my fantasy...45

at long last
we are finally alone 2gether

u reach out
& start 2 fondle my cock
through my pants...
i press against your fingers
as my cock starts 2 respond
& your hand feels really nice on my cock-skin...
2 my cumplete & total delight
i am becoming very excited at the thought
of sexually experiencing u again...

i whisper
" i wanna suck your cock !!
i wanna feel u fuck me all night !!! "
then i fall down on2 my knees
as i free your cock from your pants
& stroke the shaft firmly
until it starts 2 thicken & lengthen
then i open my mouth wide
& start 2 suck your tasty tool...
i suck u frantically
trying 2 make u cum...
your heart must be thumping
as i can feel the pulse in your hard cock
& although i wanna taste your cum on my tongue
at that very moment
i wanna feel something else even more...

i pull my mouth off your cock
as i slide my body on2 the bed
shedding clothes as i move...
i groan
" cum up here & fuck my ass !!! "
& lie down cross-wise on my stomach
as u finish getting naked
& climb on2 the bed behind me
then straddle my quivering ass...
in this position
using the weight of your body
u pin me down 2 the mattress...
4 a little while
u kiss & caress & grope
the entire back of my body
not missing any area
then u slide your cock over my butt
all around the tops of my legs
& in2 the crack of my ass
as u smear anal lube everywhere...
as your cock-head slides down between my legs
& rubs against my balls
i lift my ass slightly
as i groan & beg
" fuck me !! fuck me !! fuck my ass !!
i missed your cock so fucking much !!
i wanna feel your cock deep in me !!! "

u shift position
then rise up
& slide your cock up the crack of my ass
as u press your greasy cock-head
in2 my tightly puckered ass-hole
as my sphincter futilely resists
then suddenly opens...
as your swollen head pops inside
i yelp
& push upward with my arms...
u hold your position
not moving
as i try 2 relax
& let my opening accommodate u...
after a few moments
i settle back on2 the bed
& push my ass up slightly
as i groan
" fuck my ass !! oh god !! fuck my ass !!! "

u do what u are told
as u slowly probe deeper in2 my hot hole
& with each agonizingly slow stroke
press a little more of your cock
in2 my tightly gripping opening
until finally
u work your pulsing cock
all the way in2 my tight rectum...
my ass grips so fucking tightly
as u fuck it slow & steady
& u move in & out of me
in a comfortable rhythm
making me grunt softly
every time your fat cock-head
bumps in2 my sensitive prostate...
the excitement is so intense
& soon u are humping my rump
hard & fast & deep
sweat dripping from your chest
on2 my back
as your rhythm
makes my cock ache 4 release...
i whimper
" make me cum !! make me cum on your cock !!
i love it when u make me cum on your cock !!! "

u place your hands on my upper back
& press my upper body down tighter on2 the bed
as u change the angle
of my grippingly tight anal chute...
at the same time
u change the angle & direction of your thrusts
as your cock burrows deep in2 my asshole
& touches places that had never ever been touched
as u take complete pleasure
in deep-fucking my cock-hugging bowels...
u groan
" oh god !! u are still so fucking tight !!! "

after an eternity of r****g my aching ass
my climax finally cums
first as pressure in my eyes & at my temples
then in my whole head...
fireworks flash in my eyes
as my cock explodes
throbbing & pulsating
as long thick strings of cum spray under my body
& drench the sheets below...
i scream
" i'm cumming !!! i'm cumming on your cock !!!
no one else can ever make me cum that way !!! "
as my spasming canal caresses your cock
your own orgasm finally arrives
& pours deep in2 my tightly clutching ass...
u grab my hips & pull my ass upward
as u slam your cock deep in2 my writhing body
as i scream & grind my ass against your crotch
& try 2 take u even deeper
as everything that u have
churns up from your balls
& streams up through your cock
& in2 my cock-caressing colon
until it finally oozes out around your cock
& slides luridly over my balls 2 the sheets below...

as your cock throbs & pulsates
still buried deep inside my up-turned ass
u whisper
" my seed is working it's way deep in2 your body !!
u will never be able 2 4get my cock deep inside u !!!
i filled u with my cock !! i filled u with my cum !!! "

i moan & shudder
& grind my crotch down on2 the bed
as my grippy ass clenches & unclenches
around your ass-r****g cock
& my own erection throbs
as i moan & hump the bed...
my movements finally make u slip out of my ass
& my gaping asshole drools cum as u move away
then pull me upward from the bed
& roll me over 2 face u at the same time...
u growl
" suck it !! suck my cock !!! "

2 my pleasant surprise
your cock is even bigger than be4
longer & thicker & pulsating harder
with a glistening sheen of your cum
still covering your entire erection...
u spread your legs open wide
& i lower myself slowly downward
so that my eager mouth can taste u...
i suck gently on your fat cock-head
as i savor the flavor of your cum & my ass
be4 making my way down the girthy shaft
as i delight in the fantastic feeling
of your hot & thick cock-meat
as it stretches between my clasping lips...
as i stare up at u
& take your entire cock in2 my hot sucking mouth...
u groan
as my lips slide 2 the base of your cock
& i feel the tip of your extremely thick cock-head
slide all the way in2 the opening of my throat...
u moan
" all the way down !! take it all the way down !!! "

as i struggle 2 deep-throat u
your hands grip the sides of my head
& your hips start 2 move rhythmically
as u make your cock go deeper & deeper
in2 my cock-hungry throat
& your eyes roll back in your head
as u moan continuously...
i just suck even harder
as u start 2 thrust deeper & deeper
in2 my feverishly sucking mouth
& your hips move at almost a blur
while your hands pull me downward
on2 your thick throat-r****g cock...
i can tell that u are about 2 cum
becuz your balls are pulled high & tight
as they slap against my chin & lower lip
& i can't wait 2 taste & swallow
your thick delicious seed...
u scream
" i'm gonna cum again !! oh fuck !! i'm cumming !!! "

with a savage thrust
u shove your pole all the way in2 my throat
& i feel u swell & pulsate
as the first spurt of your orgasm
splashes white-hot cum on2 my tonsils
& down in2 my thirsty throat...
your ass presses upward
& your hands pull my face downward
as u continue 2 empty yourself
in2 my cum-hungry sucking swallowing throat...
i love feeling your hot liquid shoot down my throat
as it makes it's way in2 my belly
& fills me with almost unbearable heat....
i just suck & suck & swallow & swallow
as i milk every drop from your wonderful cock
until u are finally spent
& your ass drops back 2 the bed
& u suddenly pull your still-hard cock from my mouth...
u whisper
" cum up here & ride my cock !! cum here & fuck me !!! "

i slowly move 2 straddle your body
& when i finally hover over u
one leg on each side of your hips
& my ankles hook over your lower thighs
i start 2 lower myself slowly
as u guide your shining & slippery cock-head
2 the entrance of my cock-craving anus...
i reach back & grab my own ass-cheeks
& pull them apart as far as i can
just as i feel your thick knob touch my hole...
my body actually shakes & shivers with anticipation
& i can't wait 2 feel your long & thick cock
buried deep inside me again...
i moan
" i wanna feel u deep in my ass !!
deep inside me !! deep in me !!! "

u lie very still
& let me move at my own pace
as i slowly lower myself downward
& feel your girthy glans stretch my sphincter
further & further
until the fat head of your cock
finally slithers in2 my ass
& i let out a long shuddering moan
as my anal ring snaps tight
around the shaft of your throbbing cock...
as u hold my hips 4 balance
i then slowly start 2 slide insistently downward
& i love the exquisite torture
as your thickness stretches me wide & deep
& completely fills my tight warm rear passage...
as i move carefully but steadily
i finally manage 2 get every inch deep inside me
until my ass rests on top of your hips
& the last of your fat cock disappears in2 me...
i whisper
" i love feeling your cock so deep inside me !!! "

i hold still 4 a few moments
just getting used 2 the sweet feeling
of having my body stuffed full of your cock again
then u moan & start 2 push yourself upward
as u try 2 delve even deeper
in2 my cock-clenching ass...
as u try 2 push deeper
i start 2 rock my hips back & 4th
just enough 2 get u 2 make contact
with every fiber of my insides
& it makes me moan & grind down harder against u
as i whisper
" i wanna feel u even deeper inside me !! "

when your ass lowers back 2 the bed
i start 2 slide up & down on u
as my cock bounces up & down
& drips pre-cum all over your chest & belly...
as u hold my hips tightly
& guide me up & down on your pulsing pole
i brace my hands on your chest
& slide & lift my ass 2ward your chest
until just the head remains captured inside me
then slide back & lower my ass
& once again engulf your whole length
deep within my quivering body....
we fuck hard & fast
as my sweat drips all over your body
& mixes with the shiny droplets of pre-cum
that my cock drools all over u...

as soon as we get a rhythm going
u release my hips
& grasp my throbbing cock with one hand
while the other hand cradles my balls...
with each long up & down movement
of my ass on your cock
u squeeze my balls
& let my cock-shaft slide back & 4th
in your tightly gripping fist...
all i can think of is pleasure
& i start 2 moan & buck my hips
as i drive my ass down harder
on2 your magnificent ass-r****g cock
& take u in even deeper than be4...
u start 2 lift your hips higher & harder & faster
as u fuck me deeper in return
& your hands still tease my hot swollen cock...
i whimper
" make me cum again !! make me cum on your cock !!! "

i can't hold out any longer
as i scream
" i'm cumming on your cock again !!! "
& my cock starts 2 throb & boil over
semen shooting up & out of me
as i empty myself all over your chest & face...
your hands grip me tighter
as your tongue slides out 2 catch a taste of the juice
that splatters all over your mouth & chin...
as my cock starts 2 pulsate
my ass contracts around your plunging cock
& it grips u tightly & squeezes & releases
in rhythm with the spurts from my rampant cock...
i start 2 shudder & shake
& my legs finally give way
as i pin myself down on2 your cock
as far as i can go
& u can't wait any longer
as your hips drive upward
& i groan
" deep in me !! oh fuck !!! deep in me !!
cum deep inside me !! fuck me full of cum !!! "
spurt after wet spurt of hot seed
travels up the length of your meaty cock
& sprays & splashes on2 the tightly gripping walls
of my wonderfully abused rectum
as u fill me with an unbelievable heat
& i grind my ass down on2 your cock
trying 2 take it even deeper inside me...
u groan
as u fill me with your seed
& the excess seeps luridly from my ass
& slides over your balls 2 the sheets below...
i fall 4ward on2 u
& mix our sweat & my cum
as i still rock my hips slightly
& try 2 milk every sweet drop
from your deep-delving erection...

( do u wanna ??? )
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i am all yours...
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Oh boy next sunday my place