first taste...

last monday i came home from work early & what i walked in2 changed my life. i went in2 the kitchen 2 get a glass of water & as i filled my glass, i peered out the window at the back yard. what i saw made me freeze in my tracks. there be4 my eyes was my room-mate, steven, on his knees in front of a young black man. steven held his huge penis in his hand, pumping it slowly. i watched as he lifted it & then began licking the guy's lemon-sized testicles, then ran his dripping tongue along the entire length of that large black semi-hard cock.
i couldn't tear my eyes away as i watched that cock pulsing & then growing longer & thicker. steven was kissing & licking it & it was obvious that he was enjoying it. then his tongue was running circles around the mushroom-shaped tip. i watched as the black guy grabbed a handful of steven's hair & pulled his head 4ward & even from where i was, his eagerness was apparent as he took the gigantic pole deep in2 his throat.
he must have been sucking on the thick black penis very hard, because i could see the outline of it bulging out steven's cheeks. his head twisted from side 2 side as the black man guided it back & 4th, jerking his hips 4ward with every long stroke. by the expression on his face, i could only imagine the pleasure he was feeling from steven's eager mouth. his other hand moved 2 the back of my room-mate's head & he began 2 fuck still faster in2 steven's throat. he lifted his face 2ward the sky & then his mouth opened, his legs shaking almost uncontrollably. i could see steven's throat muscles moving up & down & i realized that this huge black stud was ejaculating in2 steven's mouth & he was swallowing every drop of this black man's seed.
at first i was repulsed at the depraved act my friend was committing, but as i watched his cheeks puff & hollow over & over again, the lewd scene began 2 fascinate me. i watched steven continue 2 suck & lick at the now flaccid cock & 2 my complete amazement it began 2 come back 2 life, growing thick & long once again. still steven continued 2 suck on it 4 several minutes be4 his black friend pushed his head away.
at this point my cock was throbbing uncontrollably & leaking juicy pre-cum, soaking through the front of my pants. the black man then said something 2 steven, stroking his cock & my room-mate turned around, crouching on his hands & knees as his black lover came up behind him, letting that huge tool rest between the cheeks of steven's quivering ass 4 just a moment.
as steven pressed his chest 2 the ground & reached back, pulling his own ass-cheeks apart, the black stud reached down, gripping his thick shaft & guided the tip of his cock 2 steven's puckered asshole. steven had his eyes closed & his mouth open as that big black cock slid deeply in2 his tight, upturned ass. as the black guy began 2 fuck deeply in2 steven's ass, i could hear the passion & lustful excitement in steven's cries of pleasure. i couldn't take it any more. i slid my pants 2 my ankles & began stroking the steel-hard shaft of my own leaking & pulsating cock.
as the black man fucked steven harder & harder, his swinging balls smacked up underneath steven, slapping hard against my room-mate's balls again & again. suddenly, steven reared backwards, his back pressed up 2 the black guy's chest & his entire body shook as sperm flew from the tip of his cock, arching across the grass in huge spurts without his cock even being touched. as steven exploded, the black man grabbed his hips & lunged in2 steven as far as he could go. i saw his tight buttock muscles flexing over & over. at that moment i climaxed 2 the thought of him filling my room-mate's ass with his hot, sticky sperm. it was one of the most intense orgasms i had ever experienced & i loved it, riding wave after wave of hot, aching release.
i watched then as the black guy pulled his cock from steven's gaping asshole, the sperm pouring out of him, dripping off his balls & forming a puddle beneath him. steven turned 2 him then & began sucking & licking his penis, then completely swallowing it, cleaning away any trace of their coupling.
at that point i turned & went quickly 2 my bedroom, not wanting 2 be discovered by either of them. steven was such a proper, respectable person that i just couldn't believe that he had let that young black man, who seemed no older than my own daughter, fuck him & use his body as he wished. what really shocked me, though, was the blissful look on steven's face as he was fucked like a common street-walker.
i could only imagine what it would be like 2 experience pleasure so intense. besides, steven had never even hinted that he might be gay. i knew that there were gay bars in town & i had even heard other guys talking about giving blowjobs, but the thought of putting another man's penis in my mouth had always sickened me. now, though, after watching my friend devour that big, black penis & swallow his sperm so hungrily & wantonly, i wondered if it could feel or taste that bad. the thought was making my cock start 2 feel thick again. pictures of that huge black cock stretching out my friend's mouth danced all through my fevered imagination, making me so horny i had 2 find some kind of immediate release.
once again, my cock was hard & throbbing & i slid my hand down 2 stroke the pulsating shaft. as i stroked myself, i was shocked 2 find that the picture in my imagination had changed. it was no longer steven who was sucking that big, black cock; i could see myself sucking on it & licking it as if it were the only thing in the world that mattered 2 me. i was so hot, thinking about what it would taste like, what it would feel like sliding all the way down in2 my throat. i ached so deeply inside that i couldn't help sliding a finger in2 the tight opening of my ass, trying hard 2 relieve the fire building deep inside my puckering asshole. i imagined that my finger was his long, thick cock & i remembered how he had sawed it in & out of my room-mate. again, the movie inside my head changed. it was my ass he was plunging in2 now; it was my tight, gripping ass taking him so deep inside me. i then began 2 shake & tremble uncontrollably as another explosive orgasm jolted throughout my entire fevered body, spraying spurt after spurt of hot, sticky cum all over the wall & the head-board of my bed. my second orgasm was ten times stronger than the first & i had never even dreamed that i would ever be considering such an experience. i slowly dropped off 2 sleonp, relishing the after-glow of my wonderfully intense orgasm.

the next day i had 2 stop by steven's office 2 drop off some papers. as i was leaving the building, i noticed the same black guy sitting in the lobby of the building. my heart began 2 race! all i could think of was the huge beautiful cock that i knew was concealed inside his pants. i couldn't pass up the chance 2 introduce myself 2 him. he seemed very pleasant & as we chatted i found out that his name was leon & steven was handling some work 4 him. that wasn't all steven was handling 4 him, i thought 2 myself, smiling wickedly, pictures of his giant cock running through my mind.
i tried not 2 stare at the bulge in his pants, but i couldn't help stealing glances at it. then, after a few moments, he asked me if i wanted 2 go 4 a ride when he was finished. in a lust-filled daze, be4 i even knew what i was saying, i agreed. i couldn't pass up the chance 2 find out 4 myself what this was all about.
i waited 4 him in the parking lot & when he came out he motioned me over 2 his car. i quickly jumped in2 the passenger seat & as we sped away i could feel his eyes running over my body as i sat next 2 him. the wind coming in the window felt cool & wonderful & i was very excited, not really knowing what would happen. then he spoke & his words both shocked & thrilled me. he simply ordered me 2 take off all of my clothes.
i don't know for sure what came over me, but i immediately obeyed his sudden command. i pulled my shirt over my head, then pushed my shoes & pants off my feet in one movement. i was a little scared, since we were on a public street, but the wicked possibility of getting caught was making me even more hard & excited. through the fear pulsed an erotic excitement that simply overwhelmed me. i was sitting with my hip pressed high in2 the door, so he could see how hard & throbbing i was. i knew that this was the point of no return. i knew that once i touched him, or he touched me, i would belong 2 him, completely & totally. but, at that point, i couldn't risk being denied his delicious penis. my face was burning as i raised one foot 2 the dash & than splayed the other leg wide, opening my entire crotch 2 the gaze of his greedy eyes.
he told me 2 stroke myself 4 him & as if in a trance, i hastened 2 do as he ordered. despite his calculated commands & the lewdness of my position, this whole scene was titillating a perversely passionate side of me that i had never suspected existed. gripping my throbbing shaft in one hand, i slowly stroked up & down, as i slid the thumb of my other hand around & around on my pre-cum-leaking cock-head, spreading the sticky juice all over the tip of my pulsating erection. i could feel my cock quiver with excitement as more droplets of lubrication began 2 ooze from my opening.
i was on fire. i looked over at him through half-closed eyes 2 see that he had unzipped his pants & was stroking his mammoth cock in the open air. the sight sent sparks shooting through the length of my cock & the core of my being. i couldn't stop staring at his magnificent cock. i watched him slowly masturbate, hypnotized by the huge, fleshy rod glistening in his hand. he slowly pointed the head at me & shook it.
at that point, i relished the idea of getting closer 2 his mammoth black spear.
getting down on2 both knees on the floor of the car, i leaned my face over until his thick shaft was only inches from my amazed eyes. i continued 2 slowly stroke my rock-hard cock as his long lean arm reached over & his hand caressed my upturned ass. i squirmed with joy as his fingertips lewdly explored the crevice between my ass cheeks, until i felt his finger rotating teasingly around my anal ring. then he commanded me 2 suck his cock. this was the command that i had been waiting for...
i lowered my face 2 his beautiful black cock, the same cock i had watched fuck my room-mate just the day be4. the tip felt spongy against my lips. a drop of pre-cum oozed from the tip & i felt it cling stickily 2 my lips. u*********sly, i licked off the slimy liquid as if i had done it a million times, even though it was my first taste of pre-cum. the taste was unique, a kind of tangy, salty, sweet yet slippery taste that inflamed my desire 4 more. with my right hand i began stroking the thick throbbing shaft, slipping the thick 4-skin back & 4th as i had watched steven do.
he groaned above me & his finger slipped up in2 my anal ring & twisted in2 my tight rectum. what he was doing was driving me over the edge, as i stroked my cock faster with my left hand. i opened my mouth as wide as it would go & engulfed the massive rubbery crown of his thick cock with my mouth. i suddenly realized that i was a white man that loved the taste of big black cock & i moaned around his delicious thickness, thrilled at the thought of his hot semen spewing in2 my mouth 4 the first time. i was trying 2 remember how steven had handled his cock yesterday & trying not 2 choke on the massive, bl**d-engorged girth of him. i could feel the tip rubbing against the back of my throat. hot pools of saliva mixed with his seeping pre-cum filled my mouth & as i slid my lips upward i gulped down the delicious fluid. remembering what steven had done, i moved my hand 2 his big balls, stroking them & he groaned.
i couldn't believe how much i was enjoying sucking cock 4 the first time in my life.
his finger fucking teasingly in2 my ass was sending flames of lust through my body. instinctively i began undulating my ass, moaning around his thick pole.
i intensified my sucking, taking him in faster & deeper as my hand rhythmically kneaded his cum-filled balls. suddenly, i felt him stiffen. his cock grew thicker in my mouth, then began 2 spasm as the first spurt of his thick, hot sperm gushed against my tonsils. my cheeks expanded while hot streams of cum continued 2 spurt against the back of my throat in a steady rhythmic torrent. i sucked hungrily, bobbing my head up & down crazily as i struggled 2 swallow every delicious drop of his seed. all i could think about was completely emptying his massive pulsating black cock.
slowly his orgasm diminished, his monster cock gradually softening & then deflating in my still-sucking mouth. i wanted 2 continue 2 suck it & bring it back 2 life, but he suddenly pushed my head away from him.
he told me i was a hot little cock-sucking slut, giving me a lewdly sensual, almost conspiratorial grin. i smiled back at him, licking the last of his sperm from my lips 2 let him know how wonderful he had tasted. as i kept staring at him, he then suddenly twisted the wheel, pulling in2 a very dark, deserted alley, shutting off the car. his seat belt was already unfastened & he slid closer, wrapped his hand around my cock & stroked it. he twisted in his seat, then leaned 4ward & slipped his mouth over my throbbing cock-head. he deep-throated me without hesitation & my cock grew even harder in his hot & talented mouth. i was suddenly aching for release.
he pulled his head back & looked at me, stroking my cock again. he told me 2 put my back against the door, a trickle of saliva at the corner of his mouth. he pushed my legs apart, cupping one hand around my balls while stroking my rigid rod with the other hand as he started sucking my cock again. all i could think was that he really knew how 2 please another man, as i humped up in2 his mouth.
he ran his tongue around the head of my fully-erect cock, tickling the spongy underside with his tongue, still stroking my shaft & massaging my balls. he pulled his mouth away & leaned up 2ward me, his mouth partially open, his thick swollen lips coming closer 2 mine, then he kissed me & opened his lips & slipped his tongue in2 my mouth. he kept his hand on my cock, stroking up & down. i was on the ragged edge of exploding, but he was careful not 2 let my excitement reach climax. he controlled me with his mouth, with his tongue & with his hands. i just gave myself over 2 him, fully & completely, knowing that this was my ultimate blow-job.
i heard the slurping as he licked & sucked my throbbing cock. then he pulled it out of his mouth & slowly licked it all, moving his tongue up 2 the head, then back down. he circled the head, running his tongue along the super-sensitive under-side, then slipped the whole length back in2 his wonderfully hot & wet mouth.
i put my hands on top of his head, holding on lightly as he pumped his head up & down on my aching cock. i pushed his head along with his own motion, leaning my head back in total pleasure. he moved his head up & down faster, taking more of me in, deep-throating me again. i felt the head of my cock sliding in2 his throat & it was 2 much 4 me 2 handle. i was suddenly at the point of no return...
my whole body was on fire. my balls tightened & then my cock throbbed as my orgasm surged upward & in2 his hot, sucking mouth. i arched my back, driving my hips upward, sending my cock-head deep in2 his hungry throat, as he played with my balls. i pumped wave after wave of hot, slimy cum deep down his sucking throat, as he swallowed over & over, holding me deep in his throat, so he didn't miss a single drop.
he kept my cock in his mouth as i came slowly back 2 earth, then he squeezed his hand along the length of my shaft, milking the last drops of cum in2 his mouth. he finally released his lips from my softening cock & then leaned up 2ward me again, kissing me deeply & giving me a taste of my own cum.
as soon as i had caught my breath, i told him that i wanted, actually needed, 2 feel his cock deep inside my virgin ass. he grinned & told me 2 get out of the car. i was very excited by being so exposed in such a public place, so i did as he said. i slid on2 the hood of his car, pulling him closer 2 me, sucking his hot tongue deep in2 my mouth, as my hand caressed his huge cock, making him start 2 grow longer & harder. i twisted on2 my belly, gripping his ass & pulling him against the fender of the car, so i was now facing his long, thick cock. the first cock i had ever tasted & the biggest cock, of any color, that i had ever seen. i was actually drooling as i looked at it again...
i wrapped one hand around the base of his massive prick, then opened my mouth as wide as i could. i got the head & the first few inches of him in2 my mouth, but that was all that i could manage. i started 2 suck on him, as hard as i could, making him as hard & long & thick as he could possibly get. i licked all the way up & down on the outside of his shaft, drooling saliva everywhere, trying 2 get his shaft as lubricated as i possibly could. when his cock was completely hard & covered with my saliva, i slid up away from him, pulling him up on2 the hood, then pushing him on2 his back.
i looked at his massive weapon dubiously, not 2 sure that i could take it, but i decided that i had 2 try. i wanted 2 feel him deep inside me so fucking bad.
i crouched over him & gripped the thick shaft, guiding the fat head 2 my tight puckered opening, then started 2 lower myself on2 it, gasping as the fat head pierced my sphincter, opening me. he lay very still, letting me go at my own pace. i lowered myself very slowly, feeling his thickness fill me, stretching every fiber of my tightly gripping asshole. be4 last night, i had never even imagined trying 2 take such a huge cock inside me. finally, i got a little over half of his massive length in, more than i would have ever thought possible, but i couldn't take any more. it wasn't so much the length as the thickness. it felt like he would split me right in two...
i braced the palms of my hands on his chest & started 2 move up & down on his magnificent ass-r****g cock. it felt absolutely amazing !!! my cock was completely hard again, dripping a seemingly endless supply of pre-cum on2 his hard belly. my hips seemed 2 have a life of their own, bucking up & down on that gigantic tool, the thickness of it rubbing my prostate.
suddenly, i experienced something that i had never dreamed could happen. the feelings were getting so intense that i tried 2 lift myself up off his cock, but he was so long & thick that i couldn't seem 2 pry myself away from it. more & more intense sensations radiated from my prostate & i twisted & screamed, experiencing one of the most deep & powerful orgasms i have ever had in my life, my erect cock throbbing & pulsating, as it started spraying long gouts of cum all over his chest, face, the roof of the car, everywhere. nothing had been touching my cock, but i came so violently from his monster cock in my ass that i nearly passed out. totally unbelievable 2 me !!
i finally collapsed 4ward on2 his chest, smearing my cum all over both of us. he hugged me close & rolled me on2 my back, his cock still buried half-way inside my clutching ass, then started 2 piston in & out of me, going deeper & deeper, until he was finally thrusting that massive cock all the way in2 me 2 the hilt. i hadn't thought it was possible, but i was now taking his entire cock all the way in2 my body.
i wrapped my legs around his waist & locked my ankles behind the small of his back. i could feel his smooth shaved balls slapping against my ass as he drove his fat ass-r****g monster cock in2 me, over & over & over & again.
sweat dripping off his chest was falling on2 mine as i bucked & ground my hips against him. fucking a cock this big was an amazing experience !!
when he finally exploded, driving as deep as he could in2 me, i felt his cock swelling & pulsating as he fired spurt after spurt of hot seed deep in2 my clutching ass, until he finally overflowed & my asshole was dripping with his cum.
when he was finally drained, he pulled his softening cock out of my gripping ass with a slurping sound & i lifted myself upward & sucked his cock clean, loving the strange & unfamiliar taste of my own ass, mixed with his delicious cum. i finally found the energy 2 slip my clothes back on2 my cum drenched body, as he drove me back 2 my house. i kissed him very quickly then stumbled off 2 bed, 2 sl**p like a well-satisfied closet cock-sucker.

the next night, as steven & i were sitting around watching tv, i was trying 2 think of a way 2 tell him about my afternoon with leon, partly that i didn't want steven 2 find out on his own, partly because i was having some naughty thoughts about possibly sharing a bed with steven, 2. i already knew that his cock was about the same size & shape as mine, so it would be like my own 6-inch cock that i was fucking & sucking & that idea really turned me on 4 some reason. i was still trying 2 think of a good way 2 approach the subject when there was a very loud knock on the door.
steven jumped up, saying that he would get it. when he opened the door, his eyes got huge & he tried 2 step outside, but he was pushed back in2 the room. leon walked in2 the room, followed by another black guy, who was grinning ear 2 ear. steven tried 2 play it off, asking them what they wanted, but leon ruined his ploy, saying that he brought jerome over 4 some tight, white ass. steven looked at me, trying 2 search 4 an explaination, but i just shrugged & told him that his secret was already out. then i told him that his secret was now my secret, 2. we were about to get anally violated !!!
steven started 2 say something about who was going 2 be with who & 2 be very honest, i thought we would just disappear in2 separate bedrooms, but leon & jerome were a bit more adventurous than that. they told us that we were going 2 have a four-some.
steven was a little reluctant about that, as he was still shy about his sexual preferences, but i was all 4 it & be4 steven had a chance 2 have any second thoughts, leon & jerome were groping him all over & stripping him out of his clothes. i was now starting 2 get extremely horny as i watched jerome push steven back on2 the couch & lick the length of his throbbing shaft while leon stepped up on2 the couch, straddling steven's chest, then shoved his long, semi-hard cock in2 steven's wide-open mouth.
by this time, they were all naked & leon came over close 2 me a few minutes later, his huge cock fully rigid & upright, then he rubbed it across my face. while i watched steven sucking on jerome's long cock, which was even bigger than leon's, i ran my wet tongue over the length of leon's delicious cock, then took his thick cock between my lips & sucked his fat cock-head in2 the opening of my throat. steven came over & licked my ear as i sucked leon's cock, then he & jerome pulled me out of my clothes.
steven was unbelievably turned on. he lay back masturbating as he watched me blow leon, then sat on jerome's face as he laid down in front of him. as jerome licked steven's asshole, steven suddenly became more vocal & started talking very dirty 2 him. he kept telling jerome 2 lick & suck his asshole, getting totally carried away.
jerome then slid out from underneath steven, moving behind him & pushing him down on2 all fours, kneeling behind him, his excessively large cock pointing directly at steven's up-turned ass. jerome slid the underside of his fat cock up & down the length of steven's wide-open crack, while steven pressed back against hard him, wiggling his entire ass back & 4th very lewdly.
jerome finally centered the tip of his enormous cock against steven's anal opening, gripped his hips tightly & slammed his ass 4ward, burying half his thick prick inside steven's ass. steven's eyes went wide as jerome reared back, then slammed 4ward again, stuffing his entire length deep inside steven's willing ass. i could not believe my eyes, watching my best friend being deep-fucked in the ass right in front of me. it was very shocking, but also a huge turn-on for me...
leon suddenly said that he wanted some of that, 2, & moved me in2 the same position, so that i was on my elbows facing steven. his eyes were screwed closed as jerome rammed hard cock deep in2 his ass again, but he opened them when i got on the floor & then he kissed me hard on the mouth. steven & i had never kissed be4, obviously & it really turned me on, almost as much as knowing that we were both about 2 be stuffed completely full of monstrous black cock. i was so horny & so ready...
leon centered his fat cock-head against my taut anal ring & started 2 push against me. my asshole resisted at first, then i took a deep breath & pushed outward, opening my ass 2 him. my sphincter then opened itself up surprisingly easily & i felt his mammoth cock slowly stretching it's way in, sinking deeper & deeper inside me.
i gasped as my butt was suddenly filled with throbbing black cock. steven massaged my shoulders & kissed my face, exhilarated that we were having this shared sexual experience. my ass was stretched so wide that i was gasping for breath.
steven kept telling leon 2 fuck my tight little ass, while jerome pounded his gigantic cock in & out of steven's wide-stretched back-door. my head was in a spin, because i had never expected 2 be getting ass-fucked like a gay porn-star, especially in front of my best friend, who i never even knew was gay a few days ago. steven slipped his tongue in2 my mouth & then twisted my nipples as leon slowly eased his thick pole deeper & deeper in2 my tight tush, stretching me wide & making me feel unbelievably fantastic. suddenly, i was begging him 2 fuck me harder & faster & deeper...
these well-hung black studs fucked us like this 4 what seemed like an eternity & gradually i learned 2 relax so the sweet sensation of having my inner passages stretched wide was even more overwhelming. jerome was now really hammering in2 steven, his huge cock pounding steven's sensitive prostate & i loved watching steven's cock explode without any other stimulation, as he pressed his body back even harder against jerome's invading ebony tool, his cock spraying all over the carpet as i kissed steven hard on the mouth, feeling his cock-quaking orgasm rip through his body.
when steven finally regained his senses, he slowly twisted his body, still impaled on jerome's long cock, until he was on his back, then he slid up underneath my body, his hot, wet mouth sliding all the way 2 the hilt on my cock, swallowing me. as soon as the twitching tip of my cock slid in2 the opening of his throat, i screamed & exploded, my aching cock firing long, ropy gouts of hot cum deep in2 his open throat. my cock throbbed & pulsed, draining every drop in2 steven's hot throat, as leon's fat cock-head continued 2 pummel my prostate, making the climax even more intense.
as soon as my cock was completely drained, steven released his lip-lock on me, then slid out from under, watching leon's cock slide in & out of my wide-stretched ass. i was already staring at jerome's mammoth cock, as it sawed in & out of steven's ass, making his cock & balls flop back & 4th with every stroke. we were watching each other getting brutally ass-fucked at close quarters, then suddenly, leon slid his ass-r****g cock all the way out of my upturned ass & stuffed it in2 steven's mouth, cramming it deep in2 his throat, his huge balls smashed hard up against steven's lips.
leon groaned & steven moaned & i realized that leon was cumming deep in steven's throat, pouring his throat & belly full of hot, steaming dick-jam. i somehow knew that i was going 2 get the same treatment, so i looked up at jerome & opened my mouth wide in readiness. jerome slammed his monstrous cock in2 steven's ass a few more times, driving in as deep as he could, then quickly pulled the whole immense length out & stuffed it in2 my mouth, over my tongue & deep in2 my cum-thirsty throat. when the first gigantic burst splattered in2 my throat, filling me with an incredible heat, i started gulping, taking the whole sticky mess deep in2 my belly. with every hard spurt, i could feel his cock swelling & stretching my throat even wider, spewing every last drop deep in2 my body. my eyes watered as i struggled not to gag & choke on his massive spewing tool, as i devoured every drop of his steamy seed.
when they had finally pulled their huge cocks free from our sucking mouths, steven rolled over quickly & kissed me, our tongues sharing & mixing the taste of both their delicious loads.
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11 days ago
only tasted my own cum but would luv 2 suck another boy off
2 years ago
dam hot
2 years ago
wow that made me cummmm
2 years ago
that was so hot and sexy made be shoot my load
3 years ago
Amazing story! thanks for writing, made me very horny!
3 years ago
Sexy and HOT! Wow, such a turn-on.
3 years ago
Damn that was a hot story, I had to jerk off to it.