my fantasy...48

i am lying on the massage table
waiting impatiently 4 my masseur
not knowing that u have prepared
a delightfully wicked surprise 4 me...
i am lying fully naked & face-down
with a towel just covering my ass
when i hear the door open & close
& then the lock being turned
as u quietly enter the room...
i moan softly
as i feel your strong oily hands
knead the muscles of my back
then all the way down my legs...
when u have finished my back
u whisper
" please roll over 4 me !! "
& i do so quickly & obediently
feeling my towel slide off me
without ever opening my eyes...

as your fingers caress my chest
i realize the touch is very familiar
& i slowly open my eyes up wide
2 see u smiling slyly down at me...
as i slide my hand up very slowly
2 the bulging crotch of your shorts
your hand slips down over my belly
& i groan & press my hips upward
as your fingers encircle my shaft
& your mouth engulfs my cock-head
& i twist my upper body 2ward u
as my hands slide your shorts off
freeing your expanding cock-flesh...

i grasp your hips with my hands
& pull u up 2 the head of the table
as i turn my hungry mouth 2ward u...
u whisper urgently
" suck my cock !! make me hard !! "
as i open my mouth as wide as i can
& swallow the girthy head of your cock...
your hand continues 2 stroke my shaft
& your tongue lathers my oozing glans
as i slowly work my wet lips on2 u
until my taut throat grips your crown
then i slide slowly back away from u
until just the juicy tip touches my lips...

i work my drooling mouth up & down
the entire length of your thick shaft
until your cock is throbbing obscenely
dripping & wet with my slippery saliva
& oozing pre-cum all over my tongue...
i groan & whimper
" fuck me !! i just want u 2 fuck me !!
i wanna feel your cock deep inside me !! "
as i slide down lower on the table
& pull your ass up on2 the top end
with your back resting on the wall...
as i grip the girthy root of your cock
my lips slide all the way on2 your shaft
& my mouth engulfs your entire tool...

as i feel your glans enter my throat
u suddenly pull yourself away from me
& push me on2 my back on the table
as u slide your body down beside me
until your crotch is right below my ass
& u are lying on your side beside me...
as i twist my upper body away from u
your hand presses my knee 2 my chest
& i feel your slippery cock-head probing
as it searches 4 my tight anal opening...
i push my other leg out 2ward the side
as my hand reaches between our bodies
& grasps the thick shaft of your cock
& guides your bloated glans 2 my hole...
i moan & whisper
" i wanna feel u deep deep inside me !! "
as your oozing tip touches my anus
& i feel u start 2 press 4ward insistently...

i groan deep down inside my chest
as your cock-head burrows in2 me
& i feel my cavity stretch wider & wider
2 accommodate your delicious thickness...
as soon as u are balls-deep inside me
& i can feel your smooth sac against me
i contort my sweaty body further away
until i am on my side facing away from u...
i groan breathlessly
" your cock feels so fucking good in me !!! "
as i press my ass back 2ward u harder
& i pull my leg up tight against my chest...
your hand grips my ass-cheek tightly
as u pull my willing ass even wider open
& start 2 pound your thick cock in2 me
stroking the entire length in & out slowly...

" faster !! faster !! fuck me faster !! "
i whimper loudly
making u start 2 piston your hips hard
as your cock slides in & out of my ass
picking up more speed with every stroke
until u are jack-hammering my hot hole...
i press myself back 2ward u even more
as i feel u delve deeper & deeper in2 me
& your thick shaft strokes my prostate
& causes my cock 2 ooze & leak pre-cum...
just as start 2 lose myself in the intensity
u suddenly drag your cock out of my ass
& pull me up from the massage table
then push me in2 a chair in the corner...
as i grip the arms of the chair tightly
& slide both my knees up on2 the seat
i press my chest tight against the back
as u drop 2 your knees on the floor
& spear your hot tongue in2 my anus...
i groan & push my entire ass backwards
as your hands pry my ass-cheeks wide
& your tongue slips deeper in2 my hole...
i look back over my shoulder & whisper
" fuck me !! i want your cock in my ass !!
i wanna feel your cock inside me again !!! "

as i reach up & grasp the back of the chair
i feel your throbbing cock-head against me
as it presses insistently in2 my wet pucker
& i moan as i feel u re-enter my anal abyss...
my horny hole grips your thick shaft tightly
as it plunges deeper & deeper in2 my body
& i can feel every ridge & vein on your cock
as it stretches & strains my inner muscles...
your hands grip the sides of my hips tight
as u plunge your turgid & throbbing tool
in & out of the clutching tautness of my ass...
i look back at u & softly moan
" your cock feels so fucking big inside me !! "
as i begin 2 undulate my hips up & down
& make your cock stir deep inside my body
so it will touch & caress every inner fiber...

as your cock slips back & 4th on my prostate
i can feel my own cock throbbing & pulsing
& i know that i will be cumming very soon
so i press my ass back against u even harder
& your shaft slides even deeper in2 my hole
as your big balls slap wetly against my own...
i suddenly feel the orgasm wash over me
as i buck back against u harder & faster
as i suddenly scream
" i'm cumming !! i'm cumming on your cock !!
oh my god !!! i'm cumming on your cock !!! "
& my belly clenches tight & my cock explodes
as the cum oozes out of me in a steady stream
& my horny fuck-hole grips your cock tighter...

as my orgasm erupts & my ass seizes u
u cram your cock in2 me as deep as u can
& i hear u groan
" cum on my cock !! cum on my fucking cock !!! "
as your shaft swells even thicker & thicker
& your entire cock begins 2 throb & pulsate...
i slam my entire ass backwards & then scream
" i'm cumming !! i love cumming on your cock !!! "
as my cock empties itself in2 the chair below
& my entire body shakes & quivers in ecstasy...

as soon as my orgasm diminishes & subsides
u quickly slide your cock from my clutching ass
then flip me over on2 my back on the floor...
as u move over my body 2 mount me again
u grin down at me wickedly & then whisper
" i wanna cum in your hot fucking mouth !! "
& then plunge the entire length of your cock
back in2 the depths of my grippy ass-hole...
as i reach down 2 grip the sides of your hips
u start 2 hammer your cock in & out of me
as hard & as fast & as deep as u possibly can
until i feel your shaft swell even further inside
& your eyes suddenly start 2 look glazed...
i stare up at u & whisper
" put it in my mouth !! cum in my mouth !!
i wanna taste your hot cum in my mouth !!! "
just as your throbbing tool is about 2 explode
u suddenly drag it cumpletely out of my ass
& slide your body 4ward 2 straddle my chest
then stuff your cock in2 my hungry mouth...
as soon as your glans touches my hot tongue
i feel the first hot spurt splash in2 my mouth
then another & another & another & another
as u push your cock deeper & deeper & deeper
until the final drooling drops enter my throat...
as u groan & rock your hips back & 4th slowly
i swallow over & over so my throat grips on2 u
& milks the last drops of seed out of your cock...

( do u wanna ??? )
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3 years ago
my complete fantasy, your ass then cum in your mouth.
3 years ago
Wow Wheres this place i wouldlove to get a massage thanks