insides of my trembling thighs...
my chest heaves as i try 2 catch my breath
& i finally manage 2 stand up & turn around
2 find u are gone...
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