my fantasy...49

when i step out of the shower
u have the lid flipped down
& u sit totally naked on the toilet
with your legs spread out wide...
be4 i can even say anything
your hand slides 2 my wet cock
& strokes my freshly-shaved skin...
i smile wickedly & say
" i didn't hear u cum in !! "
as i lean back against the counter
& u stand up directly in front of me
& your hand squeezes my shaft...
as u move a little bit closer 2 me
i reach between us & grab your cock
& feel u begin 2 harden & thicken...
u groan & almost snarl
" i'm gonna make u cum so hard !!! "

as u start 2 expand in my hand
i slide slowly down on2 my knees
as i still grip your thickening shaft
& as your hands grip on2 my head
i open my mouth as wide as i can
& let your entire cock slide inside...
u throw your head back & groan
" suck it !! suck that fucking cock !! "
as your glans probes even deeper
it stretches the opening of my throat
& my lips encircle your girthy root...
as i balance my ass on my heels
u grab the sides of my head tighter
& start 2 rock your hips back & 4th
as u drive your thick cock even deeper
& almost make me gag & choke
as my eyes water with the effort...
when i look up in2 your eyes u moan
" u look hot with my cock in your mouth !! "

when your cock is cumpletely erect
& cumpletely drenched with my saliva
u pull me up from the bath-room floor
& bend me 4ward over the counter
as u push my right knee up there 2
so my ass is spread wide open 4 u...
i hook my right arm behind my knee
as i feel u slap your cock against me
& then i feel your wet & bloated glans
as it slips up in2 the cleft of my ass...
i groan loudly & shamelessly whimper
" fuck me !! fuck me !! fuck me deep !!
i wanna feel your cock deep inside me !! "
as i feel the tip of your fat cock-head
center itself against my puckered anus...
i take a deep breath & then another
as i press my anal opening out-ward
& struggle 2 relax my taut sphincter
as i try 2 open myself 4 your assault...

as soon as i feel your glans enter me
& stretch my rubbery ring wide open
i press back-wards as hard as i can
& it makes my foot slip back 2 the floor
so i am bent over 4ward at the waist
& my hands grip the faucet handles
as your cock slides deeper & deeper
with each ferociously f***eful stroke
until i feel your balls slap against mine...
i look back over my shoulder & whisper
" i love your fat fucking cock fucking me !! "
as i squeeze my inner muscles down tight
& grip down on2 your tasty cock like a fist...

as soon as u are buried 2 the hilt inside me
u grip my hips tight & start 2 pull me back
until u are right in front of the toilet again
& then u lower yourself down & pull me along
until u sit back down on the toilet seat again
with your thick cock still buried deep in me...
as i twist my ass in tiny circles on your cock
i can feel your shaft rub & caress my prostate
& it makes my own cock throb & pulsate wildly
as i press myself down even harder & whimper
" your fucking cock is gonna make me cum !!
you're gonna make me cum on your cock !!! "

as soon as i tell u how cumpletely hot i am
u reach around & grip the shaft of my cock
as u start 2 hammer your cock in2 my ass
with brutally short & stab-like mini-strokes...
as u pound your thick cock up in2 my hole
it slides my cock up & down in your hand
& brings me even closer & closer 2 orgasm...
as my feet cumpletely jerk up off the floor
& my ass-hole entirely engulfs your fat cock
i press my back against your chest & scream
" i'm cumming !! i'm cumming on your cock !!
oh god !! i'm cumming on your fucking cock !! "
as the intense pressure finally becums 2 much
& my distended cock spasms in your hand...
as my ass-hole clutches even tighter on2 u
my seed pours from my cock like a volcano
& cumpletely drenches my entire chest & belly...

as my orgasm finally starts 2 wane & subside
u push up away from the toilet & finally stand
with your cock still buried deep in my hot hole
& then press my chest up hard against the wall
with my back arched & my feet spread out wide...
as i reach out & grab the towel rack 4 support
u grip my hips tight & start 2 deep-fuck my ass
& i can feel your thick cock slide all the way out
be4 u thrust yourself powerfully back in2 me...
i look back over my shoulder at u & moan
" fuck me !! fuck me !! fuck me !! fuck me !!
fuck my tight ass with that big fucking cock !! "
as u start 2 plow in2 me even harder & deeper
& each thrust makes me rise up on2 my toes...
my tight ass-hole is so full of your thick cock
that it feels like i will be ripped & torn in half...
as i push my aching ass up & down on my toes
i can feel your throbbing tool stretch me wider
& my cock begins 2 respond 2 your attack...
as my cock hardens & thickens & lengthens
i reach back & grip the sides of your hips
& try 2 pull your weapon ever deeper in2 me
as i groan passionately & whisper hoarsely
" oh god !! you're gonna make me cum again !!
make me cum on your big fucking cock again !!! "

as soon as u hear me say those words
your fingers dig in2 my hips even deeper
& u start 2 pound your fat cock in2 me
deeper & harder & faster than ever be4
as u make my supple ass-cheeks quiver...
your cock is so obscenely swollen & horny
that it feels absolutely gargantuan inside me
& as soon as u start 2 drive deeper in2 me
i arch my back even further than be4
& press my ass back 2ward u even tighter
as i suddenly release a gurgled scream
" i'm cumming !! i'm cumming on your cock !!
oh god yes !! i'm cumming on your big cock !! "

my second orgasm is even more intense
& my legs quiver so much that i nearly collapse
but your delightfully hard cock holds me up
as my cock spews long streams of juicy cum
& they splash all over the wall in front of me...
as my orgasm courses all through my body
my ass clamps down tight on2 your thick shaft
& i feel it start 2 throb & pulsate inside my body...
as u groan
" oh god !! i'm cumming !! i'm cumming in u !!
i'm gonna shoot your tight ass full of cum !!! "
i press my ass back against u as hard as i can
& groan as i feel the thick & hot spurts inside me
as they splatter & spray on2 my inner walls...
as your pulsating cock continues 2 empty itself
i twist my ass in tiny circles on your fat cock
& milk every sweet drop of seed out of u...
i groan & whisper
" cum deep in me !! deep in me !! deep in me !!
shoot me full !! fuck my ass full of your cum !!! "

( do u wanna ??? )
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3 years ago
Nice story! Very horny!