my fantasy...42

i whisper
" i need u 2 fuck my ass !!
i wanna cum on your cock !!! "
i drop down on2 my knees in front of u
& take your semi-stiff cock in2 my mouth
as i grip your ass tightly with both hands
& pull your tantalizing tool deeper in2 me...
as soon as your corpulent cock is fully hard
i reach over 2 the night-stand & grab the lube
& squeeze a long string of the slippery liquid
over the entire length of your thick erection...
as soon as i drop the bottle on the floor
u push me back in2 the bed-room door-way
as your hand shoves my back against the frame...
u press my body tightly up against the wood
& my hands stretch down behind my ass
as i grip the door-trim tightly 4 balance...
as u stare passionately in2 my eyes
u grab my left ankle with your left hand
& pull my ankle up on2 your wide shoulder
& leave my right foot teetering on the floor
as u pull my ass cumpletely wide open...
when i finally find my balance u step 4ward
& your girthy glans slides in2 the cleft of my ass...
your right hand grips the wall close 2 my head
as your left hand guides your bulbous crown
up against the opening of my cock-craving ass...
my ass is stretched so obscenely wide open
that your fully swollen & pulsing cock-shaft
slides easily between my quivering cheeks
as the wide mushroom-shaped cock-head
presses hard against my resisting pucker
& starts 2 f***e my taut sphincter open...
i groan
" i love it when u **** my tight ass !!! "

u growl
" i'm gonna fuck u till u cum everywhere !! "
then u press your hips 4ward relentlessly
as your cock-head stretches my ass-hole wide
& opens me further than i have ever been opened
as your throbbing erection slides slowly & surely
in2 my cumpletely accommodating anal passage...
i gasp as the broad head of your girthy cock
f***es it's way in2 my aching anal aperture
& the totally unbelievable thickness of it
stretches my anal ring wider than it has ever been
then i moan
" fuck me !! fuck my ass full of cock !!!
i wanna feel u all the way inside me !!! "
as my sphincter snaps down tight on2 your cock
& reflexively grips the generous girth of your shaft...
as soon as the fat head of your cock
is embedded inside my gripping ass
u move your left hand 2 my right hip
& pull my ass f***efully 2ward u
as u press your invading appendage
further & further in2 my body...

" deeper !! deeper !! fuck me deeper !!! "
i groan
as u shove your pulsing thickness
slowly in2 my tightly gripping anal cavity
& stretch every fiber of my inner walls
almost 2 the breaking point...
your delightful girth opens me so wide
that i feel like i will pass out
from the wickedly intense sensations
that shoot all through
every nerve ending in my body...
both my hands grip the wall behind me
as your hips press further 4ward
& relentlessly & ceaselessly drive that thick tool
deeper & deeper in2 my wide-stretched ass
& your fat cock-head burrows
all the way in2 the depths of my bowels...

" damn !! that's a tight little fuck-hole !!! "
u gasp
as u draw your hips back slightly
& grip my hip even tighter
then slam brutally back in2 my ass
driving the last few inches
of your pulsating meat in2 me
& your huge balls slap in2 my inner thigh
as my body finally cumpletely engulfs
the full length of your invading shaft...
i groan as i feel the tip of your cock inside me
deeper than anything has ever been be4
making me feel like the thick head of your cock
is gonna split me in half at any second...
i have never dreamed that being fucked
could ever feel anything like this
so fucking intense & so intensely fucking hot...

my legs are stretched so wide
that i can hardly move
but i try 2 use my hands & arms
2 press my body further
on2 your deliciously thick cock
aching 2 feel u fill my wide-stretched hole
with your deliciously hot cum...
i try 2 wiggle my ass in tiny circles
as u start 2 find your rhythm
& your sweating body pistons that thick tool
in & out of my undulating ass
slowly at first
then faster & faster & faster...
i moan as u slide all the way out of me
until just the tip of your oozing cock-head
barely touches my stretched & gaping ass-hole
then u power relentlessly back in2 me
& drive the cumplete length of your ass-r****g tool
all the way back in2 my quivering chasm
as u fill my body with pulsating penis...

as your fat fuck-stick drills deep in2 my aching guts
my cock is throbbing & achingly hard
& it flops back & 4th with each pounding stroke
as it slaps in2 your thigh each time u ram in2 me
& drips sticky pre-cum all over your leg...
your thick cock continuously rubs back & 4th
on my hot unbelievably sensitive prostate
& brings me closer & closer 2 orgasm
with each savagely f***eful thrust...
my fatigued legs shake & quiver
from being spread so wide apart
& just as i think my right leg is gonna collapse
u push my left leg 2 the floor
& turn my body away from u
with your fat pulsing cock
still buried deep inside my ass...
u push my chest against the door way
my body bent 4ward at the waist
& your hands grip my hips tightly
as u continue 2 drive your fat cock
deep in2 my cock-hugging bowels...
my ass jiggles with each powerful stroke
& i can feel hot drops your sweat
drip down on2 my ass & back
each time u slam your fantastic cock
all the way in2 my ass...
" i'm gonna cum in your tight ass !! "
u growl
" i'm gonna fill your fucking ass with cum !! "
as i grip the wall even tighter
u start 2 jack-hammer in2 my ass
harder & faster than be4
as your hard cock plows even deeper
& makes me gasp with every deep stroke...
my hard cock swings back & 4th
& hits my balls & then my belly
& drips shiny strings of pre-cum all over the place...
your shaft massages my prostate non-stop
& i can feel my orgasm building
deep deep deep inside my trembling body
& almost without warning
i feel my stomach clench
then my cock swell
& i scream
as the first spurt of cum
explodes from my cock
& splatters on2 the door-way...
i scream
" i'm cumming on your cock !!
i'm cumming on your big fucking cock !!
cum with me !!! fuck my ass full of cum !!! "

i can feel your sweet cock in my ass
as u pound up in2 my aching hole
faster & harder & deeper
as my cock spews ropy gouts of jism
all across the bedroom wall...
when i start cumming
my ass clamps down tight on your hot prick
& u finally can't take the pressure any longer...
i feel your erection swell even bigger inside me
making me gasp & groan deep in my chest
& then i feel your high-pressure jets of semen
splash all over my clutching inner walls...
my entire body shakes & quivers
as i feel your throbbing cock
empty your steamy seed deep inside me...
i moan
" cum deep in me !! deep in me !! deep in me !!
shoot my ass full of your cum !! shoot me full !! "

your orgasm seems 2 go on 4ever
as u continue 2 fill me
until the sticky stuff begins 2 ooze out
& slide down the insides of my trembling thighs
until it drips on2 the floor below me...
your hands grip my hips even harder
& pull my ass tightly against your body
with your big cock still cumpletely buried
deep inside my well-stretched ass...

( do u wanna ??? )
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