my fantasy...44

when my eyes finally adjust 2 the dim light
i can see that u are the only other person in the cell...
there were top & bottom bunks on both sides
about 2 feet across from each other
a shower & a toilet & a sink...
u stand & offer me your hand
& tell me your name...
4 sum reason i am instantly attracted 2 u...

as i sit down on the bunk across from u
i can see a mischievous gleam in your eyes
as they stray all over my body
& finally stop at the crotch of my jeans...
your bold stare makes my cock start 2 stir & tingle
as i try 2 get a little bit better look at u
without letting u know that i am checking u out...
it doesn't really work...

i still stare at the bulge in your crotch
when u look up
& catch me in the act...
when our eyes finally connect
u just reach across 2 me
& your fingers find & twist my left nipple...
a gasp escapes me
as i feel the heat of your fingers
even thru the material of my shirt...
the pleasure your fingers gives me
streaks all through my body
all the way down 2 my stiffening cock...
i groan loudly
" do you wanna fuck me ??? "

without saying a word
u grab 2 handfuls of my shirt
& pull it off over my head
then toss it across the cell...
i guess u like what u see
becuz now both hands seize my nipples
between thumbs & 4fingers
& gently tug & twist the hot little nubs of flesh... .
my cock feels achingly swollen
& as hot as a furnace...
i pant & quiver
& press my chest against your hands
as u toy with my nipples...
u moan
" i'm gonna fuck you cumpletely !!! "

u have your legs spread wide
as u sit on the edge of your bunk
then lean 2wards me as u fondle my chest
& i moan with unbridled lust
as i look down & see the huge hard bulge
in the front of your tight & faded jeans
& i realize that i will probably be f***ed
2 take that giant spike in2 my tight ass-hole...
just the thought of your cock in my ass
makes me shiver with hot anticipation...

u reach down
& tug at the zipper of my jeans...
i lean back on2 my elbows
& lift my ass
which wriggles with impatience
as u draw my pants off my legs
& throw them across the cell...
then u tug down my boxers
& the hungry way u stare at my shaved crotch
makes me tremble & quiver...
u push my legs wide open
& groan
" u have a very nice cock !! "

i don't feel embarassed or ashamed
as u press a fingertip
against the oozing mouth of my cock
then proceed 2 slide the oozing juice
all over the head of my aching member
& make it glisten in the shadowed cell...
it feels so good
the way that u touch me
& make my cock throb & twitch & pulsate
as i moan & groan & gasp
" what are u gonna do 2 me ??? "

then u stand up
& tell me
" i have sumthing you'll like better !! "
as u tug at the fly of your jeans
& my eyes then widen
& focus on your crotch
as i watch u lower your pants
& kick them 2 the side...
u aren't wearing anything underneath
& your pale circumcised erection
looks positively gigantic
as i lean closer 2 study it...

i guess my inexperience shows
becuz u ask
" have u ever seen another man naked be4 ?? "
i admit
" i haven't since high school !!
but i guess your cock looks nice 2 !! "
as i still stare at your turgid cock...
u then tilt your head 2 the side thoughtfully
& tell me
" i thought u were gay !! u were staring at me !! "
then u ask me point blank
" are u gay or not ?? "
i whisper
" i'm not gay... yet !!! "
u smile again & say
" well you're gonna be gay 2night !!
cuz i'm gonna fuck your tight ass !!
i'm gonna bust your cherry wide open !!! "

i move my face within inches
of your bl**d-engorged cock...
it stands up stiffly from your shaved crotch
as it pulses & curves demandingly upward...
i look up at u
& u just grin wickedly down at me
& moan
" 7 inches of hard gay cock just 4 u !! "
the shaft is deliciously thick
milky pale & laced with a road map of veins...
the broad head is massive & swollen
the tip of it leaks a pearl of pre-cum
& your balls are shaved smooth
suspended in a velvety sack of veiny skin...

i look back up at u
as i run my fingertips down your length
until i grip the base of the shaft
& whisper
" it's so big & it looks so delicious !!! "
( even though i am thinking
that i didn't know how that huge hunk of meat
is ever gonna fit in2 my tight ass... )
all that i know 4 sure
is that it is 2 late 2 back out now...
as i look back down at your pulsing pole
u stand up in front of me
& your hands move 2 the sides of my head
as u groan
" i wanna see my cock in your mouth !!
suck my cock !!! put it in your mouth !!! "

your cock is already hard
so i lean slowly 2ward u
as i open my lips as wide as i can
& take your beautiful dick in2 my mouth...
i can taste your sweat
which really turns me on
& i reach up 2 grip your hips
as u press 2ward me slowly...
u moan
" take it !! take it all the way down !!! "
i love the dirty & demented feeling
of your wonderful cock in my mouth
as i feel your oozing cock-head
slip in2 the taut opening of my throat...
i continue 2 stare up at u
as my eyes fill with tears
& u start 2 face-fuck me
which makes your balls slap against my chin
& it makes such a wet & sexy sound...
just as i think u are about 2 cum
u suddenly push my face away
then walk slowly over 2 the sink
& squirt liquid soap in2 your hands
then walk back 2wards me
as u smear it all over the head & shaft
of your gigantically bloated cock...
u moan
" i'm gonna fuck your tight little hole !!! "
then u push me back on2 the bunk
as u kneel down between my legs
& pull my ass 2 the very edge of the bunk
as u lift my ankles 2 your shoulders...
as i stare up at u with wide eyes
u press the thick swollen head of your cock
2 the tightly puckered mouth of my rectal cavity...
u nudge the broad knob between my cheeks
& then against my resisting anus
as u smear soap everywhere...
it isn't even inside me yet
but it already feels absolutely wonderful...
then u grunt
& push hard in2 me...

i gasp
& my eyes fly even wider open...
i feel so stuffed that it is hard 2 breathe
as your cock spreads the resisting ring of my sphincter
& spears it's way in2 the tightly gripping depths of my ass...
i feel like i am gonna burst or split in 2
& i scream
" it's 2 big 4 me !! oh god !! it's 2 fucking big !!! "

u just groan
" you're gonna take it !! you're gonna take it ALL !!! "
i try 2 relax my inner muscles
as i take a deep breath
& press my ass-hole out-ward
against your thick fucking prick
which is already wedged deep inside me...
u grin down at me
then grunt & lunge again
as your cock penetrates me 2 the hilt
& your smooth hanging balls
slap in2 the soap-slick crack of my ass...
u are all the way inside me
& i realize that my ass isn't virgin anymore...
i moan
" nothing has EVER felt like this !!! "
u look down at me
& tell me
" u have the tightest little ass i have ever fucked !! "

u grip the backs of my thighs tight
& press my knees up against my chest
which lifts & opens my entire ass
& i look down between us
& stare at your gigantic cock
as i watch it stretch my anal opening
& pull my ass-hole almost an inch out of me
with each back-stroke
my ass not wanting 2 release u...
then u slam my ass-hole back in2 me
as u ram deep inside me
over & over & again & again...
i f***e myself 2 relax & stay calm
just taking pleasure in the sensation
as your massive cock delves inside me...
i whisper
" oh yes !! fuck me !! fuck my ass full of cock !!! "
i begin 2 feel drawn-out rippling pleasure
from your hard hot shaft moving back & 4th
over my swollen prostate...
it feels so exciting
the way your massive meat slices deeper & deeper
& even deeper in2 my tightly clutching anal passage
as it stretches my horny hole 2 the limit...

as the pleasure mounts
becuming more & more intense
i start 2 instinctively move my hips
in time 2 your fast hard strokes...
i wanna feel it as deep inside me as possible
as my no-longer-virgin fuck-hole sizzles...
i whimper
" deeper !! deeper !! fuck me deeper !!! "

u feel me respond
like wanton jail-house whore
& leer down at me
as u groan
" u love my cock in your ass... don't u ??
you're gonna love it from now on !!! "
i moan & beg
" fuck me !! fuck me harder !! fuck me deeper !!!
fuck my ass full of cock !! fuck me full of cock !!! "

now u start 2 really slam in2 me
& bang my head against the wall
with each savage thrust...
u ram your steel-hard shaft furiously
spurred on by the squeals of pleasure
with which i am now responding...

i love each deep f***eful thrust
& eventually the pressure on my prostate
is just 2 much 4 me 2 handle
becuz my cock starts 2 throb & pulsate
& lets me experience the most powerful orgasm i have ever had
as i send huge spurts of hot cum directly on2 my chest & chin
even in2 my hair & on2 the wall...
i groan with surprise & delight
" oh my god !! i'm cumming on your cock !! "
i have never experienced an orgasm
without any direct stimulation 2 my cock be4...
u grin wickedly
as u hiss
" you're gonna cum on my cock every time i fuck u !!! "

just as u are about 2 say sumthing else
my ass clenches down on u tight
& with a final huge thrust
u slam all the way in2 me
as your balls slap hard against my ass
& u groan
" i'm cumming !! i'm cumming in your ass !!! "
as i feel your syrupy thick semen
spray deep in2 my gripping ass
i scream
" fuck me full !! fuck me full of cum !!! "
u splash my inner walls with delicious heat
with your cock buried in me 2 the very hilt
as u fill my ass full of cock & cum
& plant your glorious seed inside me
& make me your fuck-slave

( do u wanna ??? )
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3 years ago
Sorry I would be the fuckslave in the next cell.Great fantasy, I have used and shared it with my wife.