my fantasy...47

it's a beautiful sunny day
& i am in your back-yard
working on my all-over tan
& waiting 4 u 2 cum home...

when i hear your car in the drive
i get up quickly & hurry inside
as i stroke my cock on the way...
u are already bare-chested
sitting on one of the bar-stools
with your knees spread out wide
wearing only shorts & shoes
as i walk 2 u cumpletely naked...

your hand slides 2 my swollen cock
as i move between your thighs
& my hands unfasten your shorts...
u stand up just long enough
2 drop your shorts 2 your ankles
then sit back down on the stool
as i slide down 2 my knees be4 u
& press myself between your legs...

as u lift your feet 2 the rungs
your shorts drop 2 the floor
& your hands grip my head
as i slide my thirsty tongue out
2 taste the first glistening drop
of your delicious oozing pre-cum...
u groan
" suck my cock !! suck it now !!! "

as i stare up in2 your eyes
i open my mouth as wide as i can
& grip the thick shaft in my hand
as my lips slide over your glans...
suddenly u grip the back of my head
as u lift your ass up from the stool
& u ram the entire length of your cock
all the way in2 my straining throat...
as i slide my hands 2 your hips
u hammer-fuck your cock in2 me
which almost makes me gag & choke
as u moan
" take it !! take it !! take it all !!! "

i look up at u with watering eyes
as u continue 2 push deeper in2 me
until my lips are around your root
& your cock-head is in my throat...
my saliva pours from my mouth
& drenches your entire cock-shaft
then drips down on2 your balls
as u power-fuck my willing mouth
& i submit 2 your dominant needs...

as u continue 2 fuck my hot mouth
i slowly push myself up 2 my feet
so i am bent 4ward at the waist
& it lines my up throat straighter
which allows your cock 2 go deeper
so it cumpletely fills my taut throat...
your hands still grip my head tightly
as your hips stroke insistently 4ward
& your pubic bone crushes my lip
as your balls slap against my chin...
u groan loudly
" suck it !! suck that big cock !!! "

i continue 2 stare up in2 your eyes
as your cock searches my throat
until u finally pull yourself away
& slide your thick cock out of me...
i whisper
" does this mean u wanna fuck me ??
wanna put your big cock in my ass ?? "
as u turn my body 2ward the bar
& lift my right foot up on2 a stool...
i grasp the other side of the bar
& press my chest down on the top
as u move your body behind mine
& i feel the slick tip of your glans
as it searches 4 my puckered hole...
i press my chest down even tighter
as i reach behind 2 grab your shaft
& guide your saliva-soaked cock-head
2 the hot opening of my willing ass...

i groan & whimper
" oh yes !! fuck me !! please fuck me !!
i wanna feel your cock deep inside me !! "
as i press my ass back-ward eagerly
& i feel the head of your cock enter me...
as soon as your girthy glans is inside
i release my grip on your thick shaft
then grasp the cheeks of my own ass
& pull myself open wide 4 your assault...
as u press yourself further in2 my hole
i push my ass back 2 meet your thrusts
& groan when your balls are against me
as i engulf your entire length deep inside...
your hands slide 2 my quivering hips
as u grip me tightly & drive in deeper
then slowly slide back away from me
until just the head remains embedded...
u continue 2 deep-stroke me slowly
as my horny hole grips u so snugly
& i slip a hand down 2 stroke myself
as u moan
" your ass is still so fucking tight !!! "

suddenly u pull your cock out of me
then pull my body around 2 face u
& push me back so i am sitting down
with my ass on the edge of the stool...
as i lean my shoulders on2 another stool
i reach down & pull my ass open again
as u grip my ankles & push them up
until my knees press against my chest...
u step 4ward as i stare in2 your eyes
& i feel your cock-head on my hot hole
then u thrust your hips savagely 4ward
& cram your entire length in2 my body...
i groan loudly
" yes !! oh yes !! fuck my tight ass !!
oh god !! fuck my ass full of cock !!! "

as u begin 2 saw your cock in & out
i move my hips up & down slightly
& make your thick shaft caress deep
so it touches every part of my insides...
i slide my hands to the back my thighs
& pull my knees tighter against my chest
as your hands grip on2 my waist tightly
& u pound your horny cock deep in2 me...
i moan & groan & whimper continuoiusly
as your cock delves deep in2 my passage
& my cock flops up & down obscenely
as it drips strings of pre-cum on2 me...
i look in2 your eyes & whisper
" i wanna cum on your big cock !!!
make me cum on your fucking cock !!! "

just as i feel my orgasm start 2 build
u suddenly pull your cock out of me
then pull me up 2 my feet & turn me
so that i am facing 2ward the bar-stool...
as i lean 4ward & bend at the waist
with my elbows on the seat of the stool
u move closer behind my up-turned ass
& your hands grip my hips very tightly...
when i feel the tip of your cock touch me
i press my entire ass backward quickly
& my clutching hole engulfs your shaft
as your entire length enters me fully...
you groan
" i'm gonna fuck the cum out of u !!! "

u pull your whole cock out slowly
until just the tip touches my horny hole
then u slam all the way back in2 me
& make my ass-cheeks quiver & shake
over & over & again & again & again
until my cock pulses & throbs 4 release...
i moan as i feel my orgasm approach
but u suddenly pull my body up-right
so my back is tight against your chest
then u slide your hands 2 my knees
& pull my legs all the way outward
as u hold me suspended in the air...
your cock is still deep inside my ass
as u turn my body 2ward the bar
& lower my knees on2 2 of the stools
as i press my chest down on2 the bar
& reach 2 grip on2 the opposite side...
the bar-stools are several feet apart
so my ass is spread out cumpletely
& your cock drives in even deeper
as i twist my hovering ass in circles...
i moan & whisper
" your cock feels so fucking good !!
i love your cock so deep inside me !!! "

my own cock flops up & down wildly
as u pound your erection in2 my ass
& i can feel my orgasm approach again
as i hope that it will cum this time...
your hands grip my hips very tightly
as u drive your cock deep in2 my hole
& i groan
" fuck me !! fuck me !! FUCK ME !!!
make me cum on your fucking cock !!! "

your thrusts start 2 get faster & deeper
& i can feel your shaft rub my prostate
as u wrap your arms around my waist
& start 2 jack-hammer your cock in2 me...
i grind my ass back against u even harder
as i feel my cock start 2 swell & pulsate
& as the first string of cum oozes from me
i scream
" i'm cumming !! i'm cumming on your cock !!
oh god !! i'm cumming on your fucking cock !! "

i stare down at my own throbbing erection
as my cum oozes from the tip like a volcano
& my ass clenches on2 your pulsating shaft
as i feel the first fiery spurt deep inside me
& your orgasm drenches my quivering chasm...
u groan deep in your chest
" i'm cumming !! i'm cumming deep inside u !! "
as i twist my ass in tight little circles on u
& milk the sweet secretions from your tool
as i whisper
" cum deep in me !! deep in me !!
deep in me !! fuck me full of cum !! "

( do u wanna ??? )
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3 years ago
Yeh i'mnext need that cock both of you thanks